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  1. Car Won't Start

    hey i have a 1989 180sx with a ca18det no mods done. ok well i woke up one morning and my alarm was going off so i tried disarming it but it didn't work so i had to open the doors with the key and pop the bonnet and disconnect the battery. i reconnected the battery and it still did it. i did it again and the alarm wasn't going off anymore so i tried starting the car and it didn't start. the lights in the car didn't come on or the cd player the only thing that worked was the clock on the dash. and my turbo timer. it's strange because when i turn the key once the lights are bright on my turbo timer and when i turn it twice it is dull. any help with be good thanks
  2. CD Player Not Reading

    what workshop do u go to
  3. Hook up two Amps

    what distribution block do u reccomend from this site http://www.stingerelectronics.com/sting_pr...istribution.asp i want to run 0 gauge could u please explain how to install the capacitor. do u know of a site or could u do a diagram please. thanks regard james
  4. Hook up two Amps

    hey, i want to hook up two amps in my car. i currently have a 4 channel amp hooked up in my boot. i want to get either a mono block or a 2 channel amp to run my sub. how will i install the 2 channel or monoblock amp when i already have a 4 channel amp. will i need to install a capacitor. if so how do i install this. i have noticed that the interior lights to dim a bit when i play my stereo loud. regards james
  5. JVC kd-dv6105

    hey i'm getting a JVC kd-dv6105 headunit just wondering if anyone here has one and if it's any good. regards james
  6. CD player problems

    hey, thanks guys i am wanting to upgrade to an indash dvd player and an indash tv i have been looking at ebay they seem to be ok. has anyone had any problems with them. i don't want to pay $1000 for a in dash dvd and tv.
  7. Front Disc rotors

    yeah but i'm worried about the thickness being 26mm
  8. hey i am wanting to upgrade my discs on my 180sx just on the front as they don't have much meat left on them from being machined so much. ok i have looked on dba.com.au and looked through the catalogue and saw that you can get 4 stud front brake that are from a skyline R32t and R33 GTS-4 (4WD) the stats for these are: Diameter= 280 Original height= 49 Original thickness= 26 Minimum thickness= 24.2 centre hole= 68 Number of bolt holes= 4 DBA number is 953 ok now the 180sx ca18det stats are: Diameter= 250 Original height= 49 Original thickness= 18 Minimum thickness= 16 centre hole= 68 Number of bolt holes= 4 DBA number is 918 ok now will i have to change the calipers or with i be able to use the current calipers which i have which are the standard ca18det calipers. the reason for this i was quoted $900 to do the front brakes conversion to R32 skyline brakes this is complete with mod plate.
  9. as title i want a radiator coolant overflow bottle i don't want a plastic one i want a metal one i'm in brisbane could anyone give me any clues on where to ask. i want some way of telling how much coolant is in the bottle so i don't just want a straight up metal bottle it would have to have like a tube level or something. regards james
  10. R34 Sequential Gearbox

    yeah well i've just been doing a bit of research i can get a brand new trust 6 speed gearbox for about $15,000. i could possible try and source a second hand one from japan
  11. R34 Sequential Gearbox

    tip tronic that's what i'm talking about. i saw i movie with this japanese dude he had this in his 180 it was awsome. the movie is HPI v5
  12. R34 Sequential Gearbox

    no i know for a fact that r34's come outh with the sequential quto box. i want to put one in my 180sx
  13. hey, i am currently thinking of getting an r34 sequential gearbox put in my 180sx. has anyone hear of anyone doing this in the Brisbane area. if you ask why i want it it's because i think manuals suck it's a pain in the ass changing gears every two seconds. and with a sequential it would be just that much easier and it will be better than a straight automatic. regards james
  14. CD player problems

    yeah i can skip track fast forward rewind pause. i did notice once it came up as error. also it is a sansui head unit
  15. CD player problems

    ok my head unit is not working properly i can listen to the radio fine and sound comes out of the speakers but when i put a cd in the headunit takes the cd and spins but no sound comes out. what would be causeing this to happen. regards james