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  1. Drift car for under $3K?

    i dont think its all about how well they drive its the fact from a standard form there are in some way an unbreakable rig. fairly rigid body, tuff torque engine doesnt need heaps of power to move, strong box wont brake it any time soon, good diff ratios strong axels, good brakes ect ect all round good driveline package that with a bit of boost and a tune will make enough power to skid most tracks at a half descent level. weld the diff second hand coilovers turbotech bleed valve gktech extra lock washers grind the lock stops off skids
  2. advice on mods for 320rwk

    I'm curious, what sort of response are we talking here with the 8 and 10cm housing. Also are you talking in terms of e85 or pump fuel? I wonder what kind of mph those 300kw SRs you have built run at the 1/4 mile, have you got any slips with these figures? 8cm make 20psi before 4000, 10cm a bit after like 4200. 8cm works out to be like a .58 rear housing or something and a 10cm is a .72 roughly. 8cm on pump on 20psi will do about 280-300, on e85 about 300-320 10cm on pump on 20pso will do 300, on e85 about 340 mph......no f**king idea man i dont really work on drag cars just drift,street and circuit so no idea what they would do, i honestly know f**k all about drag racing to a certain degree
  3. advice on mods for 320rwk

    only for you komen haha whats in your piece of shit anyway something sick or something holden?
  4. advice on mods for 320rwk

    the whole cars a sick package i love it
  5. advice on mods for 320rwk

    thats a finished pic, although like i said its coming back soon and we are making a new cold pipe and a few other things all to match
  6. advice on mods for 320rwk

    heres one we just finished on a ke35 rolla, that wasnt fully completed and its a t67 but you get the idea, its just missing the intake pipe and braided line, thing came up mint. Its coming back in in a few weeks to have more fab work done like making catch can, cooler res, cold pipe and a few other things. 3" stainless dump with v band flange, flex pipe in the down pipe and then we made the front pipe all the way to his cat as his old front pipe was all hagged. we also went for a 40mm turbosmart gate on this one as well tight turns in the bay to the cooler so had to lobster a bit we normally weld an alloy elbow to the turbo for high mount to keep silicon away from the mani, but when we made this manifold there was plenty of distance from the compressor so we didnt need to. top view, the intake pipe curves around and goes into that small alloy box on the front passenger side as well
  7. advice on mods for 320rwk

    well everything is custom made on the car to ensure perfect fit so it needs to be fitted if you know what i mean, we can jig it up on another car and then give you the parts but there could still be minor differences between your car and one of our test rigs like cooler piping, front pipe, air filter ect ect, and its still just as much work for us to dummy fit everything to one car and then remove it anyway so the price wouldnt change.
  8. advice on mods for 320rwk

    yeah the kando td06 ex gate turbos are mint, we use them so much and still to this day have only seen one failure due to the older style bolt on core rather than v band core having the bolts come loose and the core dropped slightly that said we replaced that turbo with a brand new one and we put that turbo which was considered f**ked onto drew r32 drift missle and it made 306kw on 16psi on his rb25 with e85 hahaha, was going to push harder for 350 odd but his a pussy and doesnt want the tyre bill of destroying a pair of brand new rubber in 2 laps. one of the most common turbo kits we do is a td06 sr high mount kit, its cheap, quick and easy to do, looks good and makes good power. generally around the 300kw mark is about all you will get on the 8cm with cams on about 18-20psi, the 10cms will do 350 on sr with a small sacrifice on response but its very little. Precision turbos arnt to bad we do a few as we are a precision dealer as well but find them to be a tad bit more laggier and generally need 25-30psi to get them boogying which shouldnt be needed when a kando can do it on 18psi. plus who can argue with a full bolt on 300kw turbo kit, steam pipe manifold, td06, braided lines, oil drain pipe, dump pipe, intake pipe, hot pipe, all silicon joiners and clamps, tial 38mm gate and screamer pipe for $2600 fitted
  9. yeah if the jig isnt spot on you can wear clutches fast f**k out spigot bushes or worse and have clutches explode
  10. Baffled sump option?

    I have never seen that happen before and what makes it funnier was that was a genuine tomei product. I love tomei products but its still funny cause all the brand name fan boys will now turn a nose to tomei as if they are cheap faulty products. Honeypot: i import my own from China, have been for years never had a problem and i have used tones as i put on on just about every engine i build and we do roughly 50-60 sr's a year. we sell them for like $140 or something that said we still sell tomei, greddy and moroso ones as well but there all around the 350+ mark and ill never tell a customer to buy something he doesnt need and a sump is just one of those parts imo you can skimp on the copies.
  11. rb25 clutch slave has bolt holes side by side http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/OkoAAMXQWuRRAteQ/$T2eC16Z,!%298E9s4l8!0IBR!tePTNJw~~60_35.JPG?set_id=880000500F sr20/rb20/ca clutch slave has bolt holes either side of the cylinder like yours http://www.nismoparts.com/catalog/nismo/nismoslavecyl.jpg
  12. Kemp yours is weird, it looks like the cut on the bell housing has been made to retain the factory slave cylinder.only.that's not an rb25 pattern. It's an Sr or rb20 slave, possibly a different box like vlt or pathfinder ect
  13. Baffled sump option?

    They are fine like I said been using them for years only ever seen 2 slightly crack, both where drift.cars and hit ripple.strips
  14. Early model.Sr and rb used imperial 3/4 " filter blocks. Late model switched to m20. You can spin an.m20 onto an 3/4 but its only hanging on by a bees Dick so comes.off all the time. You can not get a z442 onto a z445 though. I would go back to your mechanic and.make sure he is aware of the problem.
  15. Buying power ? Greg buys 10k worth at a time not 3 or 5 sets, you are always going to get baller discounts when your moving volume. I have sold a fair few sets now as we are a gktech dealer and I haven't ha anyoe come back to me with issues . Maybe I just got a lucky batch.
  16. advice on mods for 320rwk

    We use gtr boxes all the time for drift cars, Jdi in Melbourne does cut and shut bell housing and transfer cases, uses 8lt of oil but you don't have to change it as often hahaha
  17. Protious I'm pretty sure you will find there made by hel hahahaha
  18. Baffled sump option?

    Cast copies are fine been using them for years on atleast 200 Sr's
  19. Kemp that's not an rb25 slave its a cheapo pbr version of Sr20/rb20 one
  20. havent seen you out on track flogging the guts out of your car on hot days either jarryd
  21. ^^^^ exactly first mistake is ebay rad, 2nd mistake is thermos. koyo rad, gktech cooling fan = never a cooling issue again
  22. s15 oil filter issue

    Last time I checked Tyco are about $15 same price we sell genuine Nissan ones . I prefer to use genuine Nissan as well
  23. But yeah asi is terrible, sure it might drop the temps a bit but there still shit house. Koyo are best, mishimoto are also good, we also do another brand pretty good for around the 220-240 mark
  24. And a bottle of redline water wetter, some stickers and a smile
  25. Guy we just finished running a Drift day at Calder park Thunderdome on Friday arvo, such an awesome event to run, so chilled easy to manage and some sick driving. If anyone is interested in doing our next one be sure to keep an eye out on facebook for when we release the new dates. The zero clearance crew where covering the media side of things and they have just started to upload the pics and are working on a short video wrap up of the event, so for people who where driving check out there albums to find the pics of your cars.