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  1. Various Skyline Brake Parts

  2. Price : $100 Condition : Used Chasing a standard SR20DET block from S14 I have 86.5mm pistons I want to use, so will be bored to suit The block I have has too much clearance and if I can replace the block rather than the pistons it will be easier Either in TAS or able to send down Call or SMS
  3. programming Toyota remotes is a manual procedure, and can be a bit hit and miss. As for the the transponder, it may be programmed into the car if you have an original "master" key, or may need to be programmed diagnostically. Locksmith will be the most help, they will be able to deal with the genuine keys, and have different methods to the dealer.
  4. ok cool ill check that. while im in there does anyone have a fixed cam gear I could purchase to try?
  5. how do I check this? will they be visibly loose?
  6. tested solenoid out of vehicle and its ok. put power to it with the vehicle running and it definately works, runs rough but doesn't appear to change that nasty noise too much.
  7. ok cool, can I try that in the vehicle as well to test vtc when activated or will the sound not change anyway?
  8. Anything I can do to confirm if it is vtc or not? Is there a way to force the solenoid on?
  9. Zenki S14 has quickly developed a clattery top end noise. Have looked at VTC issues and searched others problems. I may be missing something but I haven't come to a conclusion. Most VTC noises seem to be more "ticky" than "clattery". Motor is supposedly rebuilt, but is quite dirty inside. Recently purchased, sounded ok but noise has come on quite quickly, meaning i got out to put some packers under the wheels to get it into the garage and thought "that doesn't sound good". here is a vid, cold start, top chain guide removed. http://youtu.be/y0fcA-aHCQQ this one sounds closer to the noise I have than most of the more ticky noises I've heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0EYPvHcX4c&fb_source=message and a couple of pics. Does this look normal or has a bit of heat been through it? no lip that i can feel from excessive wear. thanks in advance!!
  10. turbosmart vee port, wound up tight, wouldn't have been opening.
  11. That sounds about right then. Hoping the cartridge disintergrating only left large bits in the sump and not smaller ones going through the engine! FYI here is a video of the noisy engine. Not a great video, tried a few different angles and this is the best one. Noise came on quickly and hasn't been driven since it developed. Car drives nicely but has a very rich tune (wolf 3d), needs plugs cleaned to cold start every time :/ Thought id put it here rather than start a new thread. In case anyone has ideas. Doesnt appear to be VCT. http://youtu.be/ofiXJV9IirU