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  1. Car crushing to resume in SA

    So what would happen to a car that has finance owing on it or a leased car? Technically, the car isn't owned by the person driving it until its paid in full.
  2. Are nissan silvias fast?

    500cc isn't that much extra capacity but the additional torque is considerable, especially when combined with the other things I mentioned. You did mention Skylines but not a GTR, which is similar in capacity, has 4WD traction, etc. Comparing your WRX to the Silvias as per the original question gives a sense of their speed, as does comparing the WRX to other cars that people will recognise and know a bit about. If your WRX loses to something like an EVO X or a Renault Megane Sport, etc then it gives people an indication of the speeed of the Silvia by proxy. They can then draw their own conclusions. Not ever being in or owned a stock GTR, EVO, Megane or whatever else you've said, I can't compare it. Comparing cars that I've owned, S13's, 180's, Built GTR, other skylines, Stagea, blah blah, I can tell you that like I did before, stock for stock, a Silvia is not fast compared to today turbo cars. Even a lot of todays run of the mill Commo, falcons either. Yes they cost more, are much newer but that was the question. I know there are plenty of cars faster than mine. Yes it'll lose to a EVO 10, 35 GTR, an STi WRX etc but it felt faster than the VE SS ute I test drove. Without dragging every standard car getting around, how can I even answer your question? In a mates 32 GTR with mild mods, I believe it was the same. Work mates S8 FD with rebuilt standard motor, the WRX is quicker by a little bit.
  3. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Well I was just answering the question that was asked, new cars vs the old. And 500cc isn't heaps more and I mentioned skylines as well. I don't race people so don't know what it'll be like against those other cars but I assume it'll be close to most except the Evo with its dual clutch auto set up. If I had an STi than it'll be closer again. But this isn't what was asked.
  4. Are nissan silvias fast?

    I bought a new WRX and it ticks most of those boxes other than being FR and its f**king quick for a stock car. Dyno run of the standard new WRX brings good numbers, between 160-170 AWKW with decent torque, dead stock. Don't know what that would be in RWKW. Harder to modify compared to a Silvia but stock for stock, it'll destroy the Silvias, skylines and mines only a 2.5ltr.
  5. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Op6 will make the numbers just like a vg30 would but will be laggy as f**k. You'll get over 200kw but it'll drive like a dog on a 20. Standard 25 turbo will is best bet for a budget build. I got mine and it was mint with lines, manifold etc for $150, just keep an eye out.
  6. Solar Systems

    Just wondering who's got decent solar systems on their house and do they save much? What are you saving and what electrical company are you with? Eyeing off a 5kw system for both mine and also for my parents place but unsure on the savings. Will be very good quality system though. I understand that the initial cost can out weigh the savings for some time but that's not my issue. Also getting a great deal on it so that also helps. Cheers
  7. Voted for. Mainly because anything to piss off religious nut jobs, I'm all for. Also, because how does it effect me either way what other people do.
  8. tax times fun times

    hard to feel sorry for ya if you paid 30 you earnt a shit tone more then me lol i had so spend 6months working in the outback in 40+ degree heat though for 2 weeks straight at a time so you should feel a little sorry haha That's a dream job, I spend 4 weeks away in the north west (pilbara) and it gets 50+ there. Wish I had a 2weeks on roster. 4 weeks on is such a long roster, would kill to get a very long break. I do a 8/6 roster, for me I find that it is probably the best work/life roster available out there. Temps don't get above 50 where I work, west QLD. But it does get very hot in summer. I used to be on an open roster. Did 6 weeks at times with a week off if I was lucky in whatever the weather was below 0 or 50+ Thankfully now on 2 and 2
  9. tax times fun times

    After working for minimum wage busting my ass to getting what I do now and hardly working for it at times, ill never complain about this sort of stuff ever. Got back $1700 this time which is the most I've ever got and I gave it to my misses to help her new car fund.
  10. tax times fun times

    I made 70+ and I didn't pay any where near that tax, sounds like he is making real monies yeah thats what i was thinking, im thinking close to 100k, in the nineties atleast Put it this way, he payed double my tax I like guessing people's earnings lol, what does he actually do for a living. minelyf???? I paid around $33-35k for my last job on average (this job I get a portion tax free so f**k you ATO!) and that was a smidge over $100k always got f**k all back though, had to pay once! (Works f**k up)
  11. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Do you get much smoke out your exhaust after running the catch can set up like that? All the ones I've done and seen have T pieces in them but I was also still running with the PCV valve linked up and aswell as going into the induction. Doing it this way looks a little messy compaired to your way but I think it works better.
  12. Drifting quitters

    I'm giving it up for the third time. Doesn't mean forever but I've got other things to worry about at the moment and if I can sell it, the extra money isn't needed but would help.
  13. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 150 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used My track R32 4 Door if for sale $5.5k, can be rego'd if you wanted All details of the car and plenty of pictures in the link below. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cb...wap-/1021303319
  14. appreciation thread

    You can't say something like this without pictures to back up said claims of fake boobs. it goes against my moral code.... atleast while im still with her