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  1. Becoming a computer technician

    Your best bet is doing an engineering diploma in networking or information technology. In nsw they used to be around $700 a term (which becomes free if you are changing careers). Takes about 2 years, full time (20 hours per week), so you have time to earn money in your spare time. Building PC's in my opinion is just a shit kicking thing with a lot of idiot customer interaction. If you can work your way to engineering that is the path I would recommend.
  2. The wolf 3d v4 aren't a great base to start with for an fj20. From memory Wolf don't even provide a base map to work with for an fj20. You can convert the fj dizzy to accept an sr20 cas (picture below); But there isn't going to be a bolt on solution for these things, my advice is spend a little extra and start with an ecu that is more adaptable (a microtech will do the job for the cheapest).
  3. Instead of posting on forums and getting hearsay answers, why don't you call the RTA and ask them directly? They have a technical helpdesk to answer these questions, just call 1223 and ask for the rta technical helpdesk.
  4. 1jz into 180sx

    I should have googled, heaps better than the ukfayed search option for these forums; http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=126810
  5. 1jz into 180sx

    Anyone got any feedback?
  6. 1jz into 180sx

    Got a few questions for anyone who has done this conversion (or similiar). - Any issues with running the exhaust on the drivers side? does it hit steering or anything? - Can you use the standard twin turbos or is a custom exhaust manifold needed? - Any tunnel mods required to fit the manual box? - Does anyone make the engine mounts for this conversion? - Can you use the standard crossmember or do you need a R32 crossmember like the rb20 conversion? Thanks guys, also if you have any other tips please add them. cheers
  7. Why is there so few Suby imports?

    Thanks for explaining it for me, I now understand.
  8. turbo going or gasket?

    Do you have the copper nut stopper which retains the bolts. If not I suggest fitting one
  9. Why is there so few Suby imports?

    Sorry I wasn't clear above. I just wanted to know why it's OK to bring in certain Evo when they were sold locally. From the personal import point of view I wouldn't be bringing in an evo, probably spec C suby
  10. What turbo should i get?

    Honestly, even if you can get a good s14 bush bearing you'll still be happy. There always seems to be s14 & s15 turbos for sale in the parts section.
  11. Converting to non turbo

    My mate had a starion turbo that had the impeller removed. Buy a blown turbo, piss off the impeller. Very dodgy method but I've seen it done. The car still drove fine, just slow
  12. S14 Tailshaft fits straight into a 180?

    Theres plenty of tailshaft places in capital cities so anything can be made if you need it custom. And yeh, you definitely don't want a backyard job as an unbalanced shaft is f*cking annoying and dangerous
  13. Why is there so few Suby imports?

    Proving it is cool as they'll be there for the forseeable future so there's no rush and one last query. Why can you bring in EVO 6 & 8's when they were available here?
  14. What turbo should i get?

    I agree with the above. Get a healthly s15 T28BB and it'll suit the CA perfectly.
  15. Why is there so few Suby imports?

    Thanks guys, I thought that might be the case. Could someone please give me the short version of personal import laws as I know someone leaving in Japan who is an aus citizen