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  1. New Guy

    errr... Welcome!
  2. See but this to me is still continuation of the hobby, still being an enthusiast? It's a fair compramise
  3. Yup. This is so true. I can personally state I'm working in excess of 50-70 hours a week on average. But in saying that - in our inflationary (exponentially) monetary system.. the value of 1 hour , the value of $1 in the 1950's is alot more then it is now. Recently I saw something in the order of $1 in 1910's now requires $21 to match value. (factoring in inflation)
  4. I would just think in the "Circle of life" there is nothing saying you cant have abundance. Why not just have it all? Get the big boys toy and the house and all that? I know plenty of men in their 30-50's through work that have it all? I just find it silly that people use it as the excuse to sell.....
  5. s1580sx: What Bodykit is This?

    http://www.super-made.com/instant/instant.html SUPERMADE EXCITING CAR PROJECT... HAI!! I looked at these for my S14a for a while.. but the real ones are pretty dear.
  6. This is just an observation I've made; so you can take deeper meaning in it if you wish - but you will be wrong... Selling my car is the end of the 5 year dynasty in my life that will be replaced by something else of equal value to me. Mustang? Audi? BMW? Nissan V35? RX7? I don't even know what I'll settle on yet - but I do know I wanna play with a car I'm not familular with and "discover" some new things about them. An enthusiast never drops the hobby... Cruising around the "For sale" sections of various forums, and various websites - I'm horrified by the sheer amount of sale justifications of "I got a wife now, she said we need a 4WD" or "The wife says it's GOT TO GO!" Maybe I'm stuck in the 1950's when men had balls; and sure, I would always consult my partner on major decisions involving both of us... but this is just rediculous. What are you going to replace your car with? A Tarago? Yeah.. I can see you spending hours of your spare time modding that. The justification is near absurdity. That's my f**king car. I paid for that. Do I tell you that since you're my wife you now have to get rid of ? f**k off. But you leg humpers out there, you fight the system - you say - "Oh but you have a wife now.. she needs attention." Sure, but when she was your new girlfriend she didnt care about the car did she? Infact, for a good portion of you ; that car is probably what snagged her in the first place... She liked that you could keep busy with your ride and your mates sometimes; and she could enjoy girls nights out... What are you going to replace that with? Drinking? Maybe you should just get drunk every night and come home and beat her. She'll miss your S15 then. Badminton? Yeah.. lets go and get rid of the widebody NSX and replace it with tight shorts and a net. Suddenly you're trying to tell me, you dont want a nice car anymore. Oh that's it.. you did a 180 degree turn around on your entire life. You're a new man.... Ponder this: Really, is the real reason your safety.. or is it further "under the thumb" control? Why can't the wife drive the SUV and you keep your hot ride in the garage? Maybe the real problem is, the car is the way you got her - and probably the way you'll get her replacement? As one of my "older" (From the days of 1970's speedway with things like ... valiants) mates said to his wife... "Do I drink? Do I hit you? Do I see strippers? Hookers? Am I a criminal? Do I do drugs? No. This is my hobby. If I want 4 cars in the garage and 3 more in the yard.. I f**king will!"
  7. When it's not cool to own a S15

    I woulda thought you'd all be sporting massive hard ons
  8. A/F gauge

    my A/F ratio gauge gets its reading off an ECU pin-out. The same gauge (apexi multi thing) does O2 off the ecu as well. It's just voltages yo..
  9. Good luck. You can't do VSR balancing without the equipment needed. Without it being balanced your turbo will last 6 months tops. My stock ADM S14a turbo has lasted at 14.5psi for 172,000kms. Show me a HG turbo that has done that.
  10. Don't listen to everyones advice without making a concise research effort. Remember, most of what you read on forums is "street knowledge" and always follows the path of "everyone else said this is what to do - so it must be good." Fact is - there are big gains to be had from rebuilding your current turbo - not one of them alone to be the "stock sleeper" appearance to hide yourself from the boys in blue. Nothing grabs attention like a big f**k-off top mount turbo and wastegate in front of the eyes. Now, if you're like me and happy with the current "characteristics" of the turbo you have - you have a few options. As mentioned you can buy another turbo of similar specs, going for a S15 BB turbo or maybe an upgrade to a GT28RS or similar.. but if you are keen on definately doing a rebuild - then there seems to be one guy who is rapidly getting acclaim in HPI. In one particular instance on a SR20 powered S13, he rebuilt the GT25 with a 360' thrust bearing, T04B compressor housing (for more torque), Stage II turbo wheel and a conversion from ball bearing to plan bearing. OH!!! But forum keyboard warriors (who incidently mostly have unlimited budgets thanks to parents 2nd mortgage, or live at home and have no bills) will tell you that rebuilding in this manner is a backwards step! There is a huge benefit in reliability in this step, with this type of rebuilt GT25 happily boosting to 30psi with no fears of destruction - and a marked (And proven) increase in torque and power. So, you want to keep all the characteristics, stay reasonably stock hidden and give yourself a bit more poke.. you don't want sport new manifolds and all that shit that may happen when you get a bigger turbo... then rebuilding your current one and hi flowing it "MAY" be an option. Since you asked for some help - talk to Grant Bonjanjac from http://www.per4manz.com/ Unit 10 / 138 Radium St, Perth Western Australia 6106 There is even an international number for you Canadijians to call : 61 - 8 - 9358 6383 You can email them at sales@per4manz.com for a quote. How exciting?! I've never dealt with this guys - but am now considering them as an option for when my aging turbo packs it in.. and HPI seems to recommend them highly.
  11. some gay traders!

    Yeah it only took him 3 months to send me an Oil Filler Cap :| And when you hassle him on msn he just nudges and sends back retarded azn style icons like and little turtles and hello kitty and shit ======= So this big "DAN AT ADD" is that who the OP is, or is that "Shop"

    Remember that often when the car seems rich - its lean.. Things freak out and dump in heaps of fuel to correct the problem. I agree with above - sounds like an air leak somewhere.
  13. Suicide Doors?

    After you fit them, and you put your door skins back - you will realise you aligned it wrong. So you'll fit it all again, then you will see they dont close properly.. and you have cracked paint on your fenders... etc Seen it happen before - tread lightly.
  14. I've got GKTECH manifold, front and dump, xforce cat and blitz nur N1 spec cat back. Have had absolutely no issues what so ever with any of the system infact the manifold is kickass... ass... kicked... yours... to your face.. kick... ass.