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  1. As the missus and I were looking for a new vehicle we checked out the new much hyped toyota ft86. I admit I was keen after looking at the photos, I even bought into the hype and was very enthusiastic. That all quickly disappeared after some very bad customer service from the toyota dealership on Port Road and went downhill fast. Damn my preconceived notions and falsely high expectations. The cocky young salesman starts by dropping that they have a 12 month waiting list, then goes on to advise we might be lucky if we want an auto gt. Contradict yourself in 5 mins- great start ! Hard sell an auto perhaps..and its a bog standard traditional hydraulic auto - no twin clutch wonder tech here - just plain camry/lexus fare. Boo. We then proceed to wait while a string of older bleach blonde women (over 50s club) test drive the car, followed by a couple (gay guys). Target audience springs to mind. Our time arrives - and I must admit the FT86 looks MUCH better in pictures - where you dont notice how damn small it is. Bit of a hairdressers car stock i think, definitely suit the previous few drivers. In the "flesh" its quite tiny, and with tiny wheels and empty wheel arches, I always hate that 4WD look of a sports car up on tippy toes. At least it looks shapely - much like a small version of the american genesis coupe - similar lines but the rear side windows are different. Driving: The car feels very solid. Good visibility in front. The eye naturally looks down the bonnet and the seating position is upright and straight. The headrest means you have good support and when cornering hard there is ample bolster support. The turn in is sharp and responsive. The ride is compliant and rather soft. I can feel that as is (stock) that body roll will be an issue at the track. Given its softness compared to what I drive (evo) I assume under load that the car will understeer predictably followed by predictable oversteer till the oversteer ends due to a complete lack of anything resembling power. No wonder the TV advert shows it drifting in the sand - it was the only way to keep it sideways without its congested engine dropping the skid. Bit woeful stock. Unfortunately I was unable to induce either of these given its decided total lack of power or torque - and given the short drive i was able to have. Seriously underwhelming for the dollars! There is no fun engine note. No lovely boxer tone. Its sounds like a friken camry whining through a straw. Sure I can hear the mechanical engine sound - but I want a sports car note. The motor was very linear - I was expecting a little more push, like driving a Vtech/mivec or similar. Once again I felt underwhelmed. All in all if I was going to drop around 40K onroad (GTS) I would expect a lot more. Given its extremely tame, its going to need another $10K+ dropped on it to make it trackable. I will keep an eye out on what willall racing do with theirs - or maybe by that time the 2013 genesis will be out and we shall see - or just grab the 135i.. The engine is an unknown - I see more tuner parts coming daily but not much data yet as to cams. EM etc. And this car NEEDS to stay NA (to keep it in the under 2L na group catagory) - as if you add a turbo or s/charger it changes the category it races in and suddenly you are up into the "big boys" proper modded turbo league. It will need the same treatment as the old AE86 but as yet lacks that long term development. The motor will need to be given the N/A treatment, balanced, cams, computer "broken" into to manage the engine systems, water cooling on the brakes etc. BUT why bother when at around $50K there are so many other choices of quality new/near new cars that will just eat it alive. But then I see it through my eyes. I would aim it at regularities, supersprints and local time attack etc where the racing rules and CAMS dictate certain limitations due to class regulations and keeping it OEM configured.. A conundrum. Anyone else driven it and got an educated opinion?
  2. Best turbo for track/circuit?

    Anyone else got comments on the 3071R T3 vs 2871? On E85? For circuit only with springs etc already installed any one got suggestions on matching cams to upgrade From the drops in to help the 3071?
  3. Improved Production Racing SA

    Good news is that Irace will come to SA! Finally no more unfair restrictions and cams bu||Sh|t ! Problem is that we have to wait for tailem bend to be developed and going on the SCCSA record (I guess everyone now knows how they mismanaged collingrove and due to cronyism lost a few donations getting near half a million) so here hoping none of those members have ANYTHING to do on the TB committee. I wonder what layout thay will use? An sa tsukuba? Hope it's more varied than mallala
  4. Ripped off by forum member

    Does anyone here work for a Telco? or have a "friend" who does? Then ask them to do a mobile search and it will bring up all details on that service -name.addy etc. Or get the rego on their car and through "freedom of information" you can apply for a Qld CITEC system search and gain the details -name/address/etc. Head to the police and advise them that his rego had damaged your car and nicked off and ask them to give you his name/address only as your insurance company will charge you an excess without it - often they might do this - keep trying different cop shops till you get one that duz this. Best option is once you have his name and address - write up a 1 page brief outlining the issue, the monetary loss and give him 7 working days to respond. Then once 7 days have elapsed head to your local court house and fill in the forms to lodge a small claim. If he doesnt appear to defend himself the magistrate will rule against him and he will also have to pay damages/court costs to an extent and you may pass the loss to a debt collector also - they will list a default on his VEDA profile and he will never be able to get a credit card or car loan or home loan until the debt is cleared. Now thats revenge!
  5. Improved Production Racing SA

