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  1. WTAC 2011

    ^^^^^^^ Sorry for the crap commentary....I had my hands full all night! RJ
  2. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    .....there is sooooo many puns that can be attached to that pic it's not funny. Perks of the job, but at least I wasn't the guy to the left of the shot who fell arse up after jumping onto the very wet grass. He was covered neck to nuts in mud....and the promo girl was laughing her arse off at the poor sod. RJ P.S. - For the record....she was firm, real firm!
  3. Motive #12 Video trailer!

    ..WOW! No talkiing....I like it. RJ
  4. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    ..hey just on that....how cool is that the 'drifters' can change things like drive shafts and gearboxes in record time. Certainly rewrites the pit lane acheivments in my eyes. Pretty stoked that people will pitch in and help get a driver back on track in no time at all. RJ P.S. - I DO love Mana P.....and Tarzan too;)
  5. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Tried at all opportunity to shove a mic in his face, and despite the broken and limited Engrish it was cool to hear his verbal reactions to the action on the track. I did it mainly cause I think the guy rocks, and wanted to make sure he was afforded the most ooportunities to connect with the legions of Aussie fans. Had a funny bus ride with the man.....he is a funny funny little guy. RJ P.S. - More track/car lights and pre-event practice FTW for next year......oh and Wildcard format is wicked - must keep!
  6. JPC S15 new setup

    The bonnet matches your man boobs.....oh and your welcome to commentate ANY time you fat pie eating jerk. Loved the Greek flag reference.....Denzo the Greek....has a nice ring too it! RJ
  7. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    ......This is where I'm supposed to bit hey Moz? Ok.....I was asked to commentate the event, but I stressed to Ian that an event of this magnitude...this importantance.....needed two mic blasters. I reccomended the great Moz as I feel in all my 12 years of commentary he is the ONLY commentator here in Australia with the required ability to get the job done from a drifting point of view. Mozza and myself set about creating a game plan with Chris to afford the entire event a level of coverage it has never enjoyed before....and the feedback is great - especially RE the extended random commentary....music is already being factored into next years show. Moz, Chris and Wazza were ideal for the gig and made it soooooooooo much easier than past events I have 'endured'. Please understand that commentary is just as involved as putting a race car on the track....and as Moz alluded we need our 'down' time to rest the machine. Here I am two days after the event still emotionally wasted, physically knumb.....but I'd happily do it tomorrow if I could. I counted how much we did on the mic over the two days.......and we racked up a total of 22hrs on the mic......pretty close to my record. I guess that's why Mozza and I do what we do......we simply love the adrenalin of the call. I have always appologised for mis-prenunciation and volume but please understand that when I get excited I tend to verbalise at the speed of sound......it's the way I do things. THIS EVENT WAS EXCITING FROM START TO FINISH. If they will have me back I will be there....If we can better the call we will, and I am confident this event will simply and very quickly become one of the best of it's kind in the world. RJ P.S. - Eating bags of dicks for hanging shit on this event - especially if you weren't there still applies.
  8. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    There was a speed read out board at the end of the straight.....and live feed time TV's in the pit garages.... RJ
  9. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    .....oooops forgot to say.....I hazard a guess at labeling the 'post trophy' burnout session the best ever staged at an Australian drift event. Matadors, donuts, screamin speed runs and general mayhem that will stay with me for a very very very longs time.....and I'm the Summernats burnout commentator!!!! RJ
  10. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    ....oh sooo much I could write in here....I'll simplify it....and then welcome the hiatus Kristian... Anyone who actually went....will know exactly how good this event was. Quailty cars, quality women...quality value for money Anyone who didn't go can honestly hang their heads in shame at missng quite possibly the best 'JDM' event in Australia since the last decent DA round. Keyboard web sluts can suck a fat bag of dicks....sooooooooooooooooo much info written here is incorrect or plain old deliberately wrong it's just not funny. Well done to the Kiwi's, well done to the Time attackers........and a very special well done to Luke Broadbent who proved that you don't need sponsors, cash or as one punteon here wrote.....luck....you just need determination and commitment to take on the best and go from in the 20's in qualifying to the Top 4. RJ P.S. - If I wasn't clear enough the first time speculative keyboard web sluts with no first hand information or idea for that matter can suck a fat bag of dicks.
  11. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    I agree with this 100%! Things are looking up fro drift here in Aus thats for sure! +1 and some! RJ
  12. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    ....I hear what your saying....but it amazes me how many little digs and jabs people have at each other on this forum in the lead up to major events like WTAC. I'm a pretty positive guy, and I know in a perfect world there would be no seedy undertones....but cut me some slack for picking up on the negativity some people try to coverty put out there on this forum. RJ
  13. so long mike

    .....are you all joking? No seriously.....unless I am very much mistaken.....wasn't it Rann who personally poo pooed the idea of any sort of motorsport development program outside the stupid endless spending at the Clipsal 500? Wasn't he the guy that rooted companies like Bianco and then allowed kids porn watching PM's into public office. This guy is the 'SPEAR HEAD' of the idiots running the state at the moment.....and what happens when the head of a snake is cut off? Jay Weatherill is a bit of a tool....but not to the scale Mike Rann is. I have had personal dealings with Jay and his office.....I must admit he was proactive in my encounter with the man. I'm not about to sing his praises....but damn he is a better proposition that Rann is that's for sure. If Foley goes then as far as I am concerned the major hurdles for forward movement....and the two solo reasons why this state is so far in reverse will be removed. We are a laughing stock on a national basis....and the labour power brokers realise this. Remove Rann....remove Foley....install a new leader.....put some hope back into doing something positive with this state and lets shift out of 1st gear... The Election will be what it will be......now it's up to the Liberal outfit to offer something more attractive and TANGIBLE to the Labour money grubbers. RJ P.S. - If you want to really know Mike Rann's true colours....watch his departure....watch were he goes...what he does....how he benifits etc etc....this is the true test of his exit strategy. John Olsen gets done for fraud...quits his seat and ends up as the South Australian attache to New York....fully funded and paid to sit in a major US city doing what exactly??????? Rann's milking of this state isn't over just yet.
  14. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    ......just gotta love all the 'know-it-all' wannabees that come out of the woodwork RIGHT before a major Aussie drift event....gotta love how many of them are entered....gotta love the cheap shot...stupid comments.....little digs....and basic under-tones of sour grapes. In the famous words of Denzo the Great - W.R.G.A.S.I.E!!!!!! Winner and grinners will be the ones steering, cheering and smelling the action at the event. RJ P.S. - This event is going to be EPPPPPPPIC!
  15. Blast from the Past!

    This isthe vehicle that introduced me to my fine appreciation of the AE86 model....thanks Simon....it was indeed a wicked little machine that left it's mark on me. I rate this car as one of the best AE86's of all time in Aussie drift....certainly Top 10 stuff. RJ