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    One thought, try black silicon, Blue is pretty tacky in my view
  2. You still updating this Kristian? Just wondering if JZX100 is still available to import and if so does this include CRESTA?? Cheers
  3. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    Hey all, I was in sydney for world time attack with lloyd smith, We met a girl Dani who has a blue S15 with AME tracers who we chatted to for a long time, She came looking for us again in the pits but we were out, Does anyone by any chance know here?
  4. I have the whole drivers briefing on gopro if anyone wants to try work out the judging criteria?
  5. PS4

    went to my local EB games today, Was told they will have zero PS4's available until 2014 unless already preordered.....
  6. ISC Coilovers

  7. Some times gets used

    what gauges are you after frenchie? colour ? size?
  8. ISC Coilovers

    Sweet just checking,Still nothing wrong with them tho
  9. What Australian drifting needs

    Australian Drug Money Grand Prix?
  10. ISC Coilovers

    frenchie where do you think your PBM coilovers are made?
  11. hey mate, i can supply the genuine toyota bits you need, Let me know exactly what you want and ill send you a quote Oil pump $250 just let me know what gasket you want and what bolts..
  12. JZX110W Mark 2 Blit

    wheres the workshop mate?