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  1. ACT import rule

    Thanks for the replies guys. I have purchased an S13 onevia. The car is bone stock besides a steering wheel, only thing im worried about taking the car through is that it originally had a CA18DET but now has an SR20DE setup, i also have no knowledge on whats the go with the motor swaps over here, apparently if the swap is 200cc or under it doesnt need to be engineered? Someone please clear this up for me
  2. ACT import rule

    As the title says, I was wondering whats the go with the RWC for imports nowadays, some people say all imports have to go through dickson for a RWC but i also hear its only cars with the purple import plate that have to go through and the green ones are fine, just wanted to clear this up, any info would be greatly appreciated. Dickson is my last resort to take my car to get a RWC lol. Cheers guys !
  3. Local PARTS for sale

    FS: TE37 Replicas (Arays) Tyres: NONE. PCD: 5 x 114.3 Sizing: 17 x 7 & 7.5 +38 offset all round Wheels dont have a mark on them , selling as change of plans and theyre taking up space in my room. for the S13/180 boys that are keen i will also throw in a brand new GKtech 5 stud conversion kit. Price: 500 ono. PM me for photos Cheers !
  4. Passing Rego.

    so what did you fail for or have to replace to pass rego exactly ? apparently all imports have to go through dickson for rego check now, so weather you get it passed elsewhere you have a chance of getting audited.. been through this in my previous skyline, was a big headache as i didnt have an import plate nor a compliance plate...
  5. S14 Front on 180SX

    Hi all I recently hit a roo in my 180 (fml) and I'm planning to do an S2 S14 front end conversion, was wondering if anyone knew what parts I'd have to replace ? I know I need custom guards to suit, bonnet front bar and lights but was wondering does the rad support or headlight wiring need to be changed ? Been researching everywhere and can't find a detailed thread on this. Cheers in advance !
  6. 180SX Speedo Problem

    will look into getting the S13 sensor then, cheers for the help !
  7. Hi all I recently swapped my 32 skyline for a 180 Type X and theres a weird speedo issue where it reads double the actual speed. So; 20 = 40, 80 = 160 ect. Been reading around that its the speed sensor on the box but I need more suggestions on what it could be before I go out and buy a new one, been also reading around that when people do a VG30TT gearbox conversion it also happens.. Cheers in advance !

    Dark blue S2 S14 with matte black front end im fair sure it was on Belco way, was in the Mazda 3