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  1. [NSW] wtb> 259cc fuel injectors

    Hey guys, looking for some 259cc fuel injector to replace with my broken one in my n/a s13. I believe Autech s15 also uses 259cc but i may be wrong! PM me or message me on 0431 468 679, Need it urgently. -Billy
  2. Hey guys, I was fiddling the driver side cabin fusebox a few days ago and notice the start signal fuse was melted... Can one confirm what color the wire is so i could try n run an extenal fuse with taht wire or something? I read the FSM and it stated it is an orange wire. Thanks, Billy.
  3. Wtb S13/180 Rolling Shell. - $0

    Make : Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $0 Condition : Used Hey guys I am starting to look into building a project car. Would love a s13 over a 180 but lets see whats there for sale. Looking for: -straight body -can be rego(not a write off or repairable write off) -minus engine or with(preferably sr20) depending by price. -mechanically fine if engine is provided - Let me know whats out there on sale! At the moment i dont want to spend over 4k as it will be build up, looking for something cheap Price range vary so pm me and we discuss about the price.
  4. Side door speakers s13

    I had 6.5 speaker mount adapter from ebay and it fitted pretty well. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=518808 This may help as there is an example photo of the installation.
  5. Full Moon Party attendees, Check in¡

    brings back memories i do actually. And that place is next to the mushroom mountain Have a shake or two and your night is complete =)
  6. Type x airbag

    http://www.clarks-garage.com/shop-manual/body-25.htm I own a type X so it came factory airbag but from my experience the police haven't said anything about my steering wheel yet (aftermarket momo).
  7. In regards to the cluster light fading, i got the same problem too and the handbrake light goes on like u mention. Would like yo know the answer to this also
  8. even better, buy my bucket seat(no brand) + bride no45 rail. not the best bucket seat but does it job and its $100 ahahah
  9. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    another add on to the topic i suppose. how many sil80 are there in sydney? would love to see the different type of sil80on sydney streets
  10. Retarded Odometer?

    ahhaah hey guys my odometer is bak to its 108xxxkm whats more weird was it changes from 108xxx to 397xxx everything here and there and i cant really explain the reason =\ but its getting better as it actually stand on 108xxx now. But the problem now is the odometer kinda phase out to a point i cant read the odometer anymore but the screen is still lit. i assume there is a wiring problem to the cluster? any idea guys and this may be the reason to the change on km or assumed *original car km* ahhaha
  11. Retarded Odometer?

    i will upload some pictures tomorrow. Interior wise, i changed my stock type x seats to s15. but the door trim, rear seats and glove box n etc are still stock. As for the steering wheel is a momo one (yes type x comes with airbag and hence my airbag light is on becuz of the change.) Iike the previous silvias i had, i always doubt that the km's shown are genuine but this change here was something out of the ordinary. Especially with Type x cluster its digital so its hard for me to imagine how they would wound it bak dam japs hahaha and close 397xxxkm is quite a lot. didnt think n e car would survive such a long journey!
  12. Hey ladies and jellybean. So basically i have a 1997 type X and just last week i had 108xxxkm(had the car for a year now and nothing was ever wrong with it.) Being me i left my map light on and the car was drained by the next morning, after i got it recharged the odometer is showing 397235km WTFNESS? hahahah my odometer is playing up on me... This is the first time that it ever happened (as i have drained my car battery multiply times but it return back to its original KM and not a rubbish number like this) Has this happen to anybody else? or my car is being stupid on me? and do what do i do to fix it!?!?
  13. if i remeber correctly jdm.51L mate that was in his car was filming n taking photo on his phone.
  14. was a great cruise guys! Hopefully i will be seeing everyone again some time soon! Too bad for the coppers, would have been better if you were all able to come along til the end!
  15. sweet as, count me in again.