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  1. Newbie, JDM S13 Convertible

    I know this topic is old but I have a convertible, bought it in 2002 and still have it. It just got smashed in the hail storms, roof is all ripped, about 100 dents in the bonnet, 50 in the boot and probably another 50 or so on the tops of the door,s guards etc. So I am googling trying to find out what the market value is before I start arguing with the insurance company next week when it is booked in for an inspection.
  2. SR20 Auto control unit

    Hi, We are doing a manual conversion and someone wants our auto gearbox. They would like the control unit as well. The car is a SR20DE auto. Are both the engine ECU and auto ECU in the passenger kick panel. Can the auto ECU be removed and the car run fine? I know we need to bridge the wires under the fuse box to allow the car to start? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, My son has a S13 with ABS and an auto gearbox. He has bought a 6 speed 350Z gearbox with adapter plate and a R32GTR diff. So far all that has been done is remove the old stuff. I had a look at fitting either of them today and found out the Diff fits nicely because of the different rear on it but the bolts at the front will not fit as they are not long enough as the GTR diff has some long metal pipe bits held in with rubber rather than just a hole though the diff. I also noticed the old diff has some sensor which after using Google I worked out is the 3rd sensor for the ABS. So the options I see are 1, buy longer bolts to bolt the front on, or cut the metal pipe bits level with the diff so the old bolts work. 2, unplug the ABS sensor and just hope the car is happy. I assume ABS is happier with 3 sensors but would it work with just the front wheel sensors? Or maybe remove the whole ABS system from the car, is that legal? 3, Don't bother with the GTR32 diff and just re-fit the old diff seeing it is from a late model SR20 and is a LSD so better than my old CA18 Diff. Regarding the gearbox he has the adapter plate screwed onto the back of the engine but the 350Z gearbox seems to have less front shaft than I would expect. Measuring the distance from the clutch springs to the back of the engine and then from the gearbox to the clutch release bearing I expect the bearing to be less than a mm away from the clutch springs which seems pretty close to me and I am worried it might even be touching once all assembled which I assume is bad. So how close are these things generally? I would have thought there should be some kind of gap. Also has anyone fitted a 350Z gearbox in a S13. The gearbox, adapter plate and propeller shaft came out of a S14. Does the S14 have a larger transmission tunnel or if it fitted in a S14 then it should fit in a S13? Thanks Chris
  4. Hi, We just got the auto gearbox off a SR20 to do an auto to manual change and this is what the end of the crankshaft looks like. So does this car have both the manual brass bushing and the auto bush? If so I assume I should remove both and put in a new brass bushing seeing I have one? Thanks Chris
  5. Constant power for S13 stereo

    Hi, I found that the 3rd fuse on the right hand side was blown, it is a 10Amp fuse and based on my observations powers the radio constant power as well as the interior light and clock as both of those were not working either but I hand't noticed. Hopefully that info is useful to someone. Thanks Chris
  6. Constant power for S13 stereo

    Hi, My son bought a S13 SR20 Na auto that had the stereo stolen out of it when the previous owner owned it. I found a list of wiring colour's on this site from a very useful post from 2010, checked all the speakers with a multi-meter and that made sense so wired those all up, then moved onto the power etc. From what I can tell I need to connect constant power, switched power and antenna. We also plan to run an amp. So i should put Red with black stripe to the Constant power, Blue to the switched power and black with orange stripe to the control wire from the head unit and also connect the control wire to the amp to control the amp turning on and off. I checked with a multi-meter holding the earth against the top of the gearbox and the blue cable gets power (only 11.5V which seems low seeing the car has a brand new battery but I do have a pretty cheap dick Smith multi-meter) with ignition on and not when it is off so that is fine but the red with black stripe gets 0 volts regardless. So either, 1, I am wrong about constant power being able to be detected by the multi-meter so i should just connect it and hope. 2, There is a blown fuse - anyone have a fuse box diagram and know which fuse it would be for the constant power? I found some diagrams and there is a 10amp Audio fuse but I expect that is the switched blue wire rather than the constant power. 3, Run a cable from the Battery to the amp with a nice big fuse near the battery as planned anyway and then another cable from the amp up to the head=unit and put a 10Amp inline fuse in it and use that for constant power. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  7. Wheels 2016

    Looks nice, hopefully I can find you, as you say the car should stand out. Basically a bad choice of road for that time of day. Here are a couple of recent photos of mine followed by some very recent photos. Then a few from this morning
  8. Wheels 2016

