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  1. good seller, good prices, quick and easy happy to purchase again soon, thanks dude.

  2. I like to disco!


  4. is in the lab cooking up a storm........

  5. is it true that you are a god with the women?

  6. f**king sif ya kent!!

    im on to you mother, im not as dumb as you look.

  7. i lub you sooo long time baby, miss you huggs for rye rye

  8. RIP dude and condolence to your family and friends, such a tragedy and im sure you will be missed greatly.

    we will be thinking of you

  9. dwizzle ya big homo welcome to my inner sanctum..... i swear i wish i had a black cat.

  10. to true young one to true

  11. i thought you loved me man

  12. i like you man

    you got balls

    i like balls

  13. zomg why would you leave such comments

    and yeah i have to say the only reason my daughter looks so pretty is because she is more than 50% me so you know.......

  14. damn your hot loz, you make me weak at the knees ggrrr

  15. wicki wicki

    we can kick it then

    ill be at surfers in a few months you drive down pick me up and take me where i want to go and shit

    in return i offer you luby luby lung time baba

  16. hey baby long time no see, i saw you where checking out my prfile today?

    you lub me lung time?

    kiss kiss

  17. we shoulod make out man

    seriosu dude relax abit

    dont get all upset with me man

    i didnt do anything

    i jsut feel drf78e's pain

  18. me you sexy time now

  19. lets roll dawg

    dandy represents

  20. hey champ nice ride keep up the good work

  21. dude whats going on with you

    your full of . and .. and ... and shit

  22. cow brain boat?

  23. got breast milk?