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  1. Car hunting again - need some ideas

    6MPS. I recently bought one. It's very practical, decent on fuel, has plenty of power and gri[
  2. Lleyton Hewitt

    Apparently the cockbag owns the penthouse apartment a few doors up from my apartment building too. worth like $8m or some shit.
  3. These are my girlfriends dogs!

    Beat me to it!
  4. Lleyton Hewitt

    He looks like the type that wears and endorses powerbalance. So fuck him.
  5. Spanish Evo "tuner"

    Shits me with threads like that when all 'outsiders' come in, saying "Greetings from such and such". Just read the thing FFS. Who cares where you are from? lol
  6. My supervisor flooded a VE up in Brisbane this time last year, with 3 of us in the car. He was so desperate to get to work on a Sunday lmao. Thank god it wasn't this year lol
  7. digital cameras

    Second hand Canon 400D SLR. CBF reading through the features of the Olympus camera you posted, but does it at least allow you to change ISO settings and/or shutter speed?
  8. Hardtuned.com iPhone ap?

    Android phones = win
  9. Bloody Vodafone Problems!

    I was on hold for 30mins this morning, but I think a lot of that may actually have to do with the flood crisis. Just put the phone on speaker phone and looked at porn while I waited lol
  10. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    Unfortunately no. There's wayyyy too many Apple fanboys around.
  11. Energy Drinks

    Jagerbombs are shit. Belfast Car Bombs is where it's at
  12. I reckon Brides are massively overpriced, compared to some of the other stuff on offer. I'd go to a shop that specialises in racing (in Vic we have Meridian Motorsport and Revolution Racegear), and look around at what they have in there. They won't be cheap knock-off crap either.