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  1. sydney is a walk in the park compared to victoria at least we give warnings for camera lucky i had the latest navman with me when i went down there as i would of come back with no license. melbourne is fuked, seriously, hide speed cameras behind over passes and bridges so you cant even see them!
  2. i have had mixed experiences with CRD but unigroup will be definatley getting my car this time around
  3. alpinestars gear

    ebay america is your friend
  4. i usually go play snooker at mounties these days, but its very packed out. marconi club back about 4 years ago i used to go play alot but their tables arent as well looked after mounties tables are the best looked after tables i find.
  5. is EPI still open in liverpool? i used to go to EPI in fairfield all the time. spent alot of my school days there aahhahaha
  6. Fancy resaurants

    recently went to altitude on level 36 of the shangri lah hotel was very very nice food! highly recommended. set price on weekends $110 per person + drinks they had the best bread there.... and its free lol madddddddddd cheese platter for desert was nice also
  7. lol cruise for 10min car barely warms up mad
  8. OLD PAC

    it was good taking the bike up there becasue the road was closed we rode around the road closed sign and basically no cars on that road either....... so was heaps fun! do a run to the massive hole, and then back.
  9. ill come down for a ride its getting colder too keeps you awake ahaha i used to ride every day before in the winter months.... freezing my ass off cant wait to get off the P's and onto a bigger bike
  10. 10k Loans bad credit

    yeh 20% + interest and a few broken limbs if you cant make repayments in time. i think severed pinkie fingers might be there in the clause somewhere also........
  11. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #1

    ill come down either on the bike or in the car bike guys come down as well maybe we can mix it up a little
  12. havent you been riding for ages? you should of easily got your p's by now
  13. 10th Anniversary R34 Charity Cruise

    GT-V? is that like V35? or Vspec? cos can i bring my V35 skyline lol does that count
  14. nice place to eat?

    lets go fairfield rsl rabbit i can walk there in 10min lol