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  1. circuit sports injectors

    Big fist I'm not sure about the power tune ones I haven't seen them to be honest but if there sticking by there product then should be good as I highly doubt they would put there name behind a shonky product. and yes deutschwerks is about the only side feed we sell these days, I wouldn't call them "drilled" injectors though. we did the five 0's for a while they went to bad and price was cheap but have seen a few fail also not sure what o rings they use but e85 used to eat Em to bits, I'm not a big fan of modified injectors because I have seen them fail and kill motors as above has mentioned we had a fresh motor pop a hole in a piston and dig a hole in the cylinder a few months ago on a run in tune with only about 14 psi. and circuit sports being circuit sports which as most of you would know is an alibaba reseller would be cheap China crap and will most likely play up and kill a motor. and a baller is like a high roller someone who throws around cash, which I got from your comment " I bought an s15 for a track hack" indicating your not afraid to spend coin.
  2. Tomei 270 cams

    It's all good to make sure your making the right purchase ect I can understand that but you also need to understand it's 2013, Sr's have been around now for over 20 years. companies and enthusiasts have been putting together combos for a long time to get the best combo, with respect of new technology and newer turbo choices it's all been done. so when you ask a workshop or even an individual who has more than just there own single car as a reference to there educated advice your getting what you need to hear. With out pissing to many people off asking people on n's. com for advice on combos is retarded, most wouldn't have played with a descent combo some wouldn't have played with more than one combo and a tiny amount may have had a few different combos. The only people you should be listening to are those who work in this field daily, there is a few guys here who do the rest are all just vomiting second hand advice. anyway tomei 260 prod are awesome cams for a wide spectrum. good for a sub 300 kw set up and good for well over 300 kw. will be sweet for a 3071270 are good for big turbos to make big numbers easier and have a big top end torque curve like drag cars, makes it poo on the street
  3. Tomei 270 cams

    rough rider I'm sorry dude but you think way to much. you have been told what works hundreds of times but your still trying to find something different. 270's on a little boy turbo will be shit.
  4. circuit sports injectors

    Because modified and high flowed injectors always f**k up and are generally not matched in sets very well with large tolerance between each other. And an injector having a hic up while full tilt will melt a piston. don't cheap on fuel system simple rule. and if your so baller having an s15 track hack then you shouldn't have to scrounge coin for some descent injectors
  5. Coilovers

    quality technology and support is matched by shock works. they are very popular amongst a lot of drifters all going from expensive Japan brands to shock works and seeing much better results. plus for street and daily driving there comfort factor is unreal. best all round coil over by far, can cruise to work hit a few pumps and not snap a spine and can head up the hills stick to the road like glue and then go to the track and win adgp they don't get as much credit as they deserve that's for sure specially considering there under 2k fitted and aligned
  6. circuit sports injectors

    Don't be a tight ass with fuel components
  7. VIC Drift Clubs

    we ran a few days this year at the dome as well, we had another big one lined up but had to cancel for time restraints and just being to busy to organise what we wanted to do, but early next year we are having a drift jam event which will be awesome and will be at the dome again.
  8. could be anything, could be cam timing, have they been set up/dialed in or just slapped in and some random numbers put on it from an old na.com tech talk about someone else with a different set of cams
  9. SR20 Rocker Failure, Help Appreciated!

    keep it simple tomei procams 260/12mm hla, they work every time
  10. SR20 Rocker Failure, Help Appreciated!

    sorry dude i was working today anyway but was busy all day on the tools didnt get a chance to answer any calls all day, ill do all the msgs in the morning and get back to you
  11. SR20 Rocker Failure, Help Appreciated!

    yeah all the main jap brands, hks, tomei, greddy with there single springs or "stage 1" springs are pretty much pointless for the price they charge as they arnt a lot better than a brand new factory spring. if you want something a bit softer than bc but still a good solid brand then supertech are imo the best pic of the bunch and what i use these days in most motors, they have a few different options for seat pressure and there quality is much better than bc. tomei even use them for there head products as well
  12. yeah boys mentioned above is fine 135psi with big cams like that will have a low dynamic compression ratio at slow cranking rpm so i wouldnt expect it to be much higher than 135psi to be honest, sounds sweet imo
  13. SR20 Rocker Failure, Help Appreciated!

    generally a 10 year old vtc thats got a bit of noise will f**k out if you install bc springs, but if you put a new unit in there you shouldnt have any dramas unless you oil galleries are that shit in which case it would f**k out with stock springs quickly as well
  14. SR20 Rocker Failure, Help Appreciated!

    bc springs, new nissan rockers and tomei procams, bc cams arnt very good any more way to inconsistant and there titanium retainers are an alluminum alloy and can f**k out over time, keep standard retainers. boost boost and stock springs = no good, regardless of the size of cams your using, when manufactures design a "drop in" cam they arnt designed to make maximum power with out upgrading everything else, there designed as a cheap upgrade to get a bit more out of your set up with out changing everything else but if your pushing them to high boost and trying to get every last kw then you need valve springs.
  15. you need the expansion box because the early model pro's didnt have digital inputs and the flex fuel sensor that haltech sell is digital signal so you need the box to convert it, how ever pretty sure you can use the gm flex fuel sensor as its an analog signal and then you can just use the pros analog inputs for it haltech is a better ecu and the pro's hardware is top notch but it is more expensive
  16. gktech copper radiators

    thats because im pretty sure greg modelled it off a factory s15 rad which is only 18mm from memory, the s14's are 23mm, hence why you dont think its double the size. s14 had all the cool shit s15 went backwards in performance in a lot of ways
  17. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    people who complain about lag dont drive there cars hard. the only lag you need to worry about is the transient responsive you have when on and off throttle between gears, f**k the rpm you just want it back on boost when you change gears or get back on throttle. If your trying to drive hard and your below 4500 you fail at driving hard, if your upset your not making boost while your cruising at 100kms then you fail at life
  18. gktech copper radiators

    taking the factory rads are extremely thin single core alloy, copper is a much better thermal conductor than alloy and being thicker will give huge gains over a factory rad. it will do much more than a low temp thermostat ever will
  19. all a bit smelly if you ask me, but i think if you understand that tidc and the organisers paid those international drivers to be over here for entertainment and then they get knocked out first go then they will feel robbed of there money to get them over here, thats probably partially why they where so favoring towards them. and about my call the other day about allen getting through it was a mistake just something i read on facey
  20. just to stir the pot a bit more from what i gather he got through first battle over a technicality with number 1 qualifier fujio so his into the top 16 tsssss now his up against aussie nick coulson so hopefully he can work his magic and get him out
  21. Anybody here?

    haha what a stooge
  22. Valve shimming help please

    Don't shim up the lifter you will alter rocker ratio and throw everything off, get the right shims you need first go. If you need bigger than 3mm or so I'm guessing you either went over sized valves or your machinist tipped the f**k out the valves ?
  23. New to Melbourne. Jobs?

    Check out vicdrift.com all the info is on there about even. Dates and locations, there is one tomorrow at Winton if your interested