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  1. as stated in title, has anyone got a good site or just ebay
  2. How many active users do we have in sa, would like to start organising some events etc if we have a decent number.
  3. Has anybody used these gauges before, they look pretty neat and the price is good, I know you get what you pay for etc etc I just wanna know if there totally shit or if they'll do what I need for my track car thanks
  4. Rip the handbrake and pop the clutch is a pretty good start
  5. another S15 Gearbox issue

    Admins? I don't think there's any left
  6. MA61 "big Bird" drift/track car

    Bought this car over a month ago but haven't gotten around to doing a write up on it yet 1983 MA61 mark2 supra running the 5me motor all modifications so far were done by the previous owner decompressed and turbo-ed 17 psi of boost running a Haltech ecu weld in half cage lower spring Nolathane bushes throughout LS1 coils and HSD leads upload an image uploading pictures upload img picture hosting imgurl upload image online last weekend i did my first drift prac at Mallala had allot of fun first session out was a bit slow having never driven the car but the three after that i went allot better only damage i did was spinning out on the main straight and putting the back bumper into the wall, not allot of damage just pushed the bumper and messed up the exhaust tip a little image hosting during the event i found the front main seal was leaking the diff input is leaking, and there's a steering leak my only plans so far are to fix all the leaks and do a battery relocation from the engine bay to the interior
  7. MA61 "big Bird" drift/track car

    It's only ever been out to Mallala in SA I haven't touched the car in ages since I started way too many projects at once lol, but I just finished rebuilding my ra65 for daily duty's so I can start getting this thing ready for track days again
  8. Haven't started a thread on here in a while and at the moment my kouki is sitting in the shed waiting for repairs/upgrades so I was just curious how many members in Australia have koukis on or off the road post pics of yours if you like too
  9. Trolley Jacks

    I got the dual piston version over a year ago I've treated it pretty badly and it hasn't let me down for the price and quality it's hard to beat, last time I was in Costco they had a pretty nice looking low one so that's pretty cool
  10. 1989 Automatic 180sx for sale

    Yeah I'd have a really hard time believing the ks even when it's that neat, would be happy to be proven wrong tho
  11. Sa spotted thread

    I remembered this is something we used to do... No plates Nothing thats going to get people in trouble And no exact locations Happy spotting!
  12. another S15 Gearbox issue

    Did my 14 without a hoist it's a pita but it'd doable
  13. Nistune worth it for s15 stock turbo 14psi?

    Will help everything down to fuel economy definitely worth it, and make sure everythings running healthy, if you're looking for more power you'll need to start thinking about injectors/afm etc so may as well do that at the same time, saying that I'm not sure what stock s15 injectors can handle
  14. S13 sr20det problems!

    Maybe block the bov to isolate it so you know it isn't leaking under boost
  15. What Happened With Jaustech?

    I've heard Anthony sold it but is employed there 3 days a week, not my first hand knowledge but the guy that told me is normally pretty well in the loop lol
  16. Unplug the balast and see if it still blows, also if you end up looking for a short somewhere get a resetable fuse makes life allot easier
  17. Sa active members role call

    has the cover been on since autosalon times? If so it's probably going to need allot of love
  18. Can't Make

    I'd rather lose in a sylvia, lol much more fun and more style
  19. 180sx type x are now selling for 26k lol

    Yeh I've seen someone pay 20k for a imported s15 in a intestate yard that was very obviously wound back and I think that's rediculous, I don't think a type x is worth over 16k, and sure if you're going to handpic a car from Japan and pay for it to be imported it's definitely going to cost more than the cars worth on its own
  20. 180sx type x are now selling for 26k lol

    Advertised price and selling price are very different, while the value of s chassis varies allot with popularity supply etc I don't think he'd get near 26k
  21. buying a interstate car

    Goes through for an ID check, they don't look too far unless it looks obviously illegal, keep in mind they are looking under the bonnet so they'll probably bring up anything that stands out
  22. S14 sr20det t28 laggy

    Pull the exhaust off before the cat, that would rule one problem out
  23. Why would you buy a turbo that you are not running at peak efficiency? good point but I think the example he was using was more the difference between high and low boost settings and having crappy efficiency on low boost compared to similar sized turbos in the gt range, probably won't be an issue if you are pushing it all the time and I haven't compared personally
  24. Tuners have told me gtx isn't the way to go unless you are pushing them to max boost, and for my power goals (similar to yours) to just go disco potato or gt2871 also mamba turbos seem to be the go for budget turbos now