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  1. Overview: FJ20 + Trust T518Z S13 280HP @ 17PSI 1250kg full fuel plus driver (55kgs wringing wet) Stats so far: Lakeside: 58.4 FZ201M 255 rear wing aero QLD Raceway- Sprint 57.7 FZ201M 255 Rear wing Aero National 1:22.9 FZ201M 255 Rear wing Aero Engine: FJ20 out of Gazelle custom engine mounts and extended sump 280HP (208kW) at 17PSI on PULP Microtech LT-8 ECU Weisco Forged pistons Trust T518Z turbo with 6boost manifold 3" exhaust FMIC Twin ford thermo fans on normal radiator NPC button clutch with SR20 Gearbox with FJ bellhousing R200 4.3 shimmed viscous diff Small oil cooler with oil filter relocation Suspension: CST zero 1 front HSD rear Coilovers (no idea what rates) Adjustable camber and toe arms 27mm Whiteline adjustable rear ARB S14 front uprights and 5 stud conversion with S14 longer lower arms R33 rear 5 stud conversion Brakes: R34 GT front discs and calipers R33 Rears GTR master cylinder Ferodo DS2500? pads Interior: 6 Point weld in cage with removable side intrusions Most of interior stripped leaving only dash and glove box Sparco removable steering wheel hub Oil pressure and temperature guages Battery relocated to behind passenger seat 2L Surge tank installed in boot with Walbro 255 inline pump Microtech Dashboard Display 5 Point Harness 1kg Fire extinguisher Chassis: Front and rear guardes rolled and flared BN body kit Gday guys and gals. I've recently bought and S13 with an FJ20 motor in it. Doing a bit of a write up on it and its racing career through 2013. Have chucked a whole heap of pics and vids to deter the tl;dr feeling. The car was originally owned by Paul from Option 1 Garage at eagle farm QLD, which he built from a shell. Car had all the interior in it so i began stripping it back and pulling all the stuff i didnt need in the car out. From its drifting days i assume it had some nasty cuts in the lume in the wheel arches so i began the painful task of moving those into the engine bay Bought 2nd hand dash unit on ebay for my microtech ecu. Few features are usefull on it like the lights and water temp and boost gauge. Installed a battery isolator in the metal peice that houses that linkages for the windscreen wipers Installed a little fire extinguisher incase of an accident car wash Parted with my baby for a week for a 6 point weld in cage. Work was done by STZ in Northgate. Really happy with their work, was spot on Some parts that went into the car over the last few weeks. Spent the arvo watching the v8s and cutting with a junior hacksaw blade and file to recess the oil temp and pressure gauges back out of the way. Works really well with plenty of vision without being in your eyes. Wasn't happy with the length on the wires that i cut and shut so i shortened them a little more to make it look a bit better. Of course it was on the fuse box side with the most wires Moved the battery into the car behind the passenger seat which then utilised the battery isolator. Had a mate around one arvo so he gave me a hand setting up the harness onto the harness bar. Where the relocation for the oil filter will sit and its points for temperature and pressure monitoring. Gauges at night Took the car around to the uncles place to do some work on his hoist. Alot easier than doing it on the ground. New rear anti roll bar set to hard random view of seating position Had a few dramas with the lines and fittings that came with the oil cooler/filter relocation kit. Got 2 sent up from down south as replacements which seem to be holding up. Have ordered another sandwhich plate that bolts onto block after hearing news of a few splitting from engine torque and hose movement. Painted the cage and removable side instrusions Federal FZ201 M 235 fronts and 255 rears bought 2nd hand off Callum Whatmore cheers bud Quick release steering wheel to make it easier getting in and out on race days when seat is all the way forward (for short ass 174cm) and side intrusion bars in. First day down at QR blew radiator quick trip to option 1 garage for free replacement cheers guys Plan was to run KU36 road tyres for the morning then swap onto the semi slicks in the afternoon but with lost sessions mid day i decided to run the road tyres all day. Ran a 1:24.9 pb on QR national circuit with no aero to get the car moving and get used to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StMmFXmfCVc&list=UU4ouUoRcUuj9eE1ybolHXUg&index=6&feature=plcp Practise day wasn't without breakages after the rad, water pump shit itself on the shaft seal so new one of those in. Fuel surges were becoming a drama under half a tank of fuel so installed the tank and did some line re-routing and installed a walbro 255 pump then off to STZ for a tune Made 280RWHP Numbers on ready for its first sprint day at QR on the 18/11/12 1st session at street sprints was great, well the 1/2 warmup lap was throttle cable bracket snapped wtf. A heap of cable ties later lol back in the track burning some rubber. Fastest lap was on lap 3 with a huge (felt big but doesnt look it) moment into t1. PB of 57.75 sprint track layout at QR. Beat a twin turbo NSX on the day which was an outright win of all 4 classes woohoo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2AvfHHVWgE&list=UU4ouUoRcUuj9eE1ybolHXUg&index=2&feature=plcp New throttle cable bracket, i will not brag about my stick welding as it is crap and i know it, far from a boily. Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my other vids http://www.youtube.c...ser/SykoSkipy01
  2. You'll only come and watch a couple of times before getting the itch. Here's some photos of it as it has changed a bit.
  3. Haven't been updating this thread but here's a vid from my latest race meet.
  4. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    god damn the car looked quick too
  5. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Marty tuned mine rich aswell as he figures to tune it for a 40 degree day at QR where it's getting a flogging.
  6. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Still has my money from January, no trailer
  7. S13 sprint and IPRA

