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  1. Fronts: You can use an evo 4-5 hub and lower control arm. Hub converts to 5 stud and has correct bolt spacing for Brembos Rears: A bit harder due to the different handbrake setups. Basicall press out Evo 3 hub then press in 5 stud evo 4-5 hub. As for the caliper Racefab in New Zealand make an adaptor bracket to suit. Lots of info here http://www.4gtuner.c...ersion-on-cd9a/
  2. Best swb 4x4?

    Is that the V6 one? I have heard that doing the timing chain on the V6 is an absolute mongrel. So if your going to buy one make sure its already been done. As for SWB everybody will laugh but my last one was a 99 Kia Sportage and for the money (Cheap) it was awesome. Great little fishing rig, my old man even did the Simpson in it. Just get rid of the vacuum front hubs and chuck some Warn manual ones in for a couple of hundred bucks and your done.
  3. Hi!

    Hi all, Long time lurker from SA. I love all the useful information on the forum so I thought I better join up and try to contribute a bit myself.