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  1. ProRaw Powerlifting

    Still undecided, will be either Frankston Art Centre or Rydges Hotel in Preston
  2. ProRaw Powerlifting

    Just found this. Here is an update ProRawFour was run and won, we had $5000 prizemoney. Odell Manuel squatted 350kg, benched 215kg and deadlifted 367.5kg, totalled 932.5kg@129kg, in a belt and wraps ProRawFive is now an invitational event. Its not a Fed, its an event. Looks like we'll have $10,000 cash in prize money To get an invite, you have to put up a total in an official comp between August 31 2012 and September 1 2013 You then have to be Top 10 in either the 80kg class/95kg class/110kg class/110kg+ class Here is the Top 10 as of today. This will change dramaticaly before September 1 2013 WOMEN 430.06 - Irena Piatrovich (IPL Worlds) WILD CARD 418.01 - Taylor Young ( WPC Worlds) 369.99 - Mary Macken (Oceania) 355.98 - Coralie Weir ( WPC Worlds) 339.94 - Jasmine Higgs (Oceania) 338.18 - Nina Markopoulos (GPC Worlds) 314.96 - Elizabeth Craven (Oceania) 310.73 - Catherine Green (Oceania) 310.22 - Sussy Kollen (GPC Worlds) 310.11 - Kelly Gomez (Oceania) 304.07 - Josseline Jeria (SHMC) __________________________________________ 302.43 - Minwah Van (SHMC) 301.97 - Katie Tushuiezen (Oceania) 301.69 - Kelli Clarke (MT) 296.54 - Katie Foster (PR4) 296.28 - Keiko Nakai (Oceania) 295.44 - Kathy Mawby (Oceania) 291.91 - Alice Xu (SS Challenge) 291.49 - Annie Rendle-Short (MT) 291.38 - Vicki Jewson (PR4) 286.79 - Megan Hinchley (Oceania) 80kg 637.5kg - Amir Fazeli (HOTW) 627.5kg - Colin Webb (MT) 615kg - Ange Galati (GPA Worlds) 602.5kg - Emad Nayef (GPC Worlds) 600kg - Ben Bouchereau (PR4) 590kg - Luke Helmke (Oceania) 580kg - Neville Harris (Oceania) 553.5kg - Nghiep Luu (Oceania) 550kg - Thibault Panassie (PR4) 545kg - Carl Sherry (SA open) 545kg - Joe Debono (ADFPA) 545kg - David Harrison (VE) _______________________________________ 542.5kg - Greg Hills (WPC Worlds) 540kg - Tom Evill (Oceania) 537.5kg - Kristos Papanotis (PR4) 530kg - Joey Zhingini (MT) 527.5kg - Rex Parsons (Oceania) 527.5kg - Alexander Cochrane Davis (SS Challenge) 525kg- Dan Rucci (GPC Worlds) 520kg - Chris Van Gunst (PR4) 95kg 732.5kg - Matt Brunoli (PR4) 724.5kg - Scott Wasson (GPC Worlds) 715.5kg - Scott Hill (Oceania) 678kg - Tim Germanchis ( SS Challenge) 670kg - Jason Clarke (MT) 655kg - Matt Middleton (VE) 650kg - Max Markopoulos (GPC Worlds) 640kg - Ray Owen (Oceania) 620kg - Alen Pezerovic (PR4) 617.5kg - Zaid Faydi (SCC) _______________________________________ 615kg - Jonathon Nichols(PR4) 612.5kg - Laird Ross (PR4) 610kg - Eros Chiodo (PR4) 600kg - Justin Haller (MT) 600kg - Adam Lam (PR4) 600kg - Adam Gillespie (SHMC) 600kg - Paul Thompson (MT) 580kg - Nathaniel Hodges (Acacia Park) 575kg - Leigh Donnellan (VE) 110kg 921kg - Dan Green (Clash for cash) WILD CARD 847.5kg- Ricky Goodyear (GPC Worlds) 830kg - Nathan Jones (PR4) 785kg - Richard Hozjan (Oceania) 775kg - Firas El Achkar (PR4) 722.5kg - Florian Loock (Oceania) 717.5kg - Cameron McKenzie (Oceania) 710kg - Alex Zerba (PR4) 655kg - Nathan O'leary (MT) 650kg - Jeremy Murray (Oceania) 643kg - Jesse McEwan (MT) _______________________________________________ 625kg - Joel McLeod (CAO) 620kg - Joseph Radice (HOTW) 617.5kg - Vince Thomas (Oceania) 605kg - Brad Keogh (VE) 600kg - Tudor Sava (Oceania) 590kg - Phil Smith (HOTW) 590kg - Gavin Turrel (SHMC) 585kg - Phil Smith (SHMC) 577.5kg - Max Riebl (SS Challenge) 562.5kg - Addison Kaye (SS Challenge) 110kg+ 935kg - Wayne Howlett (GPA Worlds) 932.5kg - Odell Manual (PR4) 910kg - Adrian Tullo (GPA Worlds) 862.5kg - Stephen Pritchard (Oceania) 787.5kg - Jackson Murrie (PR4) 777.5kg - Nathan Baxter (Oceania) 747.5kg - Con Barbakos (SS Challenge) 745kg - Jack Pollard (GPC Worlds) 732.5kg - Barry Heynes (CAO) 710.5kg - Lepeka Nanai (MT) ________________________________________ 700kg - Adam Roe (PR4) 680kg - Leigh Wisbey (Oceania 680kg - Alex Robertson (SHMC) 660kg - Kevin Aitkin (SS Challenge) 657.5kg - Joel De Battista (Oceania) 650kg - Paul McManus (CAO) 645kg - Michael Nicholas (WPC Worlds) 635kg - Joshua Canaris (MT) 625kg - Zoran Jankovski (PR4) 610kg - Dave Keong (MT)
  3. What happened with Markos?

