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  1. WTB: Inter cooler piping to suit s13, i would prefer for FMIC but stock side mount should do. I'm also after front 5 stud conversion from S14/15 (hubs, knuckles, LCAs and possibly callipers and rotors) I'm located in Canberra but can travel to Sydney/ South Coast NSW or pay for postage if needed.
  2. Weekly meets

    At the moment we are meeting a the Balderson Car park at the ANU It's more of a social gathering rather than a cruise. People start ariving at around 9pm Friday night and most leave by 12, although a few of us stay a little later.
  3. Weekly meets

    Childers Street
  4. Got an email today about the next motorkhana, entered and keen!

    So, a kangaroo decided to have a fight with my car and kinda won... If anyone has a passenger side headlight for a kouki let me know please!
  6. IDA D-Day 1st April 2013 Wakefield Park

    Car trailer is waiting, car is serviced, new handbrake shoes fitted and tires are ready. Just not keen on the 0630 wake up on Monday morning
  7. The "i can lend you" thread

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any bride/recaro/sparco seat rails I could have a look at? I just need to see what rail I need to get to fit a Evo X recaro (Recaro SR-11) Thanks, Jake.
  8. Thats was awesome. Thanks guys! Looking forward to next Monday
  9. Will somebody have a jack I could borrow or should I just bring my own? Edit: I'm just taking my own
  10. Where to buy Motul Oils in ACT?

    Went for a drive and had a look, couldn't find anything here. Sorry.
  11. Where to buy Motul Oils in ACT?

    I'm in Fyshwick ATM so I could have a drive around if you want?
  12. New Seats

    I'll be having a look at them tomorrow so I'll try my best to get a feel for them What rails do you have, and how high do you sit?
  13. New Seats

    I'm not too sure what they are at the moment, trying to find out though. I'm quite skinny, but when i get a chance I'll have a sit in them. Thanks for the advice
  14. New Seats

    Hey guys, Just got offered 2 brand new Evo X Recaro's for a fairly cheap price. I've been looking around getting an idea of what I want, but I'm not in a rush. Has anyone had any experience with them? What are they like compared to stock S14 seats? I've tried searching but, I cant really find much. Thanks, Jake.