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    keen to see how it all goes, good to see precision getting into smaller units now as well
  2. nissans half shaft lengths

    technically dreso the cv's are whats on the ends of the shafts
  3. nissans half shaft lengths

    Can't remember actual lengths but s13 and r32 are the same just some s13 are 6 bolt. S14 and r33 are the same and longer that s13/r32 but r33 is 5 bolt and s14 and s15 are 6 bolt. All have the same spline apart from gtr which is much thicker and also a larger 6 bolt pattern Stag is longer again but is 6 bolt like s14 which isn't much good for strength.
  4. nissans half shaft lengths

    Drive shafts..... Half shafts are what goes into the diff
  5. wisefab rear kit

    Not all true, stewy is a lowey ha
  6. Extending standard sr20det sump

    excuse spelling keyboard is f**ked and does random shit
  7. Extending standard sr20det sump

    what do you mean andrew there almost the same thing only on the greddy sumps the trap doors are only taking up the front side of the partiction where as the moros is more centered but longer. Much of a muchness really but imo the greddy one would be worse for high g speed racing as oil slosh will tend to be pulled to the rear of the sump not the front apart from hard braking which is off throttle anyway, but under straight line or high speed g force the oil will be unable to more into the center as the partiction will stop it, atleast with the moroso it will still go in. I would love to hear your explination as to why you think the greddy one is better and what exactly is wrong with the moroso ones. greddy, trap doors are at the front of the motor moroso large in the center tomei piss weak not a fan at all.
  8. What Australian drifting needs

    sheeeeeiiittttt beleeddaattt i guess the drift section wasnt ready for any new energized convo, best get back to the wastelands that is drift topics. cue tumble weed....aannnnddd action... chirp chirp yes thats f**king crickets
  9. What Australian drifting needs

    *pulls out cheque book........ na i dont even have a cheque book but anyway, i know what your saying earlier andrew about not wanting some bunky on track with big dollar race cars for an image of national series, but i strongly believe that some of those guys who may not drive big dollar race cars but have the skill to drive against them may get sponsors to help pay there way into the series. stepping stones, its not like this shit has to happen tomorrow i just think its something that should be seriously considered to be implemented in the near future
  10. What Australian drifting needs

    No need for another national series just needs some tweaking
  11. What Australian drifting needs

    but thats the thing there is no reason for each state and national league to be called the same thing, run by the same person or funded by the same organization they can be totally seperate, run it the way they want, but be in association and work together for the national series. for example vic drift be vic drift and do there thing, drifting tasmania be there own club and do there own thing, but when adgp round 1 starts then rest of the states sent there 6 best drivers to compete.
  12. What Australian drifting needs

    Should be looked at something to work towards, maybe everyone should support adgp and let the rest follow suit
  13. What Australian drifting needs

    Anything come of it kristian?
  14. wisefab rear kit

    oh what its opposite why would they do that?
  15. What Australian drifting needs

    f**king egos
  16. What Australian drifting needs

    a31, new name, new rules, one association, each state series can still have there own funding and name shit even the national series can be completely independently funded and names thats not an issue i think anyone would give a toss about. as long as in the background everyone is working together as one.
  17. What Australian drifting needs

    thats it komen, a national series which is actually national best drivers and if they are good enough drivers then they will be in the top 6 of there state comp every time so they can do each round of the national series giving them a chance to take out national title If they fluked one round and got into the nationals then they most likely wont get a chance to do another round of nationals
  18. wisefab rear kit

    ah true so they use top plates to adjust caster leaning coilover back rather than pulling bottom forward true true
  19. wisefab rear kit

    is the caster not adjustable with the wise fab front? i have never really had a good look at it to be honest i would have just assumed it has an adjustment there but come to think of it there control arm and caster arm is one piece correct?
  20. wisefab rear kit

    What do you think of there front kit?
  21. wisefab rear kit

    Stewy i dont claim to know much about suspension at all only the basics but it was my understanding that having minimal camber change on compression would result in more grip under squat increasing speed, i understand roll and camber change around corners and mid drift but surely reducing the amount it chances has to be a good thing. my only issue i could see was the fact that it just looks a bit weak, im sure they have done enough testing and made it that way for a reason im just thinking for instance if your in a battle in the top 4 and you realise one of the arms is bent apart from ripping it out and trying to straighten it your pretty much up shit creek unless you happen to have a full spare kit with you. If they made the arms cheap enough to buy replacements i guess it would probably be worth having a few spares on board when going to a comp "just in case"
  22. Neither, there over priced glammed up bolt on turbos do f**k all more than the original ones just more expensive.
  23. wisefab rear kit

    sweet someone who hasnt just read a few articles on suspension bored at night, thanks Risto. My comment about strength was more so to do with things like tapping wheels on walls or against other cars, hitting ripper strips and small drop offs on edging of the track. How did the arms hold up against some descent wacks?
  24. advice on mods for 320rwk

    what sort of manifold are you using stuss and is yours external or internal? Thats about the only limiting factors really if your manifold was choking the set up it may drop off early but we made a nice free flowing steam pipe manifold with 1 1/4" primaries, 8cm rear. plus trents a gun tuner always get awesome results with trent at chequered tuning, the guy has tuned that many different set ups now on sr and rb he just knows how to get it spot on i guess
  25. advice on mods for 320rwk

    Just finished tuning a 180 with our td06 kit above only just running bp98 fuel and unopened motor standard cams ect, car made 260 odd during tuning but was happy here just a touch under, was on 18psi creeping a touch to 20psi at top of the scale. All in all its a fairly responsive set up makes good power and torque band on a standard motor and fuel but will come alive with another 50-60kw on e85 and cams.