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  1. Got Petrol Leaking From Weird Spot

    yeah i dont think its vapours too much comes out could be fuel pressure regulator thanks for your help anyone else have any ideas
  2. hey guys i have no idea if anyone knows whats going on but whenever the weather is hot my car seems to leak petrol out of the rail under the carbon canister i dont know where its coming from except i think its coming from the pipe that comes to the rail from the carbon canister has anyone got any idea what could be causing this? or has it happened to anyone else by the way its a 1991 sr20de any help on what the cause might be would be so appreciated thanks in advance
  3. Half-Cuts

    got a pic of the damage on the ca18 de mate?
  4. Tein Coilovers.

    Yeah i did as well Gold coilovers are usually JIC coilovers but who knows might just be a set of teins that are uncommon
  5. as topis states any help would be much appreciated thanks
  6. Boot Latch Doesnt Work?

    hey gusy ill let ya know next weekend if that was it as we are fitting a bodykit on it at m mates house at the moment so i wont be going up there till next sunday again ill let yas know and thanks again for your help
  7. Boot Latch Doesnt Work?

    hey mate thanks so much for checking that out for me i really do appreciate it thanks heaps again
  8. Boot Latch Doesnt Work?

    hey mate my boot lid doesnt pop up at all though lol thanks anyway for you help
  9. Boot Latch Doesnt Work?

    thanks guys i might check that out my car is a s13 silvia by the way sorry should have mentioned that thanks
  10. hey guys has this happened to anyone else? if it has what did you do please? did u just replace the cord that goes from the latch to the boot or what? any help will be very much appreciated thankyou
  11. How Much Does A SR20DET Weigh?

    thanks heaps for that guys much appreciated regards rowan
  12. How Much Does A SR20DET Weigh?

    anyone have any idea pleasE?
  13. as title says any help would be much appeciated thankyou
  14. ca18det or sr20det

    shit guys give him a break he is new to the site and we all were once its not very good for the sites image someone could have just told him nicely and he would have learned not abused him keep the sites good rep up guys
  15. hey guys this might sound really dumb but im not sure which one i need the s13 kit or the s14 kit? please let me know asap thanks heaps guys