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  1. S15 PICS....

    hey here is mine this one is for sale as wellz =)
  2. S15 shaking

    i dont know it was a car that i wanted to buy actually i already put a deposite on it
  3. Safe boost on SR20DET

    hey with my last car s14 i had a turbo upgrade and air filter and exhaust and i was running 16psi all day in summer it was fine no problem but it was tuned....
  4. S15 shaking

    HEy i just wanted to ask does the s15 engine shake alot when the engine is cold cause when i went to have a look at one it started up on cold start and it was idleing fine but the engine was shaking heapz but when the engine warmed up it seemed to run smoother... are they like this.??? it was shaking from right to left... thanks for your help