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    Long shot but any one have a S14 nismo cluster?

    Looking for a set of stock S14 cams *edit* never mind bought a set of Tomei Poncams instead
  3. S14 Lower Control Arms

    Right now im looking at http://www.ebay.com/itm/190750616054 these LCAs Has anyone had much experience with Driftworks parts?
  4. S14 Lower Control Arms

    Yeah took the car out thismorning to grab lunch and noticed it was pulling hard to the left under any braking.
  5. S14 Lower Control Arms

    All the rest looks ok but with only the other side to compare it to its hard to say for sure.
  6. S14 Lower Control Arms

    So today I went down to my car and discovered this: I dont even remember it happening and didnt notice it yesterday whilst I was installing my new sump. Has this happended to anyone else here? what brands do people reccomend as replacement LCAs?

    Im after a S14 drivers side window motor. send me a text on 0478019723 if you got one.
  8. Canberra projects

    Already tried him got quoted roughly $5000 to get one
  9. Canberra projects

    Just wanting to know if anyone knows or can put me into contact with the Australian distributer for Vertex. Im after a Ridge widebody kit for my S14 Zenki
  10. ACT Rides

    Name: Luke Ride: 1995 s14 Main Location: Southside Mods: Engine: - S14 SR20det - Powertone 3 inch turbo back exhaust - Autobarhn 88 FMIC -Turbo Smart BOV -Pod filter -Battery Relocation Driveline: -Stock Suspension: -Lowerd Springs Wheels/Brakes: - 17x8 & 17x8 Advan AVS Rims -Hankook K114 225/45 -R33 Front calipers aand disks Exterior: -CWest GT Wing -Dodgy Matte Black Paint Interior: -stock Occupation: Delivery Diver Year of birth: 1994
  11. I have realy wanted to swap out the center sonsole in my S14 to the 180SX for a while now and just wanted to have any advice people can give. I am trying to keep the S14 dash so as i can retain the airbags, so what modifacations will i need to make to the 180sx center to make it fit? Cheers