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  1. s15 parts for sale...and a s13/180sx LSD

    Hey man, Is the bootlid still for sale? would you be willing to ship it to Europe? (Ireland)
  2. s15 alternator into a s13

    I have both but unfortunately can't check at the moment. I did just look up part numbers and they are different which tells me they would be slightly different (S13 also being $400 cheaper to buy new from Nissan) Surely someone has tried it before
  3. Non-vvt Sr20det in S15

    Been afew months now and I have gathered all my parts and a lot more wise at this and that haha. Now I am onto the dreaded wiring! Is there any sr20det wiring guru's here that could lend a hand at using a J4/5 wiring harness along side the S15 interior looms? Is it possible to link in the S15 abs and keep the tacho working also? Need diagrams of pinouts and wiring as myself and the mechanic will be tackling it ourselves and I don't want to blow anything Cheers
  4. Non-vvt Sr20det in S15

    Perfect thanks. have all the wiring so should have no problems. Another question I have: Are all the the radiator hose kits interchangeable? And should I get the radiator (upper and lower) hoses for S13 or S15? Cheers
  5. So I have a JDM 99 Silvia S15 N/A and I decided to go turbo. A friend of mine has a 1997 180sx which he dropped a forged engine into so I took the oppertunity to buy his very low mileage Sr20det (non-vvt) blacktop engine. My question is can I simply buy a complete S14/S15 exhaust side (waterneck for turbo coolant, Turbo, manifold, turbo inlet and outlet etc.) and have no issues with alignment or anything else? Also is there anything else i should know as I can't find any info on non-vvt S15 conversions (e.g. which engine loom should be used, 180sx or S15?) I won't be half assing this either, I plan on buying genuine and brand new on any/all parts for reliablity Cheers
  6. URGENT: S15 Cluster

    Someone else mentioned getting a shop to re-calibrate one but I'm from Ireland and I don't know of any place that would do something like that. Where in Australia can you get it done?
  7. URGENT: S15 Cluster

    Still looking!
  8. What was the mileage on it? Looking for the Cluster and a price, cheers
  9. URGENT: S15 Cluster

    Bump, anyone?
  10. Nismo S15 cluster For sale

    Is this still for sale?
  11. URGENT: S15 Cluster

    As above, looking for an S15 cluster out of an JDM S15. Needed for annual car test as my cluster is not working!! **Needs to be as close to 38,667km as possible** Would like an aus spec cluster with the higher km limit (260km) unless its not compatible with the JDM model?? Living in Ireland so international shipping prices must also be considered Thanks

    no worries. Was looking for a set to fit an S15. will the other set fit?

    How much delivered to Ireland for that set: http://www.rhdjapan....an-s15-a33.html Not sure if i'm better off buying new if the price of shipping is high
  14. Will the sump fit any SR20? (I have a non vvt Blacktop engine)