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  1. ca16 and ca18 exhaust cams on the intake side of a ca18 has a few gains to be made.
  2. with my old car i had them removed and found i lost a bit of low down talk but with the custom plenum and bigger turbo i found what i lost i gained up top.
  3. Tyres

    235x40x18 if ne one can help.
  4. POwer FC Serial Numbers

    ne one know what car this fc serial number suits? PFC s13A0031
  5. My Ride.... Nissan onevia..... aka ca1via.

    Whats up with the guards ? I did one side and a fellow mod did the other
  6. My Ride.... Nissan onevia..... aka ca1via.

    few recent engine bay shots......
  7. My Ride.... Nissan onevia..... aka ca1via.

    its alive, just gotta work on the low voltage issue from the boot mount then were a goer..... pics to come.....
  8. He just broke it again lol. yeah doing my guards.
  9. how far mate can be to long hopefully.....?
  10. Guard Rolling available again

    sweet, sunday afternoon or monday ok?
  11. My Ride.... Nissan onevia..... aka ca1via.

    few parts arrived the past few weeks, also got my intake and exhaust valves finally and also found someone to regrind my stock cams at a good price. And the engine bay as it sits now.....
  12. need coin asap

    whats the rear bar lip look like? how much?