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  1. Best exhaust for my s15?

    Getting a custom exhaust doesn't make it sound good. Magnflo mufflers do sound great and not overly loud. I had a straight through cheap centre muffler with a rear magnsflow and that would have been near legal. CEs use magnsflow
  2. Wheel spacers!

    Hub sentric slips on I have run for track to run different camber settings. Have run up to 20mm. Use ubcentric not the shitty cheap slip on ones. Make sure you get extended wheel studs to suit.
  3. BC then MCA coilovers

    Can't believe this comparison has come up. The dampener and development of a shock is so important. We all know bc valving and testing would be minimal If any. With mca, you can be assured they have tested Spring rates for certain cars and that there valving matches the spring rates and vehicle
  4. Break in :(

    You want to prevent it. When they take them the f**k everything. Do the sticker or both. Everyone has had there house broken in to in my street. I havernt had mine yet an in sure it's because I have a security alarm/beacon in clear sight
  5. Break in :(

    Get a sticker that says this car is monitored by gps tracking. They will think twice n won't go as far as destroying anything. Prevention is better than anything else.
  6. S15 silvia, what should I be paying?

    I sold mine for 20g with 170,000 and it was a steal with everything that had been done. U have to look at them in person to really appreciate what it maybe worth

    Gktech. A lot of people use them with limited/ no issues at all with Australian support
  8. spec r sr20det

    Talk to trunya
  9. Under test conditions they will usually reach target torque ratings. But that's with a specific bolt / thread / socket etc, highly unlikely you will see the same results yourself. However, independent testing on the big Milwaukee unit i have nets a very high torque figure with results similar to that stated in the sales pitch. Cannot beat Milwaukee for value. I have about 25 Milwaukee power tools and I've only had to return a charger for a replacement (it was dead from factory). I don't disregard the large battery power ones. They do work great but the smaller ones aren't really up to the task for automotive use. As for Milwaukee I had 9 batt exchanged in 2yrs and have had there tools for 7yrs. I was an apprentice at the time and would be lucky to get a week out of some batteries lol. Regardless of the issues they warranted everything and after time they replaced all the internals of all of my tools as they didn't know what was causing the problem. 7yrs on I still have all the same tools 👍🏼
  10. spec r sr20det

    Talk to trunya, just put a massive turbo on with 19psi n make 320wkw
  11. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    We'll grow some for skin brother. People won't believe everything I say in life. Move on from it. I would love nothing more than to see a result like that from a completely stock Sr with bolting shit on the side. But as your parents say if it sounds to good to be tru it probably is. All I wanna say is that to anyone else out there slapping a big turbo on with pump fuel on that sort of boost is extremely unlikely to make 300 or even near that unless the dyno is playing tricks on you. As for the 2.2 not making anymore power.::: I thought it would have made a great increase especially with adding cams.... Sr stock cams are shocking and throwing a decent set of cams at an Sr will get you results of up to 40whp just from a cam upgrade.
  12. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    I thought they were vids of the stock motor..... I contacted you about buying the 2.2 yrs ago lol. Anyways to the guy who wrote the post from my personal experience throwing a big turbo on and throwing 19-20psi of unleaded at it will not net you 300wkw. Call me conservative or whatever, that's my opinion but old mates getting emotional.
  13. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    No need to get emotional. Z32/injectors/pumps don't give you more power hence the reason I didn't mention anything. Essentially you've said I slapped a big turbo on with supporting mods to make power on unleaded and made huge power without cams ect. Regardless of all your videos you have to understand that your results are freakish and very hard to believe. It's not personal, Those injectors must have been working over time.
  14. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    321 on 19psi on pump from slapping a turbo on a stock motor? Sounds like bs to me. Was it a sparkle top with blast pipes?
  15. Don't listen to there claimed numbers eith because they won't even go close to what they claim. The little one would undo just over 100nm nowhere near the claimed amount