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  1. Limits of Built Sr20DET

    stock crank is forged, most aftermarket cranks are billet some are forged. when people say fully forged it means it has forged pistons and rods as thats about the only parts in the sr that are forged, everything else is casted, billet or drawn. t28 wont hit 300kw, only happy dyno and a laggy set up with e85 will get close to 300kw with a t28, would be a piece of shit to drive, i dare say figures are in correct or the turbo is larger than expected.
  2. stagea rear subframe to s chassis

    Gtr size shafts but homo 6 bolt instead of big 6 bolt isn't it?. Or maybe I'm confussed
  3. sheds/man caves

    Damn straight hahaha, we got a bar, pool table, home theatre system, arcade machines and racing sims, awaiting the construction of the mezzanine at the new Forced Motorworx HQ. We may have even just scored a spa but i dont really want to put it in the main shop so we may build a another story on top of some of the backyard storage and have a spa up there, plus got basketball ring and fireplace out the back, sleeping quarters in the back workshop for those late drinky drink nights hahahah. Nothing better than cranking some acdc, smashing a jack while shooting some pool at knock off time. those garages in the build thread apart from a couple of them didnt even look like they get used.... Seriously? ive read it front to back, twice now. Explain why its an over-hyped shit fight? kid is killing it You sound like a whinging bitch, jealous much? Not jealous at all. Will be doing a similar thing in the next couple of years. so your jelly then?
  4. advice on mods for 320rwk

    t2 less power and boost creep issues some times need larger gate, not worth it. If your talking about the internal gated low mount version a bit hit and miss but i dont rate them as highly as the specs are
  5. advice on mods for 320rwk

    Haha at komen yes but not as much as we should. 180 yeah as we have to fit it to make it and make sure it fits so time wise for us is no different
  6. advice on mods for 320rwk

    includes more bits, complete package comes with silicons, clamps, fire sleeve on the hoses and a few other goodies, just more of a complete no hastle package that you dont still have to go out and buy shit for
  7. An oil cooler relo kit won't always be the same as the motors original filter. Just msg midnight mods he will ne able to tell you what filter to use.
  8. stagea rear subframe to s chassis

    some gay things to point out the stag cradle set up being so long need to use either standard stag driveshafts which are homo spec 6 bolt or run 5 bolt or gtr 6 bolt but with a spacer. s14 is the bomb fix with rest with froff sets...just sayin
  9. Don't know about other states but in Vic a pfc can be had for about 500-600 with and controller, although there is better tech out there a pfc still does everything needed
  10. there both 440cc not 480cc, fuel pressure is the same on both cars but the jdm factory service manual that everyone has says 480 at 5 bar, but when tested on 4 bar which is what the rail pressure actually is they are 440cc what they actually flow on a flow tester will vary they are a 15 year old injectors
  11. Pretty sure you will find all side feed injectors are single pintle disc injectors, the fact that nismo, tomei and hks side feed denso injectors have 4 holes is simply the disc design, they all still use a single pintle, when you look at the tip of some injectors and all you see is one hole or a dirty big pintle its because the disc is removed. The disc is there to mearly aid in spray pattern and atomization, the flow rates and drible are all controlled well before the spray pattern is changed. pintle design can help with spray pattern and in most cases can have perfectly fine atomization i guess it just depends on the quality and style of pintle the brand uses but a spray disc is not always needed to get the correct spray. Good job on the turbo set up though looks pretty punchy, a bit on the laggy side but most 300kw+ sr's dont normally have a tone of response anyway, i still havent seen any results from a gtx turbo yet that made me go wow, i honestly dont think they do much difference at all. I dont know if i missed it some where but what turbo and cam specs are you running?
  12. Why Do We Pay More For Cars?

    lets not forget usa is a much larger market so prices will always be cheaper its the same with everything. for example an australian made product like a haltech ecu can be bought cheaper retail in usa than it can be bought with a dealer price list in australia (i know because i have one) My suppliers and wholesalers in america would buy a container load of haltechs from australia so they get a mammoth price break, as aposed to a dealer in aus who will buy 1 or 2 units a week max. Manufactures want to move quantity and they will offer larger margins for those who can move the quantity for them, a mazda what ever model may cost an australian dealer 18k to buy and 22k to sell, but in america they might be getting them for about 14k so they can afford to sell for 18k, and not just that they have more people to sell to so even dealers can lower margin to move more product and keep up numbers with volume instead of margins. Aus get shafted like that a lot but look at our population compared to others its pretty dismal really
  13. wisefab rear kit

    yeah thats what im thinking if they went a bit further on strength instead of so much weight saving it wouldnt be to bad, downside if you bend an arm during an event your not really going to have a replacment laying around in the pits some where.......
  14. wisefab rear kit

    yeah its pretty boss, i hope its strong cause total weight saving of between 10-12kg of unsprung weight thats a pretty big weight saving, more than most weight saving exercises anyway
  15. wisefab rear kit

    sway bar meh how good is the dynamic camber movment shit doesnt change its boss
  16. 2013 calendar?

    Go to vicdrift.com details for all Vic events should be on there
  17. Drift school

    Check out vicdrift.com for upcoming events, there is a drift skills day on at deca on the 25th, and forced motorworx day on the 24th at Calder doing a drift training, both days are open for entry's now. For more details go to the forced motorworx facebook page
  18. Running fresh motors on shit rich tunes is the worst thing you can do. No offence dude but sounds like your out of your league leave the tuning for the pros
  19. Entries open 6pm tonight!!, May 24th at the Calder park Thunderdome Entries are capped at 30 on the main track and 10 on the beginners section. Beginners section will have tutoring and a mini drift skills style layout with the option to go on the main section in the afternoon. Price is $220 per entry and includes 2 free pitcrew and bbq lunch for all. Strictly no spectators... don't ask me, your not coming this is Calder and AASA rules not mine. Gates will be open at 10am to set up, drivers briefing at 10:45, on track at 11:00am, drift till you cant drift no more, off track at 4:00pm to pack up. For anyone interested in the training vehicles this has not been finalized just yet, waiting on some details with insurance ect and also making sure all 3 cars are up to scratch, if need be we wont do it for this event until its completely sorted. More details on the Forced Motorworx facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Forced-Motorworx/340693932620841 or on the Drift Motorsport Victoria facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/261316383994561/ Here is a vid from the last event, so ya'll know how we do it, courtesy of the Zeroclearance.net boys http://www.zeroclearance.net/forced-motorworx-calder-practice-video/
  20. Forced Motorworx -MAY- Thunderdome practice day

    once every month or so, we sort of work our days around the vic drift calender
  21. Forced Motorworx -MAY- Thunderdome practice day

    Thats what we are trying to work out at the moment Dan weather or not there is an age limit ect thinking it might be a 16yr thing but ill try find out next week. my 3 training cars are a 180sx, r32 and a silvia, all pretty much same gear in them, welded diff, coilovers, fmic, exhaust, bit of boost and a tune all making around 160-180kw. a few of our sponsors have helped us to deck them out with things like seats, steering wheels, tunes, roll cages ect and we ex gated the mothers to give it a bit more of a racey feel hehe If all goes ahead with the training rigs the 180 and r32 will be driven and shared between 4 people, the silvia will be a back up car in case something goes wrong that cant be fixed quickly. Price for the training rigs will be $500 at this stage unless insurance is going to kill us it may go up higher. the $500 includes entry fee, new tyres, fuel and a car, you will have a tutor with you at all times and the only thing you have to bring is a helmet and a smile