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  1. Before everyone is about to tell me to hit the search button, its not one of those threads. This thread is intended to help eveyone else out there when they're about to buy or considering some new rims. What I want is for members to post what what rim size and offset they have and any issues you've encountered. [b]S15[/b] 16 6.5 +45 Stock 16 7 +29 Recommended by Taka Kaira 16 7 +33 Front Recommended by Rays/Nismo 16 7 +35 Recommended by Work 16 8 +38 Recommended by Taka Kaira 16 8 +45 Rear Recommended by Work 17 7 +30 Recommended by Taka Kaira/Rays/Nismo 17 7 +31 Recommended by Work 17 7 +35 Recommended by Work/Rays 17 7.5 +30 Front Recommended by Rays 17 8 +38 Recommended by Taka Kaira/Rays/Nismo 17 8 +44 Rear Recommended by Rays 17 8 +45 Rear Recommended by Work 17 8.5 +40 Rear Recommended by Rays 17 9 +10 SpecS15 18 7.5 +30 Front Recommended by Rays 18 7.5 +31 Recommended by Taka Kaira 18 7.5 +32 Recommended by Work 18 7.5 +35 Recommended by Work 18 8 +36 Recommended by Taka Kaira 18 8.5 +40 Rear Recommended by Rays 18 8.5 +45 Rear Recommended by Work 18 8.5 +30 Front SpecS15 18 9.5 +30 Rear SpecS15 18 9 +30 SpecS15 18 9.5 +12 SpecS15 18 9 +22 Front SpecS15 18 10 +25 Rear SpecS15 [b]S14[/b] 16 6.5 +40 Stock 16 7 +31 Recommended by Taka Kaira 16 7 +33 Front Recommended by Rays/Nismo 16 8 +31 Recommended by Taka Kaira 16 8 +35 Recommended by Work 16 8 +38 Rear Recommended by Rays/Nismo 17 8 +25 Front nismoS14: sit even with guards 17 8 +31 Recommended by Taka Kaira 17 8 +36 Front Recommended by Rays/Nismo 17 9 +35 Rear nismoS14: sit a little out 17 9 +38 Recommended by Taka Kaira/Rays/Nismo [b]S13 / 180SX[/b] 16 7 +32 Recommended by Taka Kaira 16 7 +33 Front Recommended by Rays/Nismo 16 8 +32 Recommended by Taka Kaira/DumHed: stuck out to far 16 8 +38 Rear Recommended by Rays/Nismo 17 7 +35 Recommended by Taka Kaira/InitialSteve/DannyG 17 7 +38 PS13boy 17 8 +22 Front RHiSC 17 8 +30 Front 180athid 17 8 +35 Recommended by Taka Kaira/InitialSteve/DannyG/Midori 17 8 +36 Front Recommended by Rays/Nismo 17 8.5 +35 Front pitchd 17 9 +30 Rear 180athid 17 9 +40 Rear Mark/Midori 17 9 +38 Rear Recommended by Taka Kaira/Rays/Nismo 17 9 +47 Rear RhiSC 17 9.5 +35 Rear pitchd 18 8 +20 Front 180athid 18 9 +20 Rear 180athid: shreds tyres As you can see I started to gather others specs but 90% of the time all i found was 'will these fit'. Not the rims actually fitted to cars. Some useful links also. Offset Calculator Tyre Calculator Quick Tyre Reference (has a neat table at the bottom of the page for rolling diameters) Also if any of the specs above are wrong just let me know and i'll edit. **EDIT** This is also some very usefull info as supplied by redleg6 Taken from thread Help me with Offset! Great stuff redleg6
  2. Got Links?

