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  1. ASP Tarmac Rally

    thanks, but dont worry, ive already shown him hahah doh - im too slow all good!!!
  2. ASP Tarmac Rally

    there some awesome shots of hte 360 in there - ill have to show them to brenton
  3. next tuned4street cruise

    yeah went well - only a small group but thats expected being easter good hills drive - nothing too crazy but nothing nanna spec lol
  4. next tuned4street cruise

    pm sent - i wont be on the computer between now and the cruise, so if u need a pm hopefully someoene else online will have it otherwise sorry!
  5. next tuned4street cruise

    hahah well if ur from the northern area htere are a few of us down this way so its possible you'll see a few lol
  6. next tuned4street cruise

    awwwwwwwwwwww kitty :( :( its all good lol white33 - u sure now lol have sent pm's to everyone
  7. Hey all next t4s cruise is on soon n ur all welcome to attend details are: Where: pm for location When: Sat 11th April (yup easter saturday) Time: 3:30 for a 4pm departure

  9. hi girlies.... i am soooooo sorry to do this but im having to bail on friday night :( we have some unexpected and not needed bills and are now struggling to even buy my daughter her chrissy pressie let alone anything else i was sooooo looking forward to it as well :( hope its an awesome nite!!!!
  10. i'm not too sure i'll be able to go to the xmas cruise to pay and get my ticket.... if i cant make it any chance of meeting someone to get them?? im trying to at least get to the meet point, its just that it will be too late with the lil one
  11. Classic Adelaide Rally 2008

    The one that is still running blew a head gasket on monday - awesome job getting it fit for racing by tuesday night! FWIW both 360CH guys own slime green Lambos. BTW here's Fred I think LOL Full resto (I donated parts from my X1/9 to complete it ): http://aussieexotics.com/goober/urraco yep thats fred