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  1. Does anyone here know a CIVIL ENGINEER?

    See if there are any training/trainee type positions available in Government sector. i.e. councils, construction, vicroads, department of transportation, or even Rail. Rail is booming.
  2. callin all engine conversion specialists

    yea i would prefer to go the newer sr20det , but the deal i got on the complete engine package for the ca18det was 2 good 2 go by . also im keeping the motor in pretty much stock form , going for the 140rwkw hopefully . ive got in contact with brad (steroid chickens ) and gonna catch up with him soon to talk more about the conversion . this car is going to be my daily , with the occasional once or month or so track days . so i dont want to go completly crazy doin her up . any complete links 2 the conversion , maybe i dont know how 2 search that well , but i have been lookin for a while now My Nissan knowledge is a bit outdated at the moment but a stock CA18DET could do around 150rwkw without injectors or upgraded afm, providing you have a T28 or similar boosted to around 13 psi, and ecu remap. It can do 170+rwkw with afm and injectors on more boost. A totally stock engine with T25 would be lucky to get 130rwkw out of it if that.
  3. bought a ring

    Congrats bro. Best wishes for the future.
  4. I think to stop it being boring, i.e. all xr6s or all evos etc, Each of the groups should allow only 1 type of car per slot. i.e. only 1 xr6t, 1 evo, 1 supra, 1 gtr, 1 monaro etc. this would allow some lower powered cars in the categories to make an entrance and boost up the total.
  5. Do you need to idle down a turbo or not?

    Some Info from a google search: I did some light reading... The Law in Victoria is ambigous here... Road Rule 213 (same across all states) is: Making a motor vehicle secure (1) This rule applies to the driver of a motor vehicle who stops and leaves the vehicle on a road (except to pay a fee for parking the vehicle) so the driver is over 3 metres from the closest part of the vehicle if there is nobody 16 years old, or older, in the vehicle. Note Motor vehicle is defined in the Road Safety Act 1986. (2) Before leaving the motor vehicle, the driver must comply with this rule. Penalty: 2 penalty units. (3) The driver must— (a.) switch off the engine; and (b.) apply the parking brake effectively or, if weather conditions (for example, snow) would prevent the effective operation of the parking brake, effectively restrain the motor vehicle’s movement in another way. (4) If there is nobody in the motor vehicle, the driver must— (a.) remove the ignition key; and (b.) if the doors of the vehicle can be locked—lock the doors. Yet, in the Road Regulations for Victoria which define the fines and dermit points it says: Offence Code 2135: Leave motor vehicle unattended with keys in ignition, motor running, brakes not secured or doors unlocked In other words, we have one law saying it needs to be "switched off", but an offence that we can be charged with saying "Leaving motor vehicle unattended and motor running". I am no lawyer, I am not qualified in the field so this is not advice in any way. All I know is it would make for an interesting case. From what I can see, there is no way we should leave a car running with a turbo timer in Victoria. We won't be committing an offence according to the National Road Rules but committing an offence to a Regulation. Food for thought. All I can say is, if I had a turbo timer, I will not be leaving my car unattended. So dont "leave" the car unattended if you are idling via manual counting or timer. Thats probably the main reason manufacturers didnt put timers in from factory. Also unnecessary pollution when car not in actual use etc. Same deal with remote starters i think. Cheers, Loops. Also, there is no hard and fast rule for idling, its up to you, after all its your car. All i know is that idling a little bit after driving is good but if you idle too long its not good either.
  6. Melbourne Tuners Battle

    I think its quite obvious that theres gonna be a dance-off. LOL
  7. UFO landed in Westall back in 1966

    Nah we will be alright. We can beat the aliens easy. All we need is a good computer virus that can be uploaded onto the mothership using the aliens own broadcasting/communication system and then all the other ships will crash to earth.
  8. Jzx100 fuel consumption

    My JZX100 gets about 11l/100km. Daily driving in city traffic. Average 500km travel per week. No engine mods, just catback exhaust. Cheers, Loops.
  9. My Farewell Party

  10. No NISMU meets till 7th Jan cos of xmas eve and NYeve

    Merry Christmas all, and see you on the 7th.

    um.....i did say that on the first page as my above quote says PS. I take it crzy_180 that your the guy in the front? Bwahahaha. PWNED?
  12. Trail Braking

    Yes, when I injure toe. forgive my lame joke but I am at work on the 24th of december......
  13. No NISMU meets till 7th Jan cos of xmas eve and NYeve

    No meets for the next couple of weeks because of christmas eve and new years eve. We will meet again on the 7th and maybe take some photos etc.
  14. No NISMU meets till 7th Jan cos of xmas eve and NYeve

    Meet was on from 6pm - 7.30pm. And the skid marks are from other cars at uni, mostly comoddores and the like, and other cars with single spinners etc. No stupid behaviour from any of us. See ya at the east meet tonight if you can meke it. Cheers, Loops.

    I will be there also mmmmmm cupcakes. Should be an awesome meet.