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  1. Street/daily tyre reviews

    interesting! i suppose quality does reflect on the price as a side note, how long ago did you experience 595s? as the changed their tyres recently i think
  2. Street/daily tyre reviews

    hey mate have you driven on any feddy's? i want to know how they compare to these more expensive tires you have tried. =)
  3. Diff Temps

    because it gets hot and spits the oil out of the breather, would it be beneficial to set up a 'catch tank' that is fed from the bottom using the diff breather lines. the idea being that when the diff wants to spit oil out it will fill the tank and when it cools it will slowly drain back into the diff just an off the cuff idea
  4. what is wrong with ATI ones?
  5. ah i was just comparing the reduction in spring rates of 3kg, wasnt so worried with it being 7/5 as it was just an example. but you answered the question so thanks! =) ah i see would you have a photo of the position of the new holes? Hell no. Any 10/8 coilovers changed to 7/5 springs wouldn't be comfortable. Even coilovers that come with 7/5 I don't find comfortable out of the box. I find the comfort somewhere in between both. I think my Mono Flex (come with 7/5) coilovers with 5/4 springs installed would be similar in comfort to Super streets (6/4) but feel more planted due to firmer damping rather than sorta bouncy. Longer shanked ball joints doesn't just raise roll centre, it also brings the LCA closer to the rotor and slightly decreases track width because the ball joint shank is angled. You can't really lengthen the shank long enough to make a decent difference before the LCA touches the rotor at some point in the steering travel. I'm running longer LCA shanks and re-drilled pivots and I'd still go further if I could. Also decent roll centre adjusting ball joints cost like $500 for the pair plus labour. Re-drilling holes is labour only.
  6. how bout extended lca ball joints? they seem easier than repositioning the arm mounts with regards to spring rates... your saying buying jap set of coilovers with 10/8 spring rates for example... you would put 7/5 springs in without revalving and it should still be comfortable? im facing this dilemma atm! I re-drilled the front LCA inner pivots up by 28mm and the caster rod inner pivots up by 25mm. This raises the roll centre considerably and puts in slightly more anti-dive due to the different amounts of change between the LCA and the caster rod inner holes. It also has Ikeya formula front LCAs which raise the roll centre a bit as well. I then had to raise the rack by 18mm AND use aftermarket tie rod ends AND increase caster considerably to dial out the bump steer. The rear has solid subframe bushes which moves the subframe up by about 13-15mm. I have also re-drilled the inner pivot for the rear holes of the rear LCAs only to reduce anti-squat and slightly raise roll centre. That's about it for the rear. Nowhere near as much roll centre correction as the front but I have read that you don't need to move pivots as far to get the same effect on roll centre as you do on Macpherson strut like the front. I have also put in an R33 GTR rear swaybar to re-balance the car from raising the roll centre more on the front than I have on the rear. It's probably a bit too oversteery now for if I was wanting to get the best possible time around the track but I'm not, It's a street car and I'd prefer to have the best possible front end grip even if it makes a slight sacrifice in lap times. Yep skylines are more or less the same. Bit trickier for front roll centre correction because whatever amount you re-drill higher on the LCAs, you really should move the UCAs up by the same amount which is rarely possible. A bit of difference wouldn't hurt tho. Shocks are valved based on different companys' opinions and budgets. Some like to use stiff springs and softer damping which can be perceived as more comfortable but I feel them as being under-valved for the springs. I'd say most coilovers are like this to an extent and I like the feel of reducing the spring rates with the same valving on coilovers like this (most stuff out of Japan).
  7. also, when you change spring rates, dont you need to revalve to suit?
  8. what roll centre correction did you do to your car? and will the same train of thought in this thread applicable to R-series skylines with the difference front suspension design? Roll centre correction can be done for much cheaper (more work tho) than swaybars and more comfortable results. Thicker swaybars still raise the effective spring rate of each individual wheel unless it's a dip in the whole width of the road when both sides act together so comfort on individual bumps isn't great. 7/5 is still bloody stiff for street IMO. Myself and a mate run our cars low with stock sway bars, 5/4 springs and roll centre correction. Both fairly comfortable and body roll is less than cars i've been in with just 8/6 coilovers without roll centre correction. I have 7/5 on the S14 drift car and I find it almost unbearable on the street.
  9. Chasebays PS Kit

    what was bad about the quality?
  10. here is the link: http://www.spracingonline.com/store/Sound_Performance_Quick_Spool_Valve/3659 on the net there is varying results so just want to find out who here has used one?
  11. out of curiosity, does the afm crack under boost? or what is the pressure limit of the afm when you relocate to the cold pipe?
  12. also apart from being able to subsrcibe, is it possible to list more than 10 items per page?