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  1. Car detailing

    Hey all, CBF washing and detailing my own cars. Instead of going to the shops or calling local yellow pages, thought i'd check if anyone on ns.com is one so I can give them some business. Let me know. Cheers
  2. I already have the wheels just getting tires on saturday. Mercedes c200 Work eurolines fe 19x8.5 +12 19x10 +13 Lowered on king springs. Currently have Work VS-XX on the car. 18x9 and 18x10 +26 and they don't even fill the guards yet. Tires probably something toyo? car, offsets, tire brand, willing for guard work, what camber etc etc liek seriously, hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, are we mind readers or meant to know exactly what you drive n shit.
  3. I'll be getting tyres on to my Work wheels this weekend. They're 19x8.5 and 19x10. What profiles do you guys recommend? r19/35/215 r19/35/235 ???
  4. my work eurolines 19x8.5 +12 and 19x10 +13 have just arrived What tyre profile do you guys recommend for stretch look?
  5. V8 buggie / wrx rally driving

    Sweet, i'll look in to the v8 cars too. Does anyone know if the v8 buggies are manual? I would presume the wrx and v8 super cars would be manual. Grub, with the v8 buggies how long are the laps? I'll be doing it too and i feel like doing jumps. They're all very similar in price so it's kind of hard to choose.
  6. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone on here have personally / friends that has experienced the following off road experience: - v8 buggie: doing jumps and drifties around a dirt track. Total laps 9 - wrx rally: rallying through a 1.2km track. Total laps 6. It's a birthday gift and I think it's different to buying a normal gift such as wallet etc. What can you tell me about them? Cheers
  7. ok guys we've decided to go to Mt Hotham and not to nz because we cbf doing a shuttle bus/drive for 30mins to and from the snows every day. I've been on www.mthotham.com.au and looked at the packages. What do you guys recommend for being prepared? How much does it cost to hire complete gear every day? Do I just pick an accommodation that includes ski/lift passes? Is there any night life at Mt Hotham? Bars? Pubs? Best time to go? July/Aug??? Are all the accommodation next to each other or are there ones that you would recommend?
  8. Ok so I’ve never experienced snow in my life and thought I’d give skiing/ snowboarding a crack this winter. I know nothing about the snows or the places for it etc. I have been looking at STA Travel with starting package for Mt Huitt NZ $860 inc flights, 5nights twin share, 6day ski pass and hire car. Now that sounds like a sweet deal, however car hire makes it sounds like it’s a far drive to the ski place. What do you snow pros recommend? Location? Packages? Which tourist ppl should I use? Fly there and figure it out? NZ or NSW snows? We would like a nice place to sleep also so if you could recommend your place of stay that’d be heaps good. Finally what do you usually end up spending?
  9. i've got 18x9 +26 and 18x10 +26 on my car at the moment. The rears fills the fenders with the lip maybe sticking out 2-3mm, fronts currently sits out approx 1cm but will be fixed once i lower it. My question is I've come across some very wheels. 19x10 +11 and 19x11 +11 My calculations new wheel 10 x 25.4 = 254/2 = 127 - 11 = 116 Old wheel 9 x 25.4 = 228.6 / 2 = 114.3 - 26 = 88.3 116 - 88.3 = 2.77cm Do you guys reckon with stock guards, install some camber arms I would be able to fit these wheels? This is going on a mercedes c200.
  10. Hey all, Just wondering what your views and opinions are for re-drilled wheels for example: 5x114.3 wheels and you bring it to a wheel engineering workshop to have it re-drilled to 5x112 which is basically increasing the stud bore holes. Another example is 5x112 wheels and you re-drill it to 5x114.3 What do you guys think? Safe or not? Cheers
  11. would you guys run 215/40/18 on 9inch wide wheels?
  12. Just Car Insurance

    just cars knocked me back for wide bodied guards and aftermarket paint job on the s15. i'm with Famous full coverage for $1600 a year.
  13. Who's travelled Japan?

    i'm flying to tokyo on thursday with 6 other guys... we don't speak any jap at all and have no plans once we get there. Someone please give some advice on clubs to go to, cool places to check out and so forth... My mates are pretty heavily tattoed up, do they need to cover up? Will we be allowed to hot springs? Apparently many clubs and venues don't let in people with tatts? I think we're staying in shinjuku or shibuya? any tips on those areas? Is Tokyo really expensive? i'm budgeting $500 a day not including hotels. My sister just came back from Osaka and said she saw a rockmelon that worked out to be $100aus like WTF where are these meets you speak of?
  14. luxury watches

    that's the same watch i have!! Mad watch. Switz shop in brisbane gave me a fairly decent discount because I bought 3 TAGS. Pretty amazing that they could drop like nearly 1k off the rrp for each watch. I want to buy another TAG but I don't make as much money as I used to.
  15. Owned

    a guy in sydney got manslaughter for stabbing a guy that broke into his car. The thief ran away, the guy gave chase and shanked him and the thief died. Most people would beat the shit out of the thief if they had the chance, but be aware of the legislation. Everything have to be in self defence.