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  1. JDM Super SQV 3 BOV

    I had a SSQV copy in my old 14 and just fitted a genuine v4 in my 15 and to be honest haven't noticed much difference in driving. But then again its a BOV; I got it cause i'm a tool who likes the sound it makes... and the v4 is VERY loud. Even feathering the throttle on gear changes its hard to not have it vent. But there is an add on for the v4 where you can attach a controller to turn it off and on. Check out youtube, there's a clip of a guy driving along hammering the button to vent (not changing gear or anything). It's hilarious. Don't get me wrong the genuine item looks much better built then the copy as you would expect. And i do kind of appreciate having genuine now i guess... but yes see above re: not much point.
  2. Which S15 taillight do you like?

    where can you get genuine dmax? All I'm seeing are a whole lot of cheap taiwanese copies. And do the dmax come in full LED? Read a few where only the red is LED and the indicator and reverse are bulbs, but that may just been the cheap copies... Oh yeah, i vote dmax ... As said above, not many new cars coming out now with the yellow indicators, clear and red has been the shift and I think it looks clean and modern.
  3. SR Parts!

    Do you stock things like the bolts and clips for the door trim on an S15? I'm chasing the bolts along the bottom and the plastic clips either end.
  4. SR Parts!

    ...and how about the motor for an S15 passenger side?
  5. ARK turbo timer?

    haha that makes 2 of us for trolling ebay at work, as thats where i saw this too. looks good, small and simple, but i already bought a HKS type 1 so didn't investigate further. Had the apexi pen in my old 14, was good as when setup it would auto adjust its cool down time. Idling round town it'd run for 10s but after a thrash it'd go for up to a minute. Was all adjustable. Gives the fuel ratio too but was told when hooked up to the stock O2 sensor (eg a non wide band sensor) it wasn't exactly accurate. The HKS is different again as it reads revs and speed; you can set it to flash and beep at 2 different rev settings so it essentially becomes a shift light. Can also set it to sound an alarm at certain speeds which i never thought i'd use but i'm running out of points on my license so its now my 'reminder'. Oh and it auto adjusts too depending on how hard you drive, just like the apexi.
  6. HKS Turbo TImer Wiring

    Cheers Sampson, yep google is pretty good, thats the same manual i found on the HKS site relating to the old turbo timers. But turns out the wiring i said above (and as per the old manual) works so all good. I did look at the harness, but the jap spec harness (there is no harness for the AUS spec) required some pins swapped around anyway, so i stuck with the universal harness and tapped the wires off the ignition switch (E107) so still ended up looking real neat.
  7. HKS Turbo TImer Wiring

    Hey guys, i’ve just got one of these latest HKS Type 1 turbo timers (41001-AK010) but don't have instructions for wiring up the power. I think i’ve worked it out but just want to see if i got it right... Basically I've got the 3 wires for hooking up to the key barrel, and from some old HKS wiring instructions I found I think it goes: Red - 12v constant Green - 12v ignition/on Blue - 12v accessory This is from a manual on the HKS US site, but relates to a different model of timer. Anyone else installed one of these and can confirm? Cheers!
  8. no room

    interesting, was it easy doing the standard rail mod? another inch head space would fix it for me, roof keeps 'brushing' my head atm, and i aint 6'1 with a helmet!
  9. Can anyone with a 'Pewter' coloured Jap Spec S15 confirm the colour code for me? Is it same as AUS spec - WV2? And how many different silver S15's were there anyway? Cheers
  10. s14 egr

    I did this too: remove the whole pipe etc that goes round the back of the head and then all you need is a piece of sheet metal cut to size to blank it off on the inlet manifold. Pretty easy job and you get rid of alot of clutter as well.
  11. Gearbox Oil

    So that'd be the 5 speed. Thinking I'll prob get the Redline for my s14 5spd but still wondering about gearbox life given it's not the recommended rating (GL5 instead of GL4)... and expensive as. Anyone else used it in the SR20 5spd for a long time without a problem? I've got ~150k kms on my car/box. Was notchy when i bought the car so went Motul 300. That was good at the start but went notchy after 20k kms so had Castrol VMX put in. Wasn't a fan of that, would whine badly in several gears at certain speeds. Changes were only a little better then the old Motul stuff.
  12. Name the diff

    No idea, i'm just trying to get my head around all the variations of these diffs and shafts and bolts etc out there... But yeah it might be something else with the noise, but that aside the diff ratio isn't right so i wouldn't mind something lower for the highway and no LSD. All will be answered tomorrow morning...
  13. Name the diff

    Nope that's the open R180 -> http://www.brunsolutions.com.au/?p=22
  14. Name the diff

    Cheers for that, and you are indeed right by the looks: And yes diff lapping are the guys i've been talking too as well. They sound great, but close at 4:30 and not open weekends means time off work to get to them... But back to the point, I'm obviously not going to want to play around with this thing (it's high ratio too, my speedo's out by about 10km's at 110kph according to my sav nav... and everyone flying past me). Can I buy just some stock r200 s14 internals and bolt them in? $250 sounds fine, i just want the noise to stop really and preferably ~2600rpm at 100kph instead of 3000...
  15. Name the diff

    cheers for the reply's. Anyone recommend a good diff place in Brisbane? I found a place I'll prob try but always good to hear from anyone who's actually had work done.