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  1. S14 pin outs help

    S1 or s2? I have pin out for s1 if you need
  2. A bit of advice on my welds.

    Ps that intake was done with a lift tig on bout 55amps
  3. A bit of advice on my welds.

    It's either way too slow or shit gas coverage, lift tig has nothing to do with it as its all we used at my old work and I still use it now. Try getting some thicker material and see if the results are the same
  4. A bit of advice on my welds.

    Did you reverse the polarity? Should be electrode negative, earth positive. Also are you dragging or pushing the torch? Purging prevents oxidisation of the weld penetration, when not purged it can promote rust.
  5. S14.5 back to series 2 front

    Just the wiring for the headlights mate, everything else should bolt straight on provided the facelift wasn't done super sketchy
  6. Best Brand Air tools

    Shinano are fair decent and bluepoint are also not bad. Just make sure whatever brand you get that you maintain them with oil every time you use em
  7. Race Suits/Kits

    I have a decent fire retardant race suit for sale if you are interested? It an ERG Emmerson very good cond. hardly used
  8. ORC 409d clutch question

    Yeah only the centre is different, one is a sprung centre and one is solid
  9. Ban on high powered magnets

    Taking away natural selection
  10. fabricating blogs/journals

    Tube is usually chromoly and rolled as opposed to bent
  11. S14 ecu running s13 sr20?!

    Can't be s14 ecu as the pinout is different Why are you running a s13 motor?

    If thin walled stainless I would purge if you want smooth inside for better flow, but depends how much heat your putting into it and how much weld is pulling though Nitrogen is better for purging than argon but it will do the job
  13. How many eggs do you eat?

    How's ya cholesterol goin
  14. Custom Fabrication

    What turbs ya got champ?
  15. cheap places to travel on a budget

    On 5k I went thru se Asia for 6weeks that was inc travel and accom and spending coin, went northern Thailand, Laos, cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. Thailand is cheap as shit if your smart with your money. Most nights I ate street food and beers