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  1. need auto elec in melb

    I've used Paul's Auto in Camberwell on a few cars and Adrian did a fantastic job.
  2. Price Drop - S15 200sx for sale - Melbourne

    Hey DagoodGuy, did you sell your 200? if not where in melbourne is the car available to be viewed?
  3. W.T.B- Shiraz Purple s14

    Thanks pmod, i'm on JDMST now. still looking if anyone out there reads this
  4. W.T.B- Shiraz Purple s14

    Thanks pmod, i'm on JDMST now. still looking if anyone out there reads this
  5. W.T.B- Shiraz Purple s14

    No one ?? No one ?? no one ?
  6. W.T.B- Shiraz Purple s14

    Hi, I'm very interested in purchasing a Shiraz purple s14a. Will consider various sates of tune and repair in all states and territories.

    Hi Motive DVD, will you still honour the $99 deal for the full set? given we are beyond christmas?
  8. W.T.B S14 in Purple

    Hi all, I'm trying to track down a purple S14. I will look at varying price points and level of modification. What's out there? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance Guy
  9. Simmons FR19's on S15

    There is a car at protek thats has FR's on the front, stockies at the rear. His is a black 15 with silver FR's It looks good !
  10. Who took these photos ?

    Thanks guys
  11. Hey all, Someone was nice enough to snap these two pics of my car at one of the s15 cruises. I would like to have these printed and if possible without the LOGO. Can the photographer please contact me please? Guy
  12. All Whiteline Products Available!

    Hi, I know this cars a little left field for these forums however do whiteline stock front and rear swaybars and strut brace for the 2004 VW Bora 4 motion ?
  13. big day out tickets

    Hi all I missed out on Rage against the Machine tickets this morning, so my only other chance is to see them is at big day out. which has also sold out. Can anyone help? I am after 4 tckets if i can but i will take what i can get! Please PM or call me on 0412 827 961 if you have anything. Guy
  14. Hi guys and girls, A friend of mine is looking to have his sub, 2 amps, 4 speakers and a dvd player/screen installed, and was after a fairly nice job, not the crap that JB-HiFi do when you buy something from them! Well the one in my area anyway... If you have had some audio gear installed, and you were impressed with the installation are you able to list maybe the name, location and phone number if you have it. Cheers Chris
  15. I have heard conflicting stories on these coil overs. some say they can be wound down so the car is scraping. Some say the most they could lower the car was 1.5 inch I don't want the car sitting that low i would like however the car to sit on or just above my tyre. Thoughts??