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  1. 1987 Mazda Mx-6 - $3,200

    Make : MAZDA MX-6 Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 322000 Price : $3,200 Condition : Good Hey guys, up for sale is my '87 GD Mazda MX6 turbo As per most people on here, she is my pride and joy I have spent over $4k in restoring her (receipts available) to mostly stock condition. Compression check done, with 125-130 between all four, which is excellent for a 320000km old engine Has a Pod Filter and lowered Pedders springs (legal height) as well as stiffer shocks on the rear. Does coem with stock airbox/radio/springs and a second set of stockies in grey/standard (as opposed to the current white stockies) 5spd manual FWD 2.2 turbo, NOT a 4WS model. The colour is champagne/metallic light-gold- its very subtle and draws absolutely no attention. Asking for $3200 but am slightly negotiable, comes with 11 months rego but no RWC, but has recently had a load of work done, so shouldn't need much done if anything (has a dropped drivers-side door handle. This car has been very well looked after, with no paint fade, no cracks in the dash, no rust, excellent cond seats/trim and most of its kms are highway-driven. The engine compression is fine, as stated, and i also have receipts for this. the turbo also has no play at all. Considering its excellent condition i wouldnt be suprised if it was rebuilt at some point, but i cant confirm this. I also wash her regularily and wax her when i have the time (usually monthly), is only run on BP ultimate and i service it with proper filters and Turbolight 4100 semi-synthetic oil. Also has DOT-4 fluid for for the brakes and clutch. A bit of history - the mx6 is actualyl a 1988- car, but htis was one of the first in aus, and i have the orignal books to prove this- was boguht from a dealer in ferntree gully. Im assuming this might have been an ex-press car or something? Anyways these cars were controversial underrated by Mazda australia, as having only 100kw, but they actually have 108kw when run on 98 octane fuel. This means that you can drive it with an exception on P-plates (not that 99% of cops would even know its turbo, but i personally wouldn't recommend doing this untill you have official exemption from vicroads). The engine was originally designed for light commercial trucks/B-series ute, and hence has a ridiculous amount of torque and a tough mid-range. 253nm of torque from 108kw is insane, especially for its time! Stock times are quoted and tested at 15.4secs over the 1/4mile, which is very good for its time. With small boost, exhaust and good tires these cars can (and do) run low 14's. Chuck in a LSD and a second-hand subaru VJ12 turbo on 14psi and youll be running 13's easily, all with the build-quality,comfort and reliability of a regular Mazda 4cyl. It was marketed as a $40k luxury GT cruiser, and as such it has a few extras like electronic suspension (i have this disabled on the rear for better handling), some of the best factory seats you will ever experience complete with lumber support and adjustable side-bolsters. It also has Cruise control, electronic sunroof and power windows, all of which are still working! Im asking for within the area of $3200, which is more than fair for the excellent condition and long rego. Come and have a look for yourself, located in northern suburbs of Melbourne. Please sms only on 0420846848 and ill get back to you when i can! Cheers -Jesse Risk
  2. also read; How to celebrate 'Australia Day' whilst wearing chinese-made imperialist merchandise.
  3. can a mod delete please
  4. Hey guys, ive looked through the pined topics, and i may have missed to appropiate topic, but i just need to find someone who can do me a RWC quickly? i have a small lsit of things i need done maybe and some i DO need done, but im a bit on the low sid of the cash flow ATM after paying for the car with cash etc, so i need a lenient/realistic mechanic to help me out, any recommendations? obviously ill be getting other stuff fixed with this person but i need it passed ASAP for rego (in less than 2 weeks) its nothing ridiculous, as i am mostly stock, just need a few bushes done and an center pipe fixed/replaced. Cheers Must be within 15-20 mins of heidelberg/preston area. Thanks heaps in advance guys! im just keen to get to a cruize/make her roadworthy ASAP.
  5. Defects Funny

    i got done for ride height once on a 100% stock and legal 180sx. sh!ts cray
  6. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    yeah i feel you, i suppose i jsut wish for something with cars im more invested in, you know? a guy can dream! i remember their used to be a racing series with Evos/WRXs/Clubsports and a few others, and they used weight-penalties for overly-dominant drivers/cars. The top of the pack was always pretty close regardless of penalties/car, which was good to see.
  7. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    i forgot about Hyundai- they are pretty big in aus now, with the genesis comnig in a year or so. the overseas hyundais also ocme in a RWD V8, just quietly. toyota have said they arent interested, which is a shame. Id probably but an aurion if it was a FWD boat. 300C would also look shite! haha but i think its a strong contender/possibility regardless. Sometimes i wish australia had a top-tier race series akin to the WTCC- imagine Focus vs Astra vs Cruze vs MAzda 3 etcetc here. id get into it heaps
  8. just causee someoen lieks dose doesnt mean they are a 'tool', whatever negative connotation that may imply....
  9. Calder Park Raceway shutting for good?

    i havent heard any news of this...
  10. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    Honestly, im happy there is the change- albiet the almera is probably not my car of choice I would like to see the other manufacturers join in in the following years- BMW, or even Audi? Audis have sold like hotcakes in the past few years (or maybe its jsut that they are everywhere in melbourne) Also wouldnt mind seeing an Infiniti M-series. In reality though, it will be small changes over time, but its enoguh to spark my interest. Will be backing Nissan
  11. Turbo = legal now?

    yeah man, theres a time and a place, you know. Honestly, i used to do some not-so-safe stuff, but there was a guy in the crew i used to drive with who wrapped his NOS'd 900hp r33 around a tree and died/incinerated on impact a few yeears back. It happenined in victoria about 4-5 years ago if you remember? That and a few other things made me realize its not worth it, and it is actualyl hurtful to the scene as a whole. It got to a point where the local cops left me and my mates/crew alone cause we had a rep for being 'safe' and mainly just hassled the idiots in v8 utes and stuff. we pretty much shunned anyone who did stupid shit in the open, as we didnt want tro be hassled because of it, not to mention the danger etc. My goal is to dump money into a safe track car, and keep my streeter relatively tame. note; i used to live in Kalgoorlie, WA, so i suppose thats effected my mindset. plus i have a kid on the way. I jsut think a little bit of awareness/driver training goes a long way. also doesnt Calder do off-street drags open to anyone? i wouldnt mind getting in on that in a non-competitive way at soem point (althoguh i suspenct they ban cars that run measely 15-sec quarters haha) sorry about the rant, its late.
  12. ahah sorry, but i have to, cause my mx6 doses and i cant gt a legit answer from anyone!
  13. Turbo = legal now?

    also note; if youre an idiot who drives your turbo on p-plates in a way that draws attention, then its probably your own fault if you get caught- dosing down Chapel street on a friday night is not reccomended