    After reading thru the IPRA SA forums its worth reading the 2 year ongoing arguement (seems to have been going a bit longer than that) about how members are unhappy with the restrictions to LMT entries. How the current rule set basically forces you into building a EM vehicle then fitting LM gear. So the field is full of dated looking cars that are not collectable - and hence the parts are cheap filled with high tech engines and gear. But many of the members (majority) dont want change it seems (hence no change is happening) - and some of the arguments are very good- both for and against. But as you now cant use your beautiful vehicle obviously IPRSA is in needof updating (well you can use it but be a perpetual very back marker - unless you dump money the size of a homeloan on it) Maybe wait for IRACE or AMR to hit SA or for a change in comittee in IPRA SA to make it more like the WA model where its much more modern and flexible (unlikely). Or look into being the one to bring Irace or AMR to SA and setting up a comittee to guide this and make it happen, im sure you will get enough interest and help as more and more people take an interest in racing their modern beautiful car they have lovingly crafted instead of packing that SR20 into some old crapolla. Perhaps start a poll. Start a forum for interest, speak with IRACE or AMR and find out costings and then break those costs into how many cars are needed for a race series and see how many enties you need vs interested parties. Once costs are done - to weed out the wheat from the chaff - ask for a 50% deposit or full early bird payments at a discount - late entries costing more etc - the usual. With IRACE or AMR as the regulators and SA as just another offshoot. Only issues is that theres only 1 track and thats little Mallala. Or maybe Winton (8hrs away) -- perhaps later Tailem Bend? Or and this is very unlikelt to ever happen withing the next 10 years - Gillman Track? but im guessing whilst Clipsal swallows all the motorsport money another track will never happen. Otherwise do what most do....move to Qld!
  6. Ripped off by forum member

    Contact your bank and advise them of the situation- they will investigate and they will then do a "charge back" on the account if it is still active - then hold the funds pending further advice from the disputing parties.
  7. What is this bonnet? Is it a modified to fit from a cima/laurel or something? love the grills up by the windscreen. http://www.o-kuruma.com/image/291/291_0563_1179742237.jpg
  8. Subscribed: Am keen on more info. As to the above: The jap import industry just matured. Those with a decent business models stayed, many over priced themselves after the "honeymoon" period and disappeared with debts. Also the consumer has matured along with their income and taste in cars and motorsport.
  9. Track only S15 vs R32GTR

    If this is your first foray into serious motorsport, look at the S15 and keep it all stock and enter Group 2F Production Sports Cars Series and you can race on Australias premier circuits for "very little" money outlay. Control tyres and Some strict guidelines apply. No major upgrades are really allowed that did not come standard from the factory. You gotta keep the brakes 4pot, turbo as T28 (but theres a lot of T28 derivatives). Suspension mods are open as are basic aero. and similar to rally certain interior trims must be kept. Stock manifold must be kept but turbo back is open. etc, etc. Head over to the CAMS website and read up on the various categories, then do a quick google on the race and championship standings and see which type of cars excel in the circuits that are readily available to you. If you are NSW, QLD or VIC you have a fairly broad choice- all not too far away. SA and WA- well u are kinda screwed for any real variety without at least a 9+ hour drive somewhere else. From 2F you could move into Improved production and other classes. Theres a VERY fast S15 with a racespec RB26 which you can google and aim for later. If you keep it 2F spec you can also enter tarmac rallies and the go, but these also have tight regulations on what mods you can and cannot do. Research is the key - and before you buy any modification parts - see if you are allowed to modify that part of your car. Nothing worse than going through scrutineering and finding out your radiator is outside size limits or your turbo is wrong and you cant race or just blew money on an illegal part.
  10. who runs spacers?

    You can source Hub Centric Spacers with different centre bore spigot sizes. 70mm i think is standard on s13s. Measure that and order the correct ones. Better yet buy the 5 stub hub conversion from the sellers on here and have more variety in rims to choose.
  11. i disagree, when they are on this very forum specialising in strangely enough nissans and silvias at that, and then i state that its is this year and model i would expect them to follow certain guidelines The goods must be fit for their purpose -That is, they should do what they are supposed to do. The goods must match the description ie: i specifically said year/make/model. And these are not just slip ons, they are bolt on hub centrics.
  12. purchased some spacers (from a seller on here) to fill the guards better on my 180sx, the current advan rims fit the standard hubs perfectly, (4stud) yet the hub centric ring is too large to correctly fit on the rims. i didnt know the outer ring came in differring sizes, especially o 4 stud, and when ordering i would have thought these options would have been given. anyone know the correct sizes i can ask for to swap these around?
  13. Battery Relocation To Boot

    check state laws. here you are required to have an atmo breather to the box, and solid mounting of the box to chassis/battery. So if you crash the heavy battery duznt fly forward in the cabin at 100kph++ and take you out. I fabricated up a plate for under chassis and a plate for in the box and bolted them together and battery clamps to keep the battery in place. Damn secure, if i was to come off circuit in a big way i didnt want a massive chunk of lead and plastic flying around the cabin coz i was being a tight ass. safety 1st.
  14. if u have the equipment and need advice/tuning locally then.... id say give john and john a call at southern hi-tech dyno on south road, try adrian at RPM @ Edwardstown, or Fours n More. duznt really get better than these in my opinion as i find that these tuners have decent communication, skills loads of experience and are friendly, all of which is hard to find in one place. use the whitepages.com.au for the numbers