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  1. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    fek just saw pic of the shaft has gotten hot, do you have egt gauge or something i wonder if your egt was really high transferring heat or weather it was a lubrication issue or simply just shit cooling with the precision. These days im not a huge fan of ball bearing turbos they seem to have more issues than ever. Bush bearing seems to be so much more tolerant of abuse and doesn't always grenade them selves and cheap to rebuild, meh kandos ftw hahah. new turbo looks mint man dont forget to rip that filter apart from time to time and give the little mesh screen a check and clean, preventative maintenance can go a long way.
  2. Fit turbo on autech SRtwenty

    Yeah had eagle rods and wiseco pistons
  3. Fit turbo on autech SRtwenty

    Just finished a high comp Sr turbo, ended up around 10.5:1 with Td06 sl2 10cm on 10psi made 286kw on e85 I still don't recommend it though not a big fan
  4. What Australian drifting needs

    This has been playing on my mind for some time now years even and I just wanted to put pen to paper and voice my opinion and see what people think, would be good to get some feedback and see someone in the right channels try to make something of this, Hawkins if your reading dont take this the wrong way, its not like im suggesting something over you, your probably the one person who has the balls to make something like this work so read it. The Australian drifting scene is all over the place and imo needs to become united to some degree. What im thinking is an Australian Drifting Association, even across the board, state clubs and a national series to be united as one body that works together to help grow the sport in a more professional and organised approach. Here is what im thinking........ Each state club to consist of Practice days Drift skills (beginner days) Matsuri (2 day drift festival) 3 round state competition Top 6 from each state comp round to compete in the national series round as state ambassadors Top 4 from each state series to compete in the All stars National event National series to consist of 3 round national series 1 All stars national event With the right infostruction and financial support from sponsors and possibly even the government (yes its possible...maybe) as well as a governing body doing negotiating with race tracks around the country on holding events, pricing, insurances marketing ect ect it is possible to get something like this working or maybe even a goal to work towards. Drift skills days has proven to be a good way to encourage new comers into the sport in Victoria with great success, so these days are vital to push new drivers into the scene. Practice days everyone needs practice and some people want to just go out every now and then and do what they love doing. Matsuri These have also proven great in Victoria, really bringing a large scene together and has some great vibes and a good weekend away with some great people and some crazy driving (everyone loves doing stupid shit at these events its great) 3 round state comps local state comps are important to give a lower level driver the chance to drive with some of the higher level drivers, pushing them selves to progress there skill, its also used to select the best of the best from each state to send over to run with the big boys. 3 round national series The countries best drivers from each state earning there spot into the big leagues and then again earning there spot to make it to the podium, held at the 3 most suitable tracks in aus. 1 All star national event This is where the best of the best really hit it out, the top drivers for the year from each state battle it out for the title of being crowned an Aussie all star. Some other points to bring up with the national series and state comps, with the right funding and planing the state series could almost help fund there ambassadors to get to the national event, even if it was simply funding the transport and flights ect to each round and leave the rest up to the driver and there sponsors to fund entry tyres maintenance ect ect. A new fresh exciting series like this could attract a lot of sponsorship specially if local boys are getting podium in there state series and heading to a national round people are more likely to pick up a sponsor to help fund there passion. Now as the same way a state comp could help fund a local boy to a national round, the national series could help fund the top national drivers to possibly compete internationally, new Zealand, fd Asia??? its possible. The all star round could even invite international drivers to the likes of daigo saito, fredrick aasbo, ect ect making it even more of a spectacle. Now this would take a lot of work obviously but its all doable if everyone works together, and i firmly believe that if something like this was in place the sport will grow a lot and open up more possibilities in aus. anyway say what you think good or bad meh feedback is feedback, would be good to get some suggestions though that you think may be a better idea.
  5. What Australian drifting needs

    White r32 that's called a forced motorworx thunderdome day, you should check it out big one coming soon
  6. Baffled sump option?

    Hfm ones are the same as the old gktech ones which are a copy of the tomei one. Fitments not the best, some arnt welded all the way and can leak, hence gk stoped selling them. There all the same China shit just different badge and price tag
  7. gktech 7 layer gasket

    The riveted section gets in the way if you put it on wrong, did you check at all?
  8. poncam help

    Home installs FTW
  9. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Yeah i think the issue for ben though kemp is his out middle of bum f**k and no e85 around thats why i think a tolly mix would be ideal, once you get the mix spot on and tuned to it just got to make sure you stick to it but with some good fuel you would crack 350 easy with the turbo you had. Another motor i built with i think the same turbo but on e85 that dvs tuned did like 385kw or something on the same boost, only real difference was it was on e85. you need to understand that on a small cap motor when running such high boost if you cant get any timing into it, it wont make power, with a cooler combustion from better fuel you will get another 10 degrees in it which will be the difference of about 50kw straight up at those boost levels
  10. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    one reason i hate running restrictors in turbos, doesnt take much to block them up at all, running an inline filter is a much better option, and as stated above fords are renouned for this, get anything stuck in the restrictor and boom gone. benny i told you this already man if you want big power on 4 banger you need to use the good stuff, e85 or do a tolulene mix or something but your going to need a much less volitile fuel than 98 to be able to get any timing into a high boost app. Only other option is like kemp said BIG turbos but then it just becomes a pig to drive.
  11. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    There not that expensive to buy new still its a wanl going for z33 rb25 does the job.just fine. Most of the people who research to much into that sort of stuff don't use there cars for anything other than.weekend cruising and bragging rights. If you don't need it don't do it
  12. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    There not that expensive to buy new still its a wanl going for z33 rb25 does the job.just fine. Most of the people who research to much into that sort of stuff don't use there cars for anything other than.weekend cruising and bragging rights. If you don't need it don't do it
  13. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    Yours has to be thick you made it of a weak material and most reliable? I saw complaints from yours and admittance that you stuffed up and changed it.....we haven't had to do that cause none of ours have f**ked up and they get abused on track with 380kw. Like I said self proclaimed, you just made the idea in your head that what you do is best and try hang shit on anything else on.the market.
  14. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    8 bolts 2 dowles? Wow same as our kit only ours isade from steel and not chalk. What would you rather hang off a cliff holding onto a piece of alloy or a piece of steel?
  15. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    "self proclaimed"
  16. Everyone gets fooled with other brand kits cause they advertise a low price, but you still need to make a trans mount, cross member a shifter a new slave cylinder and get a tailsjaft made, our kit comes with everything we have done heaps of them most of them on 300+ kw drift cars no issues ever
  17. 300rkw clutch sr20

    If you want to stay single then your only option really us an NPC 10" conversion, good clutches but by the time you buy there hd cushion with 10" flywheel your at around 1200 or so. Can get jap twin plates for another 400-600
  18. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    do a skid *milkshake*
  19. what you want is each bank to be even not so much the overall valve hight. make sure each shim height is even on a cylinder so that the rocker arm on that cylinder isnt sitting cock eyed.
  20. Vic Workshop Thread

    what sort of diff is it mate and what do you want checked?
  21. wisefab rear kit

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6ArcpNFNxxk looks pretty good, whos getting some?
  22. Fast and Furious 6 release

    i find it funny that people will say things like "daa its not even about cars any more whinge whinge whinge", but when it was about cars it was more like "daaa gayy dont even know what there talking about nawss motec exhaust whing whinge whinge" I dugged it, was awesome so where the rest of them.....entertaining thats what they are, dont read into them.
  23. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    for anyone who has seen the book please tell me this pm me if you will. does that little shit joffery get killed and does the sexy dragon lady win... cause i f**king hope so plus want to see more boobies