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  1. Yeah, there's some bloke that wants to hang around with us. He's super slow but... Kind of embarrassing :/ lol - if you ever get it back together!! Need brakes too
  2. Thanks guys!! No reason you can't Royzie!! Always good to see more tough track cars and enthusiasts out there Yeah Cabs, power delivery is unreal. Looks like you've got a pretty well sorted package there yourself sc s15! Hope I get to meet you guys in QLD next year with iRace! *Correction* BM50 Brake Master Cylinder. not BM57... Can I edit the original post? And how can I add content/photos later on?
  3. Also, more pics / info / and constant updates here: URL: www.artperformanceparts.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AustralianRacingTechnologies Instagram: australian_racing_technologies
  4. Hey Guys, Thanks! Haha, yeah it's definitely a different sort of noise isn't it. Love it!! Haha yeah, they are some fatass rears for sure! Forgot to give props to the wheels - Nemoto Godfathers (we sell them) Only $220/each!! 18 x 8.5" +35 Front - with 30mm hubcentric spacers to clear brakes, and heavily lipped/hammered/nackered front & inner guards. Haha (need wide front guards and 9.5" rims both ends) 18 x 9.5" +35 Rears - these with 295's fit in standard S13 rear guards with rolled lip and bashed inner guard / and small section of LCA lip bent down for clearnce 265's no problem! They've copped loads of track and street punishment without a drama. For a cheap wheel they are ridiculously good! And relatively lightweight aswell! Lighter than a 17" Driftek for example.
  5. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Looks awesome mate! Good work!! And good luck with any future racing
  6. Where do I begin.... My name's Dan Pirozzi - Owner/Operator of Australian Racing Technologies. And this, The ART S13 Silvia. A few guys have asked me to post a build thread. So thought this rainy day was a good opportunity. I hope it's an enjoyable read Originally I was going to buy an evo! But I spent months researching, and procrastinating over which car to begin with. The main focus being: 1. Verstaile chassis 2. Ease of maintenenace 3. Aftermarket Support 4. Tuneability, and power scope 5. Affordability Once everything was measured an weighed on those points, the choice was obvious - S-chassis! And in particular the affordable S13. The north/south configuration makes maintenance a breeze, a reasonably stiff chassis as standard - that's easy to exploit, aftermarket support is obviously huge, and second to none. The SR20 is extremely versatile in terms of power output, reliability, affordability. And to date, I've only just spent what I would have originally outlayed on a stock standard Evo at that time! Not to mention the parts costs and associated expenses of owning an evo, and AWD chassis. The aim was to build an affordable track and back race / sprint / time-attack / drift / drag / whatever you want. Sports car with rego. And so it began... This is how the car looked when I picked her up. A little sad, but the paint was nice, and figured this bright colour was going to look good on track These oem S15 rims were the first addition after being defected within 400m of the guys house when I purchased/picked up the car :/ blue slip defected.. May, or may not have been blazing the cheese cutters in front of a marked patrol car at the time :/ wasn't used to the power! C'mon! hehe... After finding that my easiest route with the build direction was to have it engineered, we went to work fabricating a half cage, removing back seats, installing a bucket seat (cheap private sale - too big, still remains ) and necessary interior (including sunroof) to make her light weight, and to get it passable for engineering/defect purposes.. Also had to change plates cos they were cut to fit rear bar - no impesion at all to their clarity, just more dumb rules to contend with... I bought some second hand Enkei 17" rims to improve appearances, and make way for some decent track rubber when the time came. They just had shitty Chinese street tyres on them at first while it was mainly on-street. The night we painted the cage and roof in black, we took it out for her first Wednesday night drag meet at WSID. a 12.4 was the best I managed (can't remember MPH) and haven't returned for a run since. But we will! Now to the real dramas! This is how the engine bay looked when I picked it up - a real mess! It's an S13 Blacktop out of a Type X 180. The good points of the car when I picked it up were: BM57 skyline brake master cylinder / New clutch and slave cylinders / Exedy clutch / Walbro in-tank fuel pump / Plazmaman Intercooler Kit / 3" turbo-back exhaust / GT28 (disco potato) & manifold / 5-stud conversion with S15 brakes F&R. It was supplied with vague dyno sheets claiming 200rwkw. But I know it would have been closer to 160 Bad points: Stock ECU, 2-stage boost tap (YUK) stay away kiddies. And all stock suspension. First stop was a set of HSD HR coilovers, adjustable caster arms, and whiteline adjustable swaybars. The improvement was DRASTIC! to say the least. And particularly highlighted the need for attention in the rear sub-frame. This was remedied with pineapple bushed first (HUGE IMPROVEMENT) then later swapped for alloy lock knuckles. So having a bit