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  1. another S15 Gearbox issue

    hahaha, i've realised that a different picture pops up each time you load it too. I feel so jipped missing out on the rim job pic.
  2. I feel like this forum is now redeemed. no not really, it's dead as fuck and depressing.
  3. Help with import papers

    For those who want some help reading auction sheets: http://prestigemotorsport.com.au/auction-guide/ Hey my s15 was 9500, spec s 180K km's, bone stock, just a couple of small dints back in 2013. ADM if that matters.
  4. Help with import papers

    Originally 6 sped manual, hence the "6" below AT. AT not circled so manual. Looks like 3.5 grade to me, not R.
  5. efr 6258 t4

    Unsure yet, I'm sort of at a crossroads at the moment. Car is pretty much track only and is starting to use a decent amount of oil at trackdays now on the original motor with standard bottom end. So I'm guessing it'll need a freshen up I the near future, so I guess I may as well build the bottom end. Then that opens up a can of worms since I also have a VE head sitting around, which I'd then be tempted to throw on the way it is, unported, maybe just a clean up, and with some valve springs and P12 cams I've got tucked away too. And just see what happens, but that all costs money to do, so I've got some thinking to do. Or the sane option is to just freshen up the bottom end and retune with this new turbo. But who's sane these days? I am literally in the same boat. I reckon fit the turbo, run it and see how it goes. When it pops, build the ve head motor. That's my plan.
  6. efr 6258 t4

    Nice results. Keen to see how much better a similar setup would be with VCT and a T4 t/s housing. I've got a T4 6758 on order, so I'll be having a play around with it on my 15 once it gets here. I currently run Poncams, but wonder if I should step up slightly. I've also got some 260/260/12mm lift Procams tucked away that I thought about running with it, just unsure. It's all going to be new to me, with the current setup being an externally gated T518Z on E85 making 280ish at 18-20psi. Looking forward to the results ! How much boost are you planning to run ?
  7. efr 6258 t4

    7163 be a man.
  8. S13 sr20det problems!

    This ! Do a boost leak test.
  9. Running rich after installing EBC

    Disconnect AVCR and see if it runs ok. From memory it will run on wastegate pressure, may need to check that. I had a similar problem and it was the wires in the avcr harness were damaged and shorting out causing all types of running issues. It was a second hand unit. As Dose said, you'll need to replace your plugs or at very least give them a clean / light sand.
  10. Opening up s15 gearbox

    How did you get on Roberto ?
  11. Opening up s15 gearbox

    Not in front of computer so going by memory. 1. Use the s15 manual as a guide. 2. The rear has to come off first as 6th gear needs to be pulled off shaft. 3 I think there is a section with 2 large bolts that are on each side of the join. Need to undo one as it joins internal idler shafts. 4. Use the manual
  12. Can't Make

    what about a Datsun
  13. Can't Make

    you summed up Silvia ownership
  14. 180sx oil cooler kits

    I just googled it. For the price you can't go wrong. Even if you make up your own hoses and just use the cooler and adapters.
  15. 180sx oil cooler kits

    Not sure I would worry about thermostat on race car, unless you are doing hill climbs.