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  1. You'll only come and watch a couple of times before getting the itch. Here's some photos of it as it has changed a bit.
  2. Haven't been updating this thread but here's a vid from my latest race meet.
  3. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    god damn the car looked quick too
  4. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Marty tuned mine rich aswell as he figures to tune it for a 40 degree day at QR where it's getting a flogging.
  5. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Still has my money from January, no trailer
  6. S13 sprint and IPRA

    thats a great cage for a bolt in job. how much did it set you back?
  7. QRDC rd 5 at Queensland raceway footage.
  8. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Looks good mate. I have mine mounted with 4 booker rods on the front going through the front reo bar. The made some front guard supports in the wheel archs out of some angle and bolted the edge of the splitter to that. Because of my front bar there was quite a bit of splitter hanging out the front from the reo bar supports so i used 2 turn buckles to stop it flexing. Also same thing into the castor arms, mine was rocking from front to back under braking so the rear mounts fix that
  9. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    haha +1 maybe stroker kit?
  10. Slowvia s14

    yes i believe us 'circuit guys' should change our attitude from caring about fellow motorsport enthusiasts and their safety to just not giving a f**k and not say a thing. This is a motorsports build section remember so the vast majority of contributors to this thread are going to rip it into you if you say you're never ever going to crash. Anyway enough with the negativity for this guy, good luck with your car and i hope you stay safe.
  11. Another weekend out at lakeside racing. Racing was great but car had alot of issues with exhaust gaskets. Race 1 Race 2 Props to Mase and Jarred for running hard in their sils this weekend with us. Also to Callum Wantmorespeed with a 55.8 ffs, and Sam for his first 56.8 i think. Top stuff
  12. Slowvia s14

    Shit happens in motorsport man. Pretty sure you would be faster than a mini.... May cost you 3k but how many weeks off work will it cost you. Don't take all this the wrong way mate we're all here to help and concerned for your safety. Absolutely nothing against you or your car (great build which i've been watching even before moving to this section) but you can't put a price on life or a permanent disability.
  13. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Awesome work mate, good to hear the car performed well with no dramas. any vids?
  14. Forgot to mention big congrats to Callum Whatmore for 2 race wins and the round win, well done brother! drove that rocketship well
  15. Had a mostly good weekend just gone at the Queensland Raceways Drivers Championship Rd 2. Saturday was pouring down rain all day at Lakeside. We went out for quailifying in the wet and i managed a 1:09.9 on street tyres. Managed 4th just before this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ursr9R5arE Not much damage, just a bent turn buckle on the front splitter. Sunday was 4 races crammed into one day. Race 1 was great following Cal and Sam battle it out for the first few laps until they were off in the distance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfqbDjDUlw After qualifying i noticed the exhaust manifold had a crack in it which got worse over the course of the 2 races which ended up in me retiring a few laps short of finishing race 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWGKre2aF2k Turbo seems to have copped a flogging and is spitting oil on induction side so hopefully a rebuild will fix the issue with it. Hopefully have the car back ready for Top gear May 4th and 5th