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  1. 100 Things about Chuck Norris.

    funny shit, nice one !
  2. CRASH

    Good movie, i liked it. 1st scene with Luda is funny as !

    looks the goods man. love the pipes !
  4. S13 Instrument Cluster

    thanks man!! dont know what i'd do with out ya hahaha Cheers
  5. S13 Instrument Cluster

    Ashman, i took my ca18 cluster out last night to wire up the resistor so my tacho will work (ca18 to sr20det conversion). I found some type of box thing on the back of the cluster with a cut wire to "batt" and the other wire went to "buzzer" i assumed it was for the chimer so i removed it from the back of ther cluster as it didnt seem to be in use anyway. Can you tell me what this box is/might be? Since removing it my clock doenst work ? haha. Backlighting comes on but no TIME. Any ideas? Thanks dude.
  6. i've got a similar problem. car will turn over sweet but wont fire! '89 s13. was ca18det 5sp now with type x blacktop sr20det 5sp Need some wiring help. Cant here the fuel pump prime when turning the key to RUN Cheers
  7. Intercooler Routing

    Nice work man !
  8. ^^ + 1 What to use? and where to get it?
  9. sr20det no spark help needed

    maybe your injectors are clogged after not being used for 2 years? just having a stab here... check all basic things required for the motor to run ie. air / fuel / spark
  10. it's LoJack Your the master mechanic, why don't you yank that sh!t up outta there then..... LOL, Tyrese in 2F2F... hahaha
  11. Slave Cylinders

    Good to know as im going to be using my slave from CA/s13 with my new sr20 motor and box. Cheers
  12. hicas rear lines

    hey man if you're taking the HICAS lines out of the power steering rack you can get bolts to fit that will block the ports up. Click Here Or i used the existing fittings that went into the rack and removed the fluid line from the bolt and had them welded up
  13. PS rack...

    I just wanted to remove all the HICAS crap from my s13, but was left with 4 ports open on the HICAS rack. Got them blocked up now tho *thumbs up* Hopefully the steering will be fine with the HICAS rack, i have also chaged to a non-HICAS p/s pump.
  14. Hey guys got a s14 gearbox to go onto my blacktop SR20 (non-vct) Got the speedo drive with the s14 gearbox but looking at the loom, there is no plug to go into the speedo drive. I have the speedo drive and wiring from my old ca18 gearbox. The wiring will plug into the loom but not sure if the ca18 speedo drive will work correctly in the s14 gearbox. What's needed to be done so that my speedo will work?? Im thinking perhaps use the ca18 speedo wiring and wire that up to the s14 speedo drive? Any help much appreciated. thanks guys....