    thats a great cage for a bolt in job. how much did it set you back?
  8. QRDC rd 5 at Queensland raceway footage.
  9. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Looks good mate. I have mine mounted with 4 booker rods on the front going through the front reo bar. The made some front guard supports in the wheel archs out of some angle and bolted the edge of the splitter to that. Because of my front bar there was quite a bit of splitter hanging out the front from the reo bar supports so i used 2 turn buckles to stop it flexing. Also same thing into the castor arms, mine was rocking from front to back under braking so the rear mounts fix that
  10. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    haha +1 maybe stroker kit?
  11. Slowvia s14

    yes i believe us 'circuit guys' should change our attitude from caring about fellow motorsport enthusiasts and their safety to just not giving a f**k and not say a thing. This is a motorsports build section remember so the vast majority of contributors to this thread are going to rip it into you if you say you're never ever going to crash. Anyway enough with the negativity for this guy, good luck with your car and i hope you stay safe.
  12. Another weekend out at lakeside racing. Racing was great but car had alot of issues with exhaust gaskets. Race 1 Race 2 Props to Mase and Jarred for running hard in their sils this weekend with us. Also to Callum Wantmorespeed with a 55.8 ffs, and Sam for his first 56.8 i think. Top stuff
  13. Slowvia s14

    Shit happens in motorsport man. Pretty sure you would be faster than a mini.... May cost you 3k but how many weeks off work will it cost you. Don't take all this the wrong way mate we're all here to help and concerned for your safety. Absolutely nothing against you or your car (great build which i've been watching even before moving to this section) but you can't put a price on life or a permanent disability.
  14. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Awesome work mate, good to hear the car performed well with no dramas. any vids?
  15. Forgot to mention big congrats to Callum Whatmore for 2 race wins and the round win, well done brother! drove that rocketship well
  16. Had a mostly good weekend just gone at the Queensland Raceways Drivers Championship Rd 2. Saturday was pouring down rain all day at Lakeside. We went out for quailifying in the wet and i managed a 1:09.9 on street tyres. Managed 4th just before this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ursr9R5arE Not much damage, just a bent turn buckle on the front splitter. Sunday was 4 races crammed into one day. Race 1 was great following Cal and Sam battle it out for the first few laps until they were off in the distance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfqbDjDUlw After qualifying i noticed the exhaust manifold had a crack in it which got worse over the course of the 2 races which ended up in me retiring a few laps short of finishing race 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWGKre2aF2k Turbo seems to have copped a flogging and is spitting oil on induction side so hopefully a rebuild will fix the issue with it. Hopefully have the car back ready for Top gear May 4th and 5th
  17. Quick update on this car as i havent had much time between work and actually racing it. Last weekend we were at lakeside for Top gear. Racing was close and intense as 2/3 races were wet towards the end. I managed to put the car in p2 with a 58.4 and then continued to finish 2nd for the 3 races. The last 2 races with wet/drying track conditions i was catching and challenging for the race win but didn't quite get there with lapped traffic or not enough laps. As always i managed to screw up the recording of the 2 best races but heres race 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahizHM5A_A Few photos from different people that took awesome shots, credit to their commitment.
  18. Callum did an awesome job considering how his car was handling. Thanks for the mention it will be me playing catch up with you this weekend i think, better get that camera sorted!
  19. The things we do for tenths of a second
  20. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Nice mate, very jealous of that fuel cell setup. So tidy
  21. T518z 8cm - running out of puff?

    i have a t518z on my FJ20 with 210kw with no work done apart from basic cold air, 3" exhaust and weisco pistons. all i hear about t518z's is good news so im not sure about what ol mate is telling you. maybe try and get a reading on the air temp entering the intake manifold?
  22. go karting

    Not so much people thinking you've done sly upgrades but more an accidental modification that is illigal according to aka's rules. It can be very political which i didn't like. Yeh go have a look for sure, good that you've 3 tracks near by so there is some variety
  23. go karting

    For engine rebuilds i used an engine builder as there are strict rules and tricks for the kt100J, not sure about the rotax so ask around. If you bought that stuff you would just need an aka licence and some basic tools and off you go i'd perhaps go to a go kart meeting local to you and just ask around about who's got what and how to get started
  24. go karting

    i did it on apprentices wages aswell, not too bad for costs. depends on how far you want to go, can spend under 10k a year or over 50k a year. For me up here heres some costs off the top of my head for a regular club meet and general stuff. Kart: allow 4-4.5k for kart and safety gear (GET A NECK BRACE) Tools: depends what you go but say $300 for some basics Licences: $250ish for club membership and AKA licence (annual) Tyres: depends what class but around $250 a set and again how long you want to keep them on but i did half a year usually Motor: 1k a year for a rebuild fuel: about $60 for the kart including oil then a tank for your car towing a trailer or whatever entry fee: around $100 a meet i think misc: probably another $500 bucks for spares and other random stuff i may have forgotten again it depends on how you want to go. I did a club meet every month for 2010 and picked up the championship for consistancy even though i came 3rd pretty much every round. I did a C and D grade (newbies) state titles when it was held at my local club in 2011 and won that but was DQ'd after my engine was tested and found to be under cc's (more compression blah blah blah, was carbon build up on the top of the piston from not being rebuilt for a year and shitty oil) copped a 3 month suspension and stripped of title and lucky no $$ fine (yep they are that serious), so i threw my hands up and said screw it, if you treat new people learning about karting and want to do this crap im only doing social meets. So 3 months later i rejoined and only did club level meets only to retire my kart at the start of 2012. Any more questions im happy to help to the best of my knowledge
  25. go karting

    +1 for TAG, i raced senior national light (yamaha kt100J) for a few years in QLD and it was good fun, karts were slow but the less power you have the better you have to drive, cant mask up a slide in a 12hp kart so super smooth is crucial. J's ive heard are easier to tune and run compared to the S. selling mine if you're interested