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  1. Sold my driveshaft shop Carbon single piece shaft for 1k think i imported it around the 1100 mark. Driveshaft shop and ast will be cheaper than a local shop.
  2. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    Could this shell not be repaired? how much damage is under that door?
  3. I had the C's shifter in my S15 and have driven many without. The C's shifter gave a nicer more precise feel with little to no slack while in gear or neutral. The original owner in japan installed it otherwise i wouldn't of bothered. C's mention that the 0-400m time was 0.6 seconds faster on a lightly tuned s15. If you don't shift like a retard your box should be fine but I.
  4. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    building a 10,500 rpm 2L ? Sounds interesting!!!
  5. The area you place a bolt through needs to be extended with a small metal bracket. The K20 coil is more than likely the exact same coil in a more suitable package. The K20 coil bolts on physically with not additional modifications required.
  6. The stock coils are a fairly old design even the Splitfires weren't a massive improvement. I'v tried Denso coils from a yaris with good results on a SR20 and have these on a RB25 adjusting the Dwell would further improve spark. The K20a coils are the closest to a direct drop in replacement that is superior to stock and Splitfire. I Am also looking for a coil on plug coilpack to suite my P12 VE head I didn't really want to go to a ign-1a coil + leads. Does any one know of a smaller option with similar performance ?
  7. S15 number plate light wanted

    have a look at their sold listings on ebay lol prepare to be amazed ! I get ya with it being a waste of $30 grabbing one from an n15 pulsar or something could of been a cheap option
  8. S15 number plate light wanted

    $30 is too expensive for an OEM s15 part? Fuck me
  9. Can you move the pivot point on the stock set up tho? Gktech make a set up for a willwood master and mention the leverage was adjusted to suite.
  10. My anal virginity!

    LOL its true
  11. The starters lip seems to fit ok on mine? This is one of there latter batches I know the early ones has some issues that required machining to fix.
  12. Please do! Iv got a Carbonetics twin plate that I was using with the s15 6speed. I'm unsure if it will work out of the box or if it needs a different flywheel. Throwout bearing was another question that wasn't answered. Did you go with the bronze Pilot bearing or the nismo roller bearing?
  13. Its a bolt on there is no welding. Did you go the Carbon shaft option? I did
  14. Sr20 sumps

    Where are you guys sourcing the Canton oil pan from and how much? Looking at possibly changing from my ARC pan since iv gone 2.35L SR VE