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  1. Train horns!

    There was one installed to a suziki van in adelaide. He didnt have a compressor, just a tank, and filled it from the tyre inflators at servo's. God Damn it was loud. Could easily hear it many kilometers away.
  2. exhaust fabrication

    Sorry this is the only place I will use and therefore can reccomend due to great service, work, products and price. Probably true for many of us.. He's looked after a good proportion of NS people for many many years now.
  3. No. That bitch bred herself into politics.. Was the student president at adelaide uni, when they were using the compulsory union fees to pay to bus protestors from all around the country to the baxter detention centre. You'll never see her leave the limelight.
  4. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    An sr20 should handle that.... Bad fuel? Bad Tune? Get a powerfc for your next one, get a good tune, and watch that knock meter!
  5. Ultrabooks - What's good in 2014?

    Sony Viao while you still can. The greatest laptop ever made. And the Toshiba Docks are cheaper than the lenovo ones, all essentially the same internally.. Just remember through a usb dock your video is going through a usb3 video card, so dont expect great performance..
  6. 1997 Nissan 180sx - $6,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 200000 Price : $6,000 Condition : Good BUMP
  7. The Home Theatre Thread

    If putting in a fixed screen, add a black surround for contrast... Will improve image quality massively. Good idea on the couches.. Stadium seating is good for the impression and ok for guests, but how are you meant to propely mac your missus if you are in separate seats? Ive heard ok things about the benq, but I have had such a good run with my epson, and everyone I have recommended epsons to have similar stories. The latest epsons are just amazing. Personally, if you arent spending the big dollars on the top of the line jvc's, epsons are generally the clear choice.
  8. Might pick one up. I grabbed a chrome cast from the US for $25 - was hoping to use it in the hotel room, but you need a full wifi connection with device secrecy disabled. Which hotel wifi's DONT have, so it was useless... But seems to work alright at home. Fairly simple - just plays stuff, but works ok.
  9. My Plan To Fix Australia

    A few issues, and the worst being the fact that A. If you change the rules, and force the miners out by nationalising, you form a concept called sovereign risk. Being that companies will view the Australian Economy as risky, because if they do well, then they are likely to be taken over by the government, and lose everything. The is currently occurring in Venezuela, and their economy is really hitting the shits. They'll be a basket case or civil war very quickly. (Unofficial exchange rates at 60x higher than the official rates.) And b. The government sucks at running stuff. If the government is in charge, you'll end up with things like Telstra, while they were still a monopoly. The profits will just be pissed up against the wall with layers and layers and layers of red tape and bullshit. This is why the MRRT was a good idea in its original form - make a mint out of our resources - pay extra tax. The company wins, the country wins. Clearly the minors really didnt like it, and subverted it through better politics than the government.
  10. Best BBQ ribs in Adelaide...

    Currently in Houston, Texas. The ribs over here are just ridiculous... The meat, the cooking, the quality, the size....
  11. Sounds like a good way to lose a go pro.
  12. I had a similar story, except it was a copper banging his night stick against the window...
  13. Nice deal. She should have upped her rates... lol...
  14. Exactly spot on. Cars have come down massively in price.. Read a 1994 copy of wheels magazine. The Toyota Sprinter was advertised at $34,000. (In 1994 dollars). The equivalent of the same car now would be under $20,000. People dont want to pay the big prices.