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  1. R33 VS GTR

    You're going to have to drive both to fully understand why you'd go the GT-R. Hands down.
  2. Rims offsets

    Offset means nothing without rim width. Also try searching in the tech section, offset has been done a few times before.
  3. Greedy TD06 sr20

    You can buy a good 2nd hand one for $890 in the sponsors section.
  4. AE86 with drifting in mind.

    That is real good. It's a really cool looking car. I bet that handles amazing. Nice photo's too.
  5. INTRO

    I'll be the first to say welcome. You can list your mods here aswell as some pics. Also, how many cars in your club? Any other members on here?
  6. Hey Peoples

    Welcome. That's a real nice looking 180 you got there. Care to share some of the specs and what you've done to her? Also what you got planned.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. I was unaware that you were relocating the radiator too. But yeah, it doesn't matter the orientation or location of the intercooler, just as long it works efficiently and effectively.
  8. I'm confused. You're going to move it way in front of your radiator (this will increase piping length) and then turn upside-down (will shorten piping length). Or do you mean you will before behind radiator or vee mount it?

    vesssh: I would usually tell you to search and you will find but cbf. Click here Then here Then here Finally here The least you can do is read it so you can formulate your own decision.
  10. My New Engine Bay

    That looks real tough. Very nice work indead.
  11. My 2000 Camaro SS

    I think the intercooler is not that far away. Agreed, needs to sit a little lower. How wide are those rims and tyres?
  12. Learners Bikes

    nnning ning-ning-ning-ning-ning-ning. and the smoke from the 2 stroke will pull chicks too.