    Well I probably be taking my pushbike - my Convertible got Kangarooted last night. Just spent about $15,000 on it last year and if it is written off I will get $5,000. Part of me hopes it is fixed but part of me is sick of the car scene and wants it gone. Damage is Bonnet completely mangled, front lights smashed, inter cooler bent, radiator pushed back and bent plus the bit at the front that the bonnet clip and bonnet hold up bar is all bent, cooling fan smashed, cooling cowl smashed, passenger side wing buckled but drivers side looks OK, fuse box pushed back about 2 inches but I don't think any wiring is damaged. So what V8 are you taking? I might bump into you.
  9. Wheels 2016

    Hi, Anyone going to enter a car at the Shannon's Wheels car show this Sunday? I just read that due to the rain earlier this week it is being moved from the grass in front of old parliament house to the car parks near Treasury. Their website doesn't way anything about where the particular makes will be - anyone know where the Japanese cars are supposed to enter? Thanks Chris

    Hi, I am after a few parts for a S13 The drivers Window amp is burnt out stopping the window from working. I soldered a wire onto the window amp where the circuit board was burnt out and checked it all with a multimeter. It seems to be all OK, however will still not work. Also years ago I bought a Gtech solid bush for the steering but never bothered to fit it, My son decided to try fit it to his car but one of the nuts were badly burred over so I used a dremel to cut it off and damaged the thread on one of the bolts that are press fitted into the spline part. We removed the spline and have pressed the bolts out but can’t find anything like them at the local bolt shop. Both bolts in the spline were pretty chewed up, one by my dremel and one I think from someone previously mucking about with the car. Also the aerial on my car doesn’t work. I took it apart but the teeth on the white plastic bit are all chewed. I was wondering if anyone has any of the parts I require - a replacement Window Amp, the bolts that press into the spline to bolt to the steering bush (and replacement nuts) and an aerial. Thanks Chris
  11. S13 parts galore

    Hi, do you still have a mint S13 dash, mine now has 4 cracks in it after the car was left in the sun by a panel beater for a few months. How hard is it to swap the dash? Also I used to put 303 protectant on mine every few weeks. What would you recommend to keep a mint dash mint? Thanks Chris
  12. S13 With NSW Rego but more suited to track for Sale

    Hi, Yes, that is the car. He wanted $13,500 and to keep the plates, he accepted $12,500 from my son and he just sold it for $3500. I think my son paid much to much for it, but I also think it was worth more than $3500, I just hope the new owner has good luck with it otherwise he is going to have a grumpy wife as she was not keen on him buying it. At least now it is back in NSW and away from the perils of ACT registration, however regardless of what Dave said about it being a perfect daily driver it has been modified too much in my opinion and really is now just a track car, but a very fast one. Anyone know how to update the title to add sold? I have tried editing the first post etc. but nothing seems to allow me to edit the title. thanks Chris
  13. S13 With NSW Rego but more suited to track for Sale

    Sorry, I realised the reason you can not see the damage above the wheel is because I attached both front wheels in the above post. Here are both rear wheels. Driver side wheel, the damage to the arch is worst on this side.
  14. S13 With NSW Rego but more suited to track for Sale

    Here are some photos, unfortunately I didn't get home until nearly 9 O'Clock so it was getting dark, plus it had been raining so the car tyres look wet. I think the rust spot on the roof is pretty clear, the worst other damage to the body is where some previous owner tried to flare the back wheel arches themselves. Unfortunately you cant see it in the photo. I think all they did was put a screw driver under it and try wedge it up and luckily didn't get that far but it does look not nice. The First three are from a car show in October with the car next to my convertible, at least you can see it in the day light.
  15. S13 With NSW Rego but more suited to track for Sale

    Hi, The list of mods is from the add of the previous owner when my son bought it in May, I don't really know what all of them mean as I try hard to keep my convertible close to stock but appreciate that 99% of Silvia owners love to modify their cars. To answer your questions, the car is a Q club spec that I think was a special edition in 1993 so the body is from an auto and possibly that is where the diff came. However as the car is now it is a SR20 Red top with a manual gearbox and is black in colour. No rear spoiler, the boot lock is from a CA so the car is a strange mix of parts however does feel very solid. The display I was referring that shows the speed digitally is the DEFI Link Display. The previous owner told me he built up a fast track car that a friend crashed so they bought a stock Q spec and then built this car from that and all the bits from the car he had before. He works at a place called JDM Yard in Smithfield as a Mechanic building Honda engines but has owned a few Silvia's himself and built them up over the years, he seemed to have access to lots of aftermarket parts as well as the knowledge to build a car. His reason for selling is that he is getting married and needs the cash, he seemed genuinely sad to see the car go. I will try take some photos tonight, I just tried now but my camera battery was flat. Thanks Chris