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  1. Turbo specialists

    another +1 for kyp. known him for years and have sent many turbos his way. he'll be honest on what needs to be done and straight to the point.
  2. Price : $1,111 Condition : Used Having a clean up, all parts must go asap. inbox or call/sms 0437198210 cheers..!! located sth east melb. ECU’s S13 CA18DE Auto (2371035F11 – 65) $50 S13 SR20DE Man (2371052F00 – 60) $50 S13 SR20DE Man Type S (2371060F00 – V6) $50 S13 SR20DET Red Top Auto ( 2371050F10 - 63) $50 S14a SR20DE (2371065F00 - WA) $50 Silvia Parts S14 /S15 SR20DE AFM (22680 52F01 AFH50 – 13A ) $40 S13 Sr20DE and SR20DET AFM (22680 52F00 AFH50 – 13) $40 S13 SR20 Power Steering Pump $50 S13 King Springs “Super Low” Front and Rear $150 S14/15 Airbox Snorkle (have 3) $30 each S13 Exhaust Manifold $40 S13 Passenger Window switch (have 2) $15 each S13 Rear View Mirror $5 S13 Stereo/Shifter Surround (have 3) $15 each S13 Wiper Stalk (have 2) $10 each S13 Column Surround Plastics $10 S13 SR20 Inlet Manifold $40 Skyline Parts R32 Indicator Stalk $15 R32 Rear View Mirror $10 R32 Sun Visors $15 pair R32 Glove Box (has holes cut in back to run gauges/boost controller into glove box) $30 R32 Lower Plastic Panel Above Drivers Knee $20 R32 Drivers Side Kick Panel (have 2) $15 each RB26 Front Turbo Intake Rubber Pipe (turbo to afm) $20 R32 GTR Front Drive Shaft (transfer to front diff) $100 R32 Interior Fuse Panel Cover $10 R33/34 GTR Side Airbox Snorkle (runs to guard from the box) $30 R33 RB25DET Intake pipe with bov return pipe $30 R33 RB25 Coil Pack Cover (have 3 ) $40 each R34 Rb25 Coil Pack Cover $40 R32 GTR Rear Brake Calipers $80 pair R33 Airbox Snorkle $30 T25 Exhaust Housing .82 suit disco, 2871 etc $50
  3. is it legal tow car with strap?

    well i was gonna say illegal, until i read that link. so um yeah. tow away. just make sure the person in the car behind is alert and paying attention or else it will be good times gone bad.
  4. what side of town.? if east then try race radiators in dandenong
  5. xx

    my 32 is alive again now just gotta tune it, change bent rear rack end, get alignment and tidy things up.
  6. xx

    hammer. big f''n hammer or raise ur car lol. i think driftworks make arms to get around this happening
  7. xx

    still got abit to do to mine : fit injectors tune fire extinguisher wheel alignment re-fit gauges make headlights work service put something on floor to stop mine and pass shoes sticking to it lol and prob some more little bits and peices ive forgot
  8. xx

    its alive again. what a day lol now i can go back to prepping my car feel free to come for a few laps in the 32. it'll be the white one with the vented pass side headlight.
  9. Last time i got some i went to repco. if not try a auto elec or if your in the east try http://jaydeeautocables.com.au/
  10. xx

    Get a spot at matsuri tommorrow before i think about working on car lol Gotta do a retune, maybe e85 aswell but not sure yet Get a wheel alignment (maybe get knuckles) New fire extinguisher Fit new cooler setup Get some more skid tyres Get truck licence so i can use works new tow truck Do a oil change Make some ducting for cooler and rad connect up gauges thats about all i can think of. cant wait. hopefully i dont break anything this time, snapped the pivot ball for the clutch fork last matsuri on the sat afternoon.
  11. xx

    the rtr evo x is my boss's car. cant wait for this, gonna be a awesome wk end..!! wish my car was at a level that i could enter it, maybe next year edit: haha, i just relised that im in the photo of the vr4 lol
  12. Rebuilding Turbo

    +1 for kyp @ atp. he's the man to see for anything to do with turbos.
  13. i didnt even get a full lap in, borke it on the first lap as i was about to enter the first corner after the s's new car will should be ready for matsuri...!! i dont spose anyone got any pics of the white 32 47b.?
  14. less then a week away now. cant wait..!! just gotta tune and change wheels and im ready..!!
  15. Status Gearboxes & Diff Kilsyth - Any Good?

    my old work used them to rebuild boxs, never had any dramas. the owner, craig i think, used to race s14's too