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  1. sr20 oil ?

    hey guys just wanted to know what nissan reccomends you put in an s15 in terms of engine oil and what you would suggest. sorry if this is something i could have searched for but i did and couldnt find anything, cheers heaps guys
  2. s15 wheel studs

    hey guys just need to know what other cars share the same wheel studs as the s15. need a new one but they have studs for every car but the s15. is it a safe bet the s14 has the same ones ? cheers heaps guys
  3. hey guys i have a jap spec-r s15 with a stock helical lsd and im just about to change my diff oil on the silvia and wanted to know 2 things. 1. should i use the 80w-90 recommended by the manual or will 80w-140 be ok to use aswell ? 2. whats the difference in using mineral diff oil as opposed to full synthetic diff oil ? cheers heaps guys
  4. helical lsd diff oil

    so i shouldnt use gl-4 in the diff.. ? i got gl-5 oil for the diff and am having trouble finding gl-4 for the gearbox...
  5. helical lsd diff oil

    ok i ended up getting full synthetic 75w-90 which should be good to use in the gearbox aswell if im not mistaken, might have to go buy some more tools to get the plugs on the diff out. cheers heaps guys
  6. helical lsd diff oil

    tossing up between an 80w-90 mineral or 75w-90 full synthetic. whats the general oil people use for their helical lsd ??
  7. helical lsd diff oil

    ok so is there a difference between 80w-90 mineral and 80w-90 synthetic oil ?? which one should i be using ?
  8. hey guys just wanting to get a vent to air bov for my jdm s15. i have read and been told putting a vent to air bov on an s15 will cause it to run rich ? how does it run rich if the bov doesnt release the pressurised air until you release the throttle, assuming the bov doesnt leak ? how rich will it run with a vent to air bov ? apparently the jdm s15's run super lean anyway. any help will be greatly appreciated i tried searching but couldnt find the answer i was after. cheers for any help
  9. s15 bov, running rich

    i already have sway bars and cops dont defect anyone up here in darwin but just for the reason of needing a new tune ill just leave the stock one on for now
  10. s15 bov, running rich

    haha im loving air flow meters more and more every day. guess im keeping the stock one for now then
  11. hey guys i would really love to know if anyone on here has installed a hks type-r intercooler on their s15 or had on installed, i have just bought one and it looks like there is no way to bolt it up. there are too many things in the way to hook it up so if youve done it is there anything you could tell me to help get it on ? and also does anyone know if the greddy type-r will bolt straight up to an s15 ?? cheers heaps for any help guys its really appreciated !
  12. ok cheers heaps PTA ! helps me out a lot
  13. ok so i have sold my hks spec-r cooler and gone for the greddy alternative but i got the spec-r for an s14/15 but the instructions are for s14 and are in jap. im gonna get a mechanic to put it on but was told something needed to be welded on, think it was a nipple for boost pressure on the hot pipe. can anyone see a way around this as he does not do welding. the brackets are already welded to the core and we are hoping for a way around the nipple on the hot pipe, is there somewhere else to run the boost pressure ?
  14. misfiring problem

    hey guys my s15 has this problem every now and again after it gets started it shakes violently and i assume its misfiring and all i have to do to stop it is push down slightly on the front coilpack and it then returns to a normal idle. its been getting pretty bad lately even starting to shake when i pull up to the lights. im guessing coilpack or spark plugs ? havent changed the spark plugs yet and dont know their condition, is it an easy job to do spark plugs ?? cheers for any help guys
  15. misfiring problem

    ok do splitfires come with new wiring ?
  16. misfiring problem

    no im not a troll, i just need to watch videos on youtube since only a few good people on here actually help me and the rest do the same as you, offer absolutely no help just ridicule.
  17. misfiring problem

    ok so i put new bkr6e's in and it felt like it was idling a lot better and then a few days later out of the blue it started shaikng more violently than in the past. pushed down the front coilpack like i used to do and it idled a bit better but was still misfiring so i then pushed the 2nd one a bit and presto it idled perfectly again. does this mean i need new coilpacks ? or is there something else it could be ?? cheers
  18. Silvia Parts

    yeah not much happens in darwin, might still have it...
  19. Silvia Parts

    keen on the boot if it has no spoiler from factory. got cash in my hand right now !
  20. Car Trailer NT

    nice silvia. adm ?
  21. hey guys my black top sr20 from a jdm spec-r s15 is currently running green coolant and im not sure what brand or type but ive been hearing conflicting stories about whether they should run red or green coolant. if someone could clear this up for me it would be great as i cant get a straight answer. thanks heaps
  22. Black top. which coolant ?!

    so red coolant can only be run in aluminum blocks ? ill do the flush and refill with genuine nissan coolant. cheers again guys
  23. Black top. which coolant ?!

    Can anyone confirm what nissan says to use or what the manual says ? cheers heaps guys just want to be sure before i change the coolant
  24. hey guys i lowered my s15 last night and using the camber tops on the coilovers gave it the most negative camber i could, which still doesnt look like much. after doing these 2 things my car now feels like its swerving especially at the rear. i also havent had a wheel alignment yet and have castor rods, can this be fixed with a wheel alignment or do i have to lift it up and go back to no camber ? cheers heaps to anyone who can help
  25. ok i definately wont touch any suspension after the alignment, got the hang of it now. just done the back and its 100x better than before now just have to do the front which i dint drop that much anyway. cheers heaps guys im sure i come across as annoying and ignorant but its a learning process for me