    Sharing the love Link to bodkit thread Extensive Bodykit Pics Sponsors jshop http://www.jshop.com.au autoshop.com.au http://www.autoshop.com.au garage-13 http://www.garage-13.com BT-Revolution http://www.bt-revolution.com RMS Motor Parts http://www.rmsmotorparts.com.au Maltech http://www.maltech.com.au proengines http://www.proengines.com.au MrZac http://www.slidewizeimports.com NEWKON.Biz http://www.newkon.biz JapTuner.com http://www.japtuner.com Drift Motorsport http://www.driftshop.com.au musicman http://www.obk.com.au shy180 http://www.justSR.com Topstage http://www.topstage.com inabox http://www.horsepowerinabox.com homerrules http://www.pp-oz.com General Links 1010 Tires and Wheels http://www.1010tires.com 3A Racing http://www.3aracing.com.au/ 5 Zigen (Japan) http://www.5zigen.co.jp/ 5 Zigen (USA) http://www.5zigenwheels.com/ 5Zigen (US) http://www.5zigenusa.com/ A9 Technologie (Lubricants) http://www.technologie-a9.com/ Ad Mag http://www.admag.com.au/ Adelaide Jap Dismantlers http://www.adelaidejap.com.au Advan http://www.advan.net.au ADVAN (Japan) http://www.yrc.co.jp/advan/ Advance Engine Management (AEM Power) http://www.aempower.com/ Advance Vehicle Security http://www.avs.net.nz/ Advanced Imports http://www.advan.co.nz/ AEM http://www.aempower.com Aeroquip http://www.aeroquip.com/ AEZ http://www.aez-wheels.com Air Power Systems http://www.airpowersystems.com.au AirMass http://www.airmassexhaust.com/ Alamo Motorsports http://www.alamomotorsports.com Alcon Brakes (UK) http://www.alcon.co.uk/index.htm Alert Engineering Ltd (Samco) http://www.engalert.co.nz/ Alessio http://www.alessio.it All Motor http://www.allmotorgroup.com/ Alpine http://www.alpine.com.au/ Antera http://www.antera.it ANZ Wheels http://www.anzwheels.com.au/ Aotearotor http://www.aotearotor.co.nz/ AP Racing Brakes http://www.apracing.com/ A'PEXi (Japan) http://www.apexi.co.jp/ A'PEXi USA http://www.apexi-usa.com/ Aquamist http://www.aquamist.co.uk ARC http://www.arcracing.com 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http://www.bbs-japan.co.jp/ BD4S Motorsport http://www.bd4s.com.au Bee*R http://www.bee-r.com/ Bel Garage http://www.belperformance.com.au BFGoodrich http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com Bilstein http://www.bilstein.com/ Bilstein NZ http://www.bntnz.co.nz/ Bilstien Australia http://www.bilstein.com.au/ Blaupunkt http://www.blaupunkt.com.au Blitz (Japan) http://www.blitz.co.jp/ Blitz (US) http://www.blitz-na.com Blitz Australia http://www.blitz.com.au/ Blitz UK http://www.blitz-uk.co.uk Bob Jane http://www.bobjane.com.au/ Bodykit http://www.bodykit.co.nz Bodykitdepot http://www.bodykitdepot.com Bodykits etc. http://www.bodykits.org Bodyline Automotive Restyling http://www.bodyline.com.au/ Bomex http://www.bomexaero.com/ Borbet http://www.borbet.de Bozz Speed http://www.bozz.co.jp BPM (Australia) http://www.bpmsports.com Brembo http://www.brembo.com Bride http://www.bride-jp.com Bridgestone http://www.bridgestone.com Buddy Club (Japan) http://www.first-inc.co.jp/ Budnik 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engine - http://180sx.strent.net/kits/search.php http://www.aeroparts.co.jp http://www.takakaira.co.jp/aerokits/aeroki...emenu.asp?cat=4 http://members.iinet.net.au/~moorby/kits/
  3. R33 VS GTR

    You're going to have to drive both to fully understand why you'd go the GT-R. Hands down.
  4. Rims offsets

    Offset means nothing without rim width. Also try searching in the tech section, offset has been done a few times before.
  5. Greedy TD06 sr20

    You can buy a good 2nd hand one for $890 in the sponsors section.
  6. AE86 with drifting in mind.

    That is real good. It's a really cool looking car. I bet that handles amazing. Nice photo's too.
  7. INTRO

    I'll be the first to say welcome. You can list your mods here aswell as some pics. Also, how many cars in your club? Any other members on here?
  8. Hey Peoples

    Welcome. That's a real nice looking 180 you got there. Care to share some of the specs and what you've done to her? Also what you got planned.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. I was unaware that you were relocating the radiator too. But yeah, it doesn't matter the orientation or location of the intercooler, just as long it works efficiently and effectively.
  10. I'm confused. You're going to move it way in front of your radiator (this will increase piping length) and then turn upside-down (will shorten piping length). Or do you mean you will before behind radiator or vee mount it?

    vesssh: I would usually tell you to search and you will find but cbf. Click here Then here Then here Finally here The least you can do is read it so you can formulate your own decision.
  12. My New Engine Bay

    That looks real tough. Very nice work indead.
  13. My 2000 Camaro SS

    I think the intercooler is not that far away. Agreed, needs to sit a little lower. How wide are those rims and tyres?
  14. Learners Bikes

    nnning ning-ning-ning-ning-ning-ning. and the smoke from the 2 stroke will pull chicks too.
  15. My S15 - Soxs

    Yeh but you got a motec. And it wouldn't fot with the theme of your car. Anyway, Go the pewters!!
  16. Newbie here.... with Z33...

    That's a really really nice Z you have. Not overboard. I guess you were going for that factory look and it works. Mate it's excellent. Love the rims too. Good Job. And welcome.
  17. Learners Bikes

    wannabe: if you want a bike with 'crazy torque', don't get a 2 stroke. They got nothing down low.
  18. Learners Bikes

    I had an RGV, other mate had a hurricane and another had the ninja2. Out of the lot, I'd definitely go the zxr. They're an awesome bike with a 19k redline. The honda seemed to tame and the RGV was real doughy under 5.5k but powerband is cool. Anyway, go the ninja.
  19. Would like your opinions guys......

    Nice avatar
  20. My new interior

    Agreed, nice paint job. But you do need more colour (pink) in order for it to work. It looks out of place. More pink bits.
  21. car won't start please help

    I personally don't think it's the starter. Because when you do have enough current to start the car, it starts. I'd be guessing that it's the battery (although it has enough volts, it doesn't appear to hold enough amps) or alternator. Or a power drain but it's supposedly been eliminated.
  22. Too Low?

    I don't think it would be offset due to that it only hits on one side. Check that springs are seated properly, get the shocks tested, and also check camber and possible wheel alignment. FYI