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  1. Mitsubishi Concept car , What do you think guys? If it is produce in the future, i would like to have one. It is awesome.
  2. Nissan SKYLINE GTR R-34. Some kink of cold cool. Awesome.
  3. Hello, guys. I'm new member here. My GTR was bought in 2006. That's really great car and i love it. But recently it also had some problems. The warning light remained on several times. The technician told me it was fault code and erase it already. Last week, the check engine light remained on few minutes and went off by itself. Do any one has the same problems? I also has the other question, Does the consult 3 work well on GTR? The product introduction said that it can do GTR but need GTR card. Any idea?
  4. New guys here

    Hello, everyone. I'm newbie here, Best with your 2013.