of confidence in the supporting hardware, I decided to run it out at Oran Park on a private practice day to stretch it's legs and see what it felt like on-track (god I miss that track!) This was the result after 8-10 laps... (sorry about the pic quality) Torched #2 piston and the bore like a mofo! Big lean-out coming down the straight... Ouch Out she came We pulled down the motor to inspect the damage. It was all basically confined to #2 bore, but what a job it did! We could only just clean it up with honing to suit 87mm pistons. So this block is on it's last machine after it's first rebuild not to worry, we don't plan on popping her again Aside from the time off the road, the time sourcing and receiving goodies was good fun! Wish I had started ART before this build though :/ haha Motor now includes: Standard crank / CP Pistons / Eagle Rods / ACL race bearings / ARP rod bolts, flywheel bolts, head & main studs / Cometic head gasket / Camtech 260 cams / adjustable cam gears / BC single chromoly valve springs & retainers / GKtech rocker arm stoppers. Nothing over the top at all really.. During the build, I sold the turbo/manifold and purchased a Trust TD06/25G turbo kit off eBay that included a Power FC. Good price, more HP. Why not I thought!! Grabbed it... Decided not to use the Power FC and onsold it. Found out it was rooted, and the hand controller was to suit an FD RX7 :| Paid for the Power FC to be fixed cos that guy was in a hurry, and I felt like a massive C for stuffing him around - Guy I bought it from disappeared.... That pic shows the engine bay complete after the rebuild. With the Trust turbo kit, Greddy copy manifold - match ported, decked, and coated by me. custom fuel rail with Bosch 2000cc injectors, Twin 044 fuel pumps, FPR1200, surge tank, and new lines. Also splitfire coils (later replaced for ART LS1 coil kit - was getting ignition breakdown @ 22psi) Greddy copy sump, 60mm Alloy radiator with shroud and twin thermos, Powerbond underdriven harmonic balancer, Nismo thermostsat, Insight Motorsports Electronic boost controller, and Vipec V44 ECU. We also updated the drivetrain to include: ART SR20 to RB25 gearbox adapter plate, standard RB25 gearbox, and one-piece tailshaft. Tuned at Insight Motorsports (Scott does all our tunes) it made 320rwkw @ 22psi (Eflex E85) Unfortunately had our old machine shop gap the rings, and we didn't check them on installation cos I was in a rush to get it back together, so we battled with the breather system for a while. My first track outing in this guise saw me emptying the catch can all day to try and reduce the mess from all the blow-by it was getting... I tried another alternative in between, but settled on the current design. Which is now resolved by a custom baffled breather tank fabbed in-house. With -12 (OTT) weld on fittings and lines coming from the rocker cover to the tank. And a -10 connecting the rear of the rocker cover direct to the crank case breather. Works a Treat!! The first track day was @ EC and pouring rain. The wet weather grip on the (225 F / 235 R) Toyo Proxes R888's I had then was surprising! We were pulling in evos and wrx's all day in the wet. So were happy with the overall feel and attitude of the car. But dying to get it on a dry circuit!! The next track day @ WP was slightly damp, and extremely cold. And the issues with breather saw me spending more time on that, than on-track. So didn't record my times for that day. I think I was doing 1.10's... Had a nice dice with an R35 GTR - but nearly took him out with the second lesson for the day - Standard Nissan brakes ARE NOT ENOUGH!!! I ran out of brakes at the end of the back straight and had to cut across him at the entry of the corner to avoid a collision :/ not ideal! But he was cool about it, and we didn't come together, so all was good at the and of the day. Although, it was the end of the day cos my rotors were cracked, and pads were powder... But one of the biggest issues I faced on the day, was the power delivery. It screamed up-top, but the turbo was way too laggy for Wakefield park. Even with 4.11 diff gears. So turbo had to go! I sold the Trust turbo to a drift customer who currently runs it in his S14 making 350rwkw @ 25psi. But has also decided he wants more response. They're an antiquated design. Especially when you consider the spool speeds and performance of the Borg Warner EFR series turbochargers! The clear choice for me when choosing a turbo for this car. I was tempted to go larger after feeling the power of 300+. But decided to subdue myself and concentrate on what's most important - Useable power. Not ouright power. So opted for the EFR6758 (largest of the small frame T25 flange turbos) Rated at 500HP. Worried that the claim was optimistic given the turbos compact size, internal wastegate design, etc. We were hesitant, but hopeful. Reports were good at that stage. But I was one of, if not the first in the country to run this turbo. And WHAT A TURBO!!! It made 303rwkw @ 22psi and made full boost is by 3500rpm! (Eflex E85) But more important than numbers on a page, is how it feels and performs. It makes 100kw extra @ 100km/h!! That is a MASSIVE difference in driveability. Scott says it's every bit, if not more responsive than a standard SR turbo. But makes 300 all day! I was over the moon!!! Current engine bay - noteable inclusions: ART LS1 coil kit, Earls oil cooler/thermostat/filter relocator, new BPP fuel rail kit and ASNU 1000cc injectors. Heat management is a non-issue now, and the ASNU injectors are excellent! It purs at idle, they're made to suit alcohol based fuels, they flow more than any of the competition in the same size, and are cheaper. Very happy with our new found relationship with them. With the mid-level actuator we currently run on the EFR it still made 290rwkw with the 1000's. We should see 300 again, and more response when we fit the 'heavy' actuator canister I ran another track day @ WP in the wet with the new turbo setup. AMAZING! Was super responsive, and felt faster at every section of the track. Managed a 1.08, and that's the best I've done to-date. That day ended early with a mis-shift coming down the straight. Slotted into 2nd instead of 4th and dropped the clutch - Big over-rev :/ broke 3 rocker arms - day over... Was a fast and cheap fix though, so not too bad overall. Losing a day at the track was the worst bit! In between times, we had fitted our catalogue of alignment arms (must do) and also forged a relationship with STD Suspension and Big Brakes. After doing alot of research and talking, we decided this brand would compliment our business, and aim of performance and affordability. So we fitted a set of STD R3 coilovers 8/6kg combo, and a big front STD 6pot 330mm brake kit. This works perfectly with the skyline master cylinder, and comes as a complete bolt-on kit with: Calipers, pads, two-piece rotors w/alloy hats, braided brake lines, brackets, bolts, etc. We mated these with R33 rear twin-pot calipers, DBA 4000 series T3 slot rotors, and Intima SR pads. This gives nice balance, and LOADS of consistent and effective braking! Really happy with both kits. The STD's are noticeably more compliant than the HSD's, and with only 12 damping settings, any changes you make are felt, and actually make a difference. As an affordable 'entry-level' package. The performance is awesome!! My next track outing was to Powercruise 2012 (not really my thing, but just for fun - why not) ummm - tore 3rd gear out of my RB25 gear box with a hamfisted shift and clutch drop with the new twin plate fitted (will remain un-named for now, still testing) I thought it was the clutch for a moment... To be fair, I got that gearbox cheap, and it always had issues. So was only a matter of time. Have since replaced it with another standard box without issue more setbacks and missed trackdays though.... Then, all sorted - I book in for a supersprint round at Eastern Creek. The last one before they split the tracks - rained all day.... Gah! I feel cursed at this point, and people start calling the S13 (the drought breaker) Haha! Fair call though... People were starting to cringe when I showed up to the track. If ever it rains my biz partner Mark asks if I've bought the S13 out? LOL prick.. Best time was a 1.29 maybe? Can't remember to be honest. Again, not worth recording.. BUT, felt good. Ran strong all day, no issues. Drove it there, drove it home - as we do to all events. I don't own a trailer! The best part about that meeting, apart from the obvious. Was meeting an iRace competitor Alan Walls and his GTI-R pulsar. He recommended I try out some real racing. And after having a look at my car, insisted it was up to scratch, and should be somewhat competitive given the handicap format. More info: irace.net.au Sounded great! So I jumped on the net and started the search, which led to where I am today. And the following videos: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151158242799005 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151153442189005 A triple victory on debut!!! And our first ever dry track day! iRace Rnd 5 2012 - We won: First in class (jap turbo) First outright in division (muscle class) And I won most promising driver of the event :) We also set the fastest lap in one of the sessions with a 1.11.4 @ Sydney Motorpsorts Park North Circuit. And ran consistent 1.11's / 1.12's most of the day. We're wrapped with the speed! Especially considering we're running an intermediate setup, and have done nothing in the way of setup or testing. We obviously used our knowledge to gauge the best intermediate setup and alignment out of the box. And it seems to have worked pretty well! But there's definitely more time in it. Corner speed, and front end grip being the biggest factors to overcome. We're currently running Hoosier radial slicks 225's Front, and 295's rear (cheap private sale) I don't like this tyre balance, and it tends to push with the wider rear track. I think with better tyre choice the steering and handling will balance more. But budget won't allow a change before the next and last Round on Nov 30th 2012. The only improvements we will make before that round are: Fresh Martini RF700 brake fluid, new (harder) front pads, and a shimmed R200 diff. The one that was in it was getting pretty loose and opening at times. It won't help with pushing, but drive traction is still very important. Some pics from the event - as it stands: Let's hope we continue to get more dry trackdays! And victories Wish me luck If anyone needs any parts, advice, or help. Please shoot me an email, or PM on our FB page: dan@artperformanceparts.com Cheers, Dan