    Thanks for the support Neil I left ns.com because I felt cars and weights wasnt the way I wanted to go. I still love cars, I still have a GTR, and I still own a gym, but the 2 should be seperate. So I joined ausbb, and I was made a moderator No I was preaching powerlifting on a bodybuilding forum, again, not ideal, but it worked okay The trouble happened when Shrek (Adrian) accused me of profiting by advertizing Gawains protein poweder Everyone here at PTC or the ProRawForum know I dont make a damn cent, Gawain was furious, but I told him to let it go It was a sign for me to move again. CAPO had a forum that had 2 posts a year, and PA's was similar So I started a nuetral forum that has POWERLIFTERS from all Feds on it, with results from every comp and every Fed listed on there. The ProRawForum is a perfect fit for me. I cant advertize anything on there as its run by ProBoards, so I cant dilute the content trying to increase traffic so I can make $$$$$$$, which is what every forum does, as it should. No threads about your love life, the new Nissan, favourite dog , investments etc It took me quite a few years to work out the best forums are specific, not general Now that I own a GTR again, Im on SAU, so I started a PL thread but dont venture outside it, reading the other threads gives me flashbacks I'll forever be grateful to Loz and ns.com because they were an integral part of getting PTC going, now were 5 years old and we have gyms in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast as well as Frankston I did come back here for a short time, in order to repay Loz, but I kept reading f**kwit comments from f**kwits, and I remembered why I left. I may have changed forums, but I havent changed lol
  4. ToughMudder Australia

    I had 2 clients do it, they did no specific training for it, got through okay, said they enjoyed it
  5. Its sad when people pay more for a substance that promises to produce a drug like effect than the actuall drug itself
  6. Anytime

    Matt said if you mention Markos, he'll pay you to train there Let me know how you go
  7. need some help

    No charge mate, I didnt write them, been around for 100 years Anyone of the programs Neil put up are fine, as long as you add weight EVERY session, or do one of the 3 "mores" Because at some stage you wont be able to add weight, you have to either do more reps or more sets, because if you repeat a session youve gone backwards So more weight, more reps or more sets. Example: Bench press 60kg x 8 x 3 sets. Next week aim for 62.5kg x 8 x 3. If you fail, you till added weight, so thats fine. Lets say you did 62.5kg x 7,6,5 Following session you do 62.5kg x 7,6,5. You have to do another set If you managed 7,6,6, thats fine, you improved Do one of the 3 MORES
  8. need some help

    Here is my advice, do with it what you want Firstly, start training rather than going to the gym. Your program is joke, your wasting your time, but you already know that as your not progressing. Try the Beginners workout 3 x week With Diet, go to 2500 calories a day, 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs Do no running or bike riding or any other fluff As your bodyweight drops, drop your calories accordingly Good luck
  9. Cool, I'll be on the Sunshine Coast on the 23-24th of June for Nationals
  10. Shit, I thought you knew Harvey
  11. PTC Perth Open Day 2nd June

    Cant wait to get over there for this
  12. LiteW8's Training Log

    To the top, makes it easier to find
  13. Minh's back training Your dad drove your 180 and crashed it apparently. The panel work was good, you can hardly tell. When are you back?
  14. Wow, lots of new faces here, seems like all of SA is on here