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  1. s14 running rich as f**k

    no BOV on my setup Thanks Johnny so yeah i basically took my mates nismo 740s on stock fuel rail and stock FPR from his s15 which is the same setup as mine and put it into my car, did not fix the problem, still running rich as f**k so i guess its not my injectors or my FPR. any last ideas before i bring it to the shop to fix? lol
  2. s14 running rich as f**k

    i did a boost leak test and replaced all silicone and clamps to brand new ones, that fixed my boost leak issue but has not fixed running rich issue. basically the car was tuned and running fine, during the track day it started to run richer and richer as the day went on.
  3. s14 running rich as f**k

    so injectors are out and all seals look fine. will replace seals anyway stock FPR looks to be fine too, there was no fuel in the vacuum lines, not sure if i'll replace or just use it again but seems to be working fine no leaks on or around fuel rail too, basically no leaks anywhere, all vacuum lines on throttle body looking solid also. f**k
  4. s14 running rich as f**k

    cheers johnny yeah i'll have to check the stock fpr too, thanks i bought a brand new o2 not long ago so most likely not the cause
  5. s14 running rich as f**k

    yeah his mentioned that to me, i dont think its the tune though cause the fuel map for main and knock is very similar. i guess i will have to pull the injectors out..fml
  6. s14 sr20det vct with poncams hypergear ss2 turbo FMIC 3inch exhaust 740cc nismo z32 afm nistune the car was running perfect after a full tune. Car then developed a rich issue after a track day sometime last year, have not touched it until now hence trying to fix it have done an engine compression test and so far 90% its not engine related on idle the cars AFR is at 11.5:1 on cold and hot before this it was spot on 14.7:1 cold and hot ive played with the fuel map settings on nistune on idle to make it normal again but its far from fixing the issue as i have to set the tables to be -23 points from what its tuned on to make it read normal afrs and that to me doesn't sound like a proper fix. ive tested with a brand new genuine AFM and it didnt change anything checked for vacuum leaks but have not found any basically the car is boosting normal again and drives normal again after fixing those separate issues and doesnt make any funny knocks or sounds but it's still using a lot of fuel and running extremely rich. I need ideas on what to check next.
  7. http://www.spoolimports.com/spool-engine-rebuild-kits/nissan/sr20-rebuild-kit/sr20det-rebuild-kit anyone used these before? pros and cons and experience with it. the plan is to rebuild my engine to just factory spec with new metal HG and head studs but tripped onto this kit so thinking maybe worth doing it as price is reasonable. any input will be appreciated
  8. My s14 SS2 turbo spools 20spi at roughly 3800 only 200 away from 4000rpm, you might think you wont be able to tell the difference in real life but i would say your wrong. My mates s15 gtx2867r full boost 20psi at 4000rpm and its what i would consider too laggy for race wars
  9. thanks for the input guys, now i can worry a little less and hope that that's all it is. sorry bro wanted to say bye to everyone but was in the moment to get home asap to make sure i would get home in the first place lol
  10. s14 sr20det hypergear atrss2 went to a track day today, everything was going well until i blew the hose off one of the hot side intercooler pipes (knowledge of this was after it happened), the car was on the track when this happened, the engine was still on then rolling slowly and eventually stalled itself. got back into the pits, connected the hose and pipe again, car starts first time every time like normal. what isnt normal now is that the turbo doesnt spool like it was previously. the AFR is showing very rich now. light throttle cruising home at 100kmph AFR is jumping from 10.0 - 12.5, where as it was 14.7 on the dot. and as mentioned, when WOT, it wont build boost like it did before, it still builds some but no where near 20psi like normal. AFR will go as low as 9.0-11.0 boost now starts to build about 4500rpm and its only like 8-10psi or something, i havent really tested WOT to redline to see if it will go to 20psi but from how its driving i already know it wont get close. theres no exhaust leaks, checked all intercooler pipes and none are loose, check spark plugs they look fine and good and looks to be still burning good. another thing to note is that in the pits there was a puddle of radiator fluid under my car, checked for leaks and nothing from the rad or turbo lines, friend mentioned its the head thats lifting causing water leakage. i agree'd as there was no other signs of leakage. boost solenoid looks to be normal and hoses are still in place where they should be. with the head lifting, will it cause damage or other common issues i should be aware of? first time experiencing head lift thats all the info i know of, so if any of you guys have a pretty clear idea of what is wrong or could be wrong please share, thanks.
  11. you buy tyres to suit the requirements of your car. sport or family car, if your not thrashing it, cheap decent china shit is all you need drive the car hard now and then, yeah get something half decent street tyres actually care for car handling, best street tyres you can afford track hero, best street tyres/semi slicks. on that note i run Hankook RS3 for track and daily + have used semi slicks and that would be ideal (except for wet daily drives) if money was not a problem
  12. JDMYARD for Hankook RS3 and hankook Semi slicks
  13. Turbo Timer

    how does your car cool down if your turbo timer keeps the car on? makes no sense
  14. i can finally add to this S14 s1 SR20DET with VCT Tomei drop in cams stock everything else engine wise ATR28SS2 3inch intake, good flow, not the best Z32 AFM 3inch full exhaust, not the best designs on the market used but did the job. de-cat 3inch used also Nismo 740cc injecs Apexi air pod Nistune Hybrid GT2 fmc overall thoughts, lost down low as expected, as soon as you hit 4000rpm on WOT, your automatically 25 years to life in jail. i wanted 250kwatw minimum, i got 15kw short, did it make any actual difference? nope, drives bloody hard when its on song. i dont really have anything else i can compare this to except a mates s15 with a gt2871r on a shit/fair tune which is suppose to make 250kwatw, the comparison is invalid at most, i mean we went head to head rolling start, he got the jump in 1st and 2nd about 3/4 of a car length, i caught up and past him in 3rd without trying, we both were surprised im no drag racing driver, but i'l have to test it on the 1/4 mile to see if the power is all talk